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  1. Great work Graham , some worry's there with St.George and a few other teams. The storm need to try and crack 20 thousand on Average next year. Love your work Graham.
  2. Does anyone know what kind of team Greece will pick ? And is Serbia any chance in beating Greece ?
  3. Good numbers , Storm need 26,000. Hope the Raiders get moving a bit.
  4. I've joined the league, happy about this because last year i missed out. Have been all across it this year, expect to finish high up overall ( probably just put the curse on myself by saying that ) Good luck all.
  5. To update you all my multi is at $40.77 , all four of my teams won on the weekend. Chelsea,Leeds Utd,Sheffield Utd,Doncaster Rovers. Up next is Barca away to Juve and i don't have a good feeling about this game. I think Juve will win 2-0 ( hope not )
  6. Happy for Hull that they won hope the Tigers can stay up.
  7. Leeds lost to Brentford my multi has gone from $43 to $50.
  8. Watching Liverpool v Everton after getting home from Melbourne Storm v Penrith Panthers game. Good game this. Go everton ! Barkley should have seen red tho.
  9. With another round of WC qualifying complete I'd like to know who is the most unique nation you would like to see make it to the WC? Burkina Faso?Egypt who have not been there for yonks.maybe a UAE? Or a Montenegro? Etc Love to see burkina faso make it. Always great when a nation hasn't been to a wc for so long make it or a country thats never been. Note all those countries mentioned are on track to make it at this point in time.
  10. Looks like a dead ringer for aussie boxer danny green. Type his name in google images and have a look danny green .....
  11. thanks Old F , still a long way to go for me will keep you up to date.
  12. Sheffield Utd beat Millwall this morning which was a sigh of relief. As for Doncaster i'm concerend about them they have a much harder run home then Plymouth. At this stage i'm not getting to excited still need a miracle for all of this to come off or even get close to coming off. I have a feeling Plymouth will Pip Doncaster near the end for top spot. Graveyard Johnny let me guess your a Huddersfield Town fan ? or maybe Shef Wednesday or even Shef Utd? FYi for everyone my odds are now at $ 39.98. I think to recevie a possible cash out offer those odds will have to drop to $ 19 or below, the current odds are still to high.
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