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  1. If Wigan are anything to go by you need a defence willing to clothes-line their own grandmothers to stop a try.
  2. Thought this might be a good one but the Storm are too bloody good. Down with Melbourne’s excellence!
  3. Is this something to do with the current Sky TV deal, ie they have to call it that?
  4. That were an absolute decent point that, Cookey.
  5. Don’t Catalans get pots of regional government cash for (essentially) their boost to tourism, though? And despite all their iffy imports, Catalans are good for player development in France. As are Toulouse. As are London.
  6. 18-12 Wigan FT. Superb entertainment. Salford threw the kitchen sink but the pies always seem to defend like they are on a £1m win bonus in these games.
  7. Hard to see Wigan conceding 20 in a playoff game but Salford have a player in Hastings
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