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  1. These seem decent signings with even a semblance of a coherent strategy, ie signing part-time players who are pursuing a career outside RL/studying in London. Perhaps the demise of the Broncs has been exaggerated?
  2. First choice for me would be BBC but Channel 4 would be good. Maybe Adam Hills could be involved?
  3. The latest issue of Forty-20 reports BBC have “turned down” the chance to broadcast 10 free to air Super League games but Channel 4 is believed to be interested in a package of games + SLS-type highlights show
  4. Buying coffee grown in Papua New Guinea for no other reason that it’s the national sport.
  5. Maybe this deal will see off Rimmer as the Super League one did for Elstone.
  6. So there’s no guaranteed income for the clubs except broadcast fees that have to be spent on marketing to compensate for the negative impact on attendances? Progressive or mad?
  7. It's also NCL finals day on Saturday, all three games on OurLeague. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/36115/ncl-finals-confirmed https://www.rugbyleagueontv.com/
  8. I don't know about 'journo wars' but I definitely think John Davidson - who seems to have good contacts - poking his nose where others don't (the Toronto soap opera leaps to mind) and in particular Shaw moving to Reach to launch Rugby League Live have moved the needle. On the other hand, the quality of League Express seems to have dipped as their number of scoops drop (or that is my impression).
  9. I didn't subscribe - I've done more than enough sitting around at home in the past 18 months or so - and found the live games on Sky, the NRL channel on YouTube for highlights, and Fox League & NRL on Nine clips (also on YouTube) for analysis a more than adequate replacement. So, no.
  10. Yeah, I saw that. You’d think Michael Carter would at least go on the record.
  11. Yeah, and he never struck me as box office either.
  12. The only Aussie yawn player who could have that impact is Samu Kerevi and it seems to me there is 0.001 per cent chance of that.
  13. My instant judgement was it was a fair tackle and Yaha milked it. Haven’t, and won’t, change my view on it since.
  14. Not even a penalty. This was a grand final FFS.
  15. Yeah, that was the odd thing. There were periods of virtual silence where it sounded like you could have heard a sparrow fart in a nearby Toulouse tree.
  16. This is the drawback of having forrin teams in a domestic club comp. Not sure what can be done other than sell more tickets - at a reasonable price.
  17. Wouldn’t be worried by TO if I was a Cas fan. Looked at dispassionately, it’s a fairly average Super League side on paper.
  18. Probably bottom two on paper, ie them and Salford, but home advantage and an excellent coach ought to be worth a fair few points.
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