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  1. That's because most basketball and football fans in Australia support and actively follow NBA and EPL teams. In non RL states you see a whole lot more gear for those leagues teams than the NRL, and vice versa for those sports in Qld and NSW for those two leagues compared to AFL. The local leagues aren't huge, but the following of the EPL and NBA is significant. With the NBA finals coming up with plenty of Australians involved you only have to look at twitter to see what a big deal it is. The EPL is on at godawful times to watch in Aus but the TV rights are still sells for big money.
  2. Yeah dead right mate, Australia is certainly flavour of the month in France at the moment.
  3. Not as much as the Wolfpack Cannabinoid products.
  4. Then they can have a super dooper final of Footy!!!!!! against the AFL world champions.
  5. Yes that is exactly what I mean by callous, there is the rule of law and the spirit of the law. NZ has seen many people sent back who left NZ while very young and get sent back for life. often with no real connection any more to NZ. Look at the recent issue with young the Jihadi women in Turkey, she lived in NZ for a few years, became an Australian then the Aussies want to dump her back on NZ when the Turkish authorities wanted shot of her. As I say there is the rule of law and spirit of the law, so much for ANZAC mateship I guess. I realise that a majority of these criminals deserve what they get, but it is also used to clean up some Australian made social issues (Bikies), and then dump the problem on NZ. Hopefully one day we can send back the White Nationalist bloke who murdered all those innocent people in Christchurch.
  6. Deportation might hinder it though. Australia can be quite callous with dual citizens that break the law.
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