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  1. Where is Auckland? That’s in Queensland! Where is Leinster? That’s in Queensland! Where is Worcester? That’s in Queensland!
  2. There’s no logic where Ben Te’o is concerned!
  3. Don’t want him personally. Doubt Shaun Wane does either.
  4. More likely to play for Samoa, no?
  5. Looks like they will be up against another bid from the Brisbane Ventilators
  6. James Graham admitted he’s lucky to be starting on Monday after his performance against the NZ Warriors. How long before we say he’s done?
  7. I think the charge could be levelled at some. I imagine Sean McGuire had Dave Woods in mind when he said some RL journalists are like “fans with a microphone”. As the BBC correspondent, and therefore the most powerful RL journalist in Britain, he’s certainly not used his position to tell truth to power etc. Then you have some of the trade press journalists like Matt Shaw of League Express, who probably has to lick a bit of ringpiece to get his transfer deal exclusives. He isn’t one to rock the boat either. But by no means all RL journalists are like that. John Davidson, Steve Mascord and Danny Lockwood at League Weekly aren’t afraid to dig some dirt or voice criticism. Forty-20 is consistently a dissenting voice and recently ran a very long piece about the Bradford Bulls catastrophe, critical of the RFL etc. The national newspapers have some very good journalists like Gary Carter, Julie Stott and Gareth Walker, but they have to fight tooth and nail against football, cricket etc to get stories in their papers so ‘political’ stories will always struggle to make it. The ‘Rectum of Wigan’ story did recently make some front pages, however. What I would say is the RL journalists who have ‘guaranteed’ space in national media, such as the BBC RL section or Guardian RL blogs, should compare their style of coverage with their NRL counterparts...
  8. McGuire is on to something with his RL inferiority complex theory. Is it ‘cos you are all Northern monkeys?
  9. For me the killer stat is 57.31 minutes ball in play time. That’s about the same if not often better than soccer and, as a percentage of the match time, considerably better.
  10. A more pertinent question might be would you rather have Dec Patton than Gareth Widdop, Harold.
  11. Bateman isn’t going to get c.£400k/yr at Wigan. As good as he is, he’s still a backrower.
  12. Key stats: https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/why-annesley-not-v-landys-deserves-credit-for-ruck-revolution-20200601-p54yfr.html ‘There were 303 play-the-balls for the round; that’s 30 more than the average in rounds one, two and the 2019 average. Nine penalties per game; down from an average of 13 in 2019 and 14 in rounds one and two. There were 72 penalties across the round compared to 101 in round three last year. The ball was in play an average of 57 and a half minutes per match. That’s up four minutes on round three last year. The Panthers-Knights game had 72 minutes of ball-in-play, albeit with 10 minutes of extra time. There were 6.25 tries per game, which is half a try per game up compared to rounds one and two but still less than the average 6.6 in 2019. There were eight line-breaks per game, which is 0.6 a game higher than 2019 and 2.75 per game higher than in rounds one and two. The drop to one referee did not slow down ruck speeds relative to 2019 averages. The average play-the-ball speed was 3.45 seconds in round three compared to 3.48 seconds across 2019.’
  13. ‘The result is a game transformed. V’landys promised to make rugby league more entertaining with more opportunity for the truly skilled players to shine and he has succeeded. ’While NRL fans are loving it, over in the troubled world of Australian rugby union, they will be beside themselves. When the domestic-only Super Rugby competition — mired in endless penalties, five-minute scrums and rolling mauls — finally gets going, how boring will it look in comparison to the new-look rugby league?’ Good article. Six-again (and one ref) is a bit of a great leap forward for the NRL and very exciting. It promises to make every game a good watch. I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion this should be a worldwide rule ASAP so it’s in place for the World Cup.
  14. Glad that there is an option of using the money paid for Ashes tickets as credit towards World Cup tickets. Good move.
  15. The Covid-19 Cup. Winners receive a week stay in Barnard Castle.
  16. Might an adapted ‘Hetherington Plan’ of playing until January work for the Championship? Perhaps there could be a post-furlough mini-comp in November, December and January for interested clubs?
  17. Scotland is football first everything else a long way second
  18. ‘There’s no point in putting new teams if all they do is take athletes from the existing competitions.’ Nigel Wood.
  19. You’d hope refs can tell genuine interference from milking. The NRL refs have. I think it will come in. If not this summer then eventually.
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