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  1. Chaos machine, is Welsby. Makes things happen. Game over. Saints too good.
  2. Game needed that. Typical Leeds to hang on in there in the big occasion.
  3. Good rugby here by Saints. Playing very wide of the ruck and Leeds can’t cope.
  4. I concur with the suggestions that IMG is likely to seek to increase the value of the TV rights by reducing the cost of production. The IMG chap also mentions licensing was mishandled last time. A hint?
  5. Have to say I have doubts the Bradford MegaDome would look like that in reality but if it did happen that would be huge for RL.
  6. Good news. Wigan have been great to watch this season and French has been a big part of that.
  7. More internationals coming too. Low hanging fruit etc https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/england-rugby-league-test-series-25066758?utm_source=leeds_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=rugby_league_lve_newsletter&utm_medium=email
  8. God Save The King AND Jerusalem this year (probably). How much more entertainment do you want?
  9. This is rugby but some may not know there is a PDRL tournament in Warrington from 23-30 October, featuring Adam Hills. https://www.nrl.com/news/2022/09/14/squads-named-for-upcoming-pdrl-world-cup/amp/
  10. Channel 4. They capture the warmth of the game. Also, Mark Wilson is miles better than Bill Arthur. He’s more skilled as a caller and more passionate than Arthur, who can sound jaded.
  11. Tremendous game and reffed very well, in my view. The players have certainly earned their cup of tea and a biscuit. Salford just not quite good enough in the end, there’s no conspiracy.
  12. Can I just say Mark Wilson is the best TV commentator in the game? Nobody else comes close.
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