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  1. Justin Olam to Wire? https://www.totalrl.com/melbourne-storm-centre-justin-olams-move-to-super-league-gathers-pace/
  2. Might be significant in the long term. This chap has bought a place on the board and Uncle Gary isn't getting any younger.
  3. So Leeds have a major new sponsorship and they've spaffed it on a big transfer fee for Brodie Croft. Smart move by Salford to sign him on such a long deal.
  4. Willie Peters has gone! to Tesco for a bottle of wine and a box of Finest crackers for cheese.
  5. I would assume he means it’s a meeting about how the pro & semi-pro clubs will be divvied up.
  6. https://x.com/TheGameCaller/status/1709543535706304559?s=20
  7. If by growing the game you mean enlarging the player pool (and sport is nothing without players) then - to his eternal credit (though not from all quarters) - David Hughes has spaffed c.£25m of his own money on growing the game in London. That element is pretty much sorted. The success of London's academy is well documented. The ground is sorted too. What's missing is a top flight club for Londoners to watch and investors to back. There's no shortage of capital in London in need of a return. So it seems to me the missing bit is the ROI. If Super League can help by guaranteeing participation, I am convinced investors will see the growth opportunity and come on board. Not just London but for all clubs in Super League (or whatever they rebrand it as).
  8. When Branson was there, they were a decent team that made the Challenge Cup final and got decent crowds. It has been done in the past and there is no reason why London cannot be successful in the future with stable investment conditions.
  9. Not that your whataboutery is relevant to this thread, but cricket is the only truly national sport in Australia. Not Victorian Rules Football.
  10. Even if the RFL had two pennies to rub together, it shouldn't need to invest in London if the market conditions were sensible.
  11. English football has the luxury of c.100 full-time pro clubs. We have to, or should be, more choosy.
  12. Yeah, yeah. Play the ball not the man etc. Seriously though, it's mental. The NRL wouldn't be leaving having say, Melbourne or Wagga Wagga, to chance.
  13. If we're looking at this from commercial growth POV, it's mental that Super League finds itself in a position where it's down to fortune as to whether London (population: 8,776,535) will be in its elite comp or Featherstone (population: 18,086). Just get them in and leave them in, then investors will come along. I mean, WTF are we doing here?
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001r9zl Back in November 2022, England played host to the Wheelchair Rugby League World Cup. The unflinching action and raw passion on display took many new fans by surprise, and as the tournament progressed, audience numbers - both in the stadiums and those watching on television - began to build in a moment of important visibility for the sport. This film tells the inside story of the world's two best wheelchair rugby league teams, England and France, with privileged access to each side's progress through the tournament towards a potential winner-takes-all meeting in the final. Following players from each squad both on and off the pitch also introduces us to the varied characters who play and coach this demanding sport, discovering the circumstances that brought them to the game and hearing about the often different philosophies they have on the subject of who should take part. Made of Steel is a story of grit, sacrifice and determination... but above all about a fierce sporting rivalry between two teams who were both intent on coming out on top. Release date: 10 October 2023 1 hour, 16 minutes
  15. I don't think there's a conspiracy in play here but I do find it peculiar that officiating in English football is managed by a self-policing private monopoly (PGMOL). If NRL or Super League officiating were done by a private monopoly of self-employed referees, people might smell a rat.
  16. Derek Beaumont: RFL to look into comments from Leigh Leopards owner after Wigan defeat https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/66939675
  17. In light of recent suggestions, I would like to propose a 12-team Ultimate Rugby World Championship consisting of: Paris New York Beijing Bangkok Moscow Tokyo Mumbai Los Angeles Mexico City Rio de Janeiro Buenos Aires Leigh Matches to be played only by proper rugby players. To ensure that only players decide games, British clubs are allowed 14 players (proper). Match officials to be only relatives and associates of Derek Beaumont so that no clubs are robbed by the RFL. Finals to be played only at the Leigh Sports Village to ensure it is played in the best stadium in the world. Ultimate Rugby World Championship trophy to be named 'AB Sundecks Actually, Leigh Were The Best Team in the Comp Trophy'.
  18. Oh yes, I agree. But it doesn't revolve around England/GB, we're not going back to the Ashes every two years etc. We've grown as a sport, fortunately.
  19. Haven't listened to it but there does seem to be recognition from the powers that NRL can/will trump AFL via the international game, and that there is a strategy to grow it. Depending on how you look at it, fortunately/unfortunately it doesn't revolve around England or Great Britain.
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