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  1. He's getting on a bit as a professional footballer, age catches up even with the best sportaman.
  2. Not a great look lads. It was Samoan language week last week in NZ, maybe some of you guys could take the time and learn about the Polynesian and Māori players that play the game and the culture they come from?
  3. What happened to the cannabinoid products and Wolfpack IPA that was going to underwrite this venture?
  4. He played the game from the age of 5 to 18, that would do it I would imagine.
  5. No it doesn't. Soccer also has a semi professional national comp, a fully pro team in Wellington and hell of a lot of fans who follow Euro leagues.
  6. Yeah I see what you are saying, but soccer in NZ is handicapped by time zones, if the EPL was on at a decent hour they would have very solid numbers. There is a lot of latent support in NZ for rugby league, it won't be a popular thing around here, but many union fans are casual league fans in NZ. I have a white middle class background and plenty of my friends have a minor interest in rugby league, while other also love the game as well as the dreaded 'yawnion.' If the Warriors and Kiwis do well, they will be on board. How you get people like that to get involved in the game in a meaningful way is I think the more difficult thing. Seeing Randwick and Petone playing in that video saddens me because of the hard times that have befallen both clubs of late. Community sporting clubs of all codes make for a better wider community, giving people a social aspect that used to be filled by other institutions, I hope both these clubs can return to their former glory.
  7. Maybe by viewing figures, not by playing numbers not by a long shot.
  8. I imagine big Billy Weepu would have been playing as well.
  9. Geez, that bring backs some memories, used to live just up the road while at Vic, played a shed load of games of touch with mates on that ground, and some social rugby. Was also a nice ground for cricket too, not a bad view of the city and harbour also. Good to see Wainui doing well, I'm old enough to remember the glory days of the Lion Red cup, used to get the old man to take me over the hill to watch some of those games, regularly got good crowds. Seems like another time, watching PK play softball, Miramar Rangers in soccer, and Poneke for club rugby. Watch the game, your parents used to have a few jars in the clubrooms afterwards, while the kids would be playing pickup games in the dusk. Good times
  10. I don't know about NSW, but in Victoria some barbers etc remained open. We had a partial lockdown here compared to the UK & NZ. Bottleshops unbelievably remained open, cafes remained open for takeaway coffee, food venues for takeaway - Uber etc, building sites were also unaffected. Melbourne the city itself though has remained a bit of a ghost town though.
  11. Many places are, not many workplaces have the physical interaction that a sport like rugby league has.
  12. A lot of different entities wanting different things, must be bloody hard to make the call. As far as I am concerned why bother risking a player who has an undetected case playing and spreading the virus. Sport for all codes is eventually going to be called off, for insurance purposes alone the smart thing to do is call everything off. It sucks but why take the risk?
  13. Why aren't France as good as New Zealand? Too much weights, not enough speedwork.
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