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  1. Then they can have a super dooper final of Footy!!!!!! against the AFL world champions.
  2. I love the bloke, his enthusiasm, his optimistic nature and self depreciation is a winning formula, he may be a fat lad be he's a good lad. Some of the food is a bit much for me, but the boost his reviews bring to the small businesses - in what has been a very difficult time for them - is also a good thing. Hopefully he does a review in the bustling town of Pudsey next.
  3. A medical relaxation plant that for some strange reason is banned. That show is in a bit of bother regarding its portrayal of Maōri and Pacifika peoples at the moment. Post pandemic, you should get down there mate. You would love it.
  4. Is it possible to get bigger pictures in your post? I can't quite make out the photos.
  5. We are not as loquacious as the good people of Pudsey in my part of the world.
  6. Isn't just a case of a working class lad trying to maximise his earnings for his talent? I thought that was one of the major premise that the sport of Rugby League was built on.
  7. If I had a dollar for every time...
  8. Mate, you've never been to New Zealand and it shows.
  9. Australia should play the Kiwis in New Zealand every other year to be honest, like your Cricket authorities you pretty much ignore us.
  10. Yes that is exactly what I mean by callous, there is the rule of law and the spirit of the law. NZ has seen many people sent back who left NZ while very young and get sent back for life. often with no real connection any more to NZ. Look at the recent issue with young the Jihadi women in Turkey, she lived in NZ for a few years, became an Australian then the Aussies want to dump her back on NZ when the Turkish authorities wanted shot of her. As I say there is the rule of law and spirit of the law, so much for ANZAC mateship I guess. I realise that a majority of these criminals deserve what they get, but it is also used to clean up some Australian made social issues (Bikies), and then dump the problem on NZ. Hopefully one day we can send back the White Nationalist bloke who murdered all those innocent people in Christchurch.
  11. Deportation might hinder it though. Australia can be quite callous with dual citizens that break the law.
  12. The Amsterdam Roosters could play the Pyongyang Pylons in a pre-season game in sports mad Singapore, Covid permitting of course.
  13. Some of ye olde All Blacks were dairy farmers too.
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