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  1. Hope so. Let's be honest, he is a truly legendary coach but he's clearly lost the plot.
  2. Matt Dufty's versus the Eels is my fave. Perfect rugby league try.
  3. Hearing Tom Burgess will start in the halves with Chris Hill. Props Hastings and Trueman.
  4. Took a long while for the Aussie penny to drop re the international game but to be fair the NRL invested in it and it’s paying back. Arguably it’s us up here in the Northern Hemisphere who aren’t pulling our weight. Where is the Oceania Cup-style comp in Europe? Why didn’t England play a mid-year test? Why is France trampling on its proud international heritage? Why isn’t Ireland as competitive as it ought to be outside of World Cups? Etc
  5. Souths’ director of football Shane Richardson puts forward a host of good ideas to grow the international game. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/11/11/richos-vision-22-rounds-standalone-origins-more-tests-and-world-9s-circuit/ Worth a read.
  6. NRL kits so far https://leagueunlimited.com/news/34295-2020-nrl-jerseys/ Hmmm. Picnic-y
  7. Just read they switched to yawnion! When did this happen?
  8. Would love to think this lad is the fearsome forward England needs to replace Sam Burgess. Over to you, Wayne...
  9. Don’t sugarcoat it. Tell us what you really think of him
  10. I can see it now. Sonny Bill Williams vs Super Bennie Westwood for the SBW Intercontinental Championship.
  11. Oranges and lemons say the bells of Normanton, eh?!
  12. I don’t get this ‘us vs them’ false dichotomy. We’re all RL fans.
  13. Didn’t last month’s GF record the highest ever ratings for any Super League game on Sky? I don’t believe Sky are considerably underpaying but there’s certainly no reason to believe Sky will pay even less after 2021.
  14. Got no problems at all with Sky except IMHO they aren’t paying enough. Another bidder to bump up the price would be useful. I’m quite optimistic about the next deal. Super League Europe seems to have pulled its finger out and entered the 21st century.
  15. The operational rules state ‘new talent pool players’ can’t have played first grade in a pro comp or in an RFL/NRL academy comp or played ‘RFL scholarship age group RL’. I believe Burrell counts as new talent even though he played some RL as a boy. I’d be surprised if Ford and Farrell wouldn’t count as new talent either.
  16. Think he’d be a organising half who, unlike Gale, would threaten the line with a running game. Can see why Leeds are linked to him but hard to see it coming off when they have Gale, Lui and McLelland.
  17. Catalans still talking to beIN Sports and will meet Eurosport France on 20th November https://www.lindependant.fr/amp/2019/11/10/super-league-les-dragons-catalans-engages-sur-tous-les-fronts,8533858.php?__twitter_impression=true The above story also includes interesting nuggets about les Dracs forming a Paris business club. A meeting is set for 12 December with the state investment bank, 20 companies, the Australian ambassador, James Maloney & other players plus Robert Elstone, who is “seriously considering” taking Magic Weekend to Paris.
  18. You can have a total of two returning and/or new RL players.
  19. 26. Hardly a pensioner.... Love all these ‘raiding’ England RU stories, even if they come to naught.
  20. Perhaps WB was a great coach but he hasn’t won anything for a decade now. In my view, he’s yesterday’s man fighting yesterday’s battles with all the old cliches about British players being soft or unfit or unable to play the full 80 minutes still in his head.
  21. Evidently, he has. Have you not noticed how GB’s attacking suddenly improved dramatically around the hour mark in this series? Dave Woods even commenated at one point yesterday that ‘We should just skip to the last 20 minutes’. This isn’t a knee-jerk reaction, there’s been a clear pattern in this tour. No creativity until the game is lost, one try per game.
  22. RLL3 was fun to play as you could hot potato it to the wing and score Martin Offiah-style long-range tries with ease. RLL4 is harder to love as you can’t hot potato it and have to use forwards properly to gain yardage. It’s more realistic but harder to win. You really earn your tries in that one.
  23. Cool it Ratty! Just because some bloke on a forum suggests it, it doesn’t mean the IRL might adopt it!!! With the Serbian/Lebanese/Italian/British/Irish diaspora in Australia plus ‘proper’ Brits and Frenchmen, it could be a competitive side.
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