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  1. Melbourne Storm Home Average crowds 2022 season , so far . V Rabbits 13,269 V Eels 15,691 V Bulldogs 13,437 After 3 games , average crowd of 14,132 , at Storm home games .
  2. NRL Average Crowd , After 4 Rounds : 14,593 AFL Average Crowd , After 3 Rounds : 34,471
  3. R4 Average : 13,236 . Season Average , After 4 Rounds : 14,593 .
  4. 13,437 At the Ryan papenhuyzen show . Storm v Bulldogs.
  5. I'm at the storm v dogs game . It's a dominant display . Papenhuyzen running a riot. Crowd of 11,400 I'd say , disappointing. The weather has held out so far , no rain, very overcast. Don't know how to attach photos to the forum .
  6. Yes langpark just laugh at people. Your opinion is always stone cold fact . In your role as self appointed expert on all Balkans matters.
  7. Disagree with you . The Srb NT are amateurs , what relevance are the NT crowd figures ? Your comparing the Srb NT who are amateurs, to two professional super league clubs , in terms of crowd appeal ? That's like saying why would Barcelona FC get 50,000 when , Blyth and Spartan only get 800 crowd per game . Didn't Catalans dragons take a game to Barcelona and get 32,000 a few years ago. Serbians love their sport , they are crazy for it , and if this was marketed well , why would there not be a crowd of 20,000 ? At least. Having spoken to a lot of Serbs in Serbia , they value RL athletes as some of the best athletes going around. Not to mention this would encourage Serbs to pick an English club to follow . Hull FC have similar colours to partizan Belgrade FC , why wdnt their fans pick them. RFL clubs do the bare minimum to encourage new international support. Kudos to the English clubs like Bedford tigers and English folk for helping RL in Serbia , not only are they helping grow the greatest thing on earth in RL. But they are mending a rhsip , that was destroyed in 1999 , the perception of anything English or British even in 2011 , talking to local serbs , was meet with venom and disgust. I recall ppl telling me they threw away all of their English football jerseys and never followed the sport again. Kudos to Bedford and many others , maybe unbeknown to them , they are mending and creating harmony , between these two people. Bringing super league to Serbia , would also go a long way in been an olive branch. I'm not asking for an entire season to be played in Serbia LOL , Just the one game . But " apparently " that's Pie in the sky stuff. If Huddersfield Giants get an AVG Crowd of 5,000 , what have they got to lose in bringing a game to the Marakana in Belgrade ? Where due to the sport been a novelty in terms of pro games , would bring a walk in crowd of more then 10 thousand .
  8. I know. I agree in regard to AFL. It's a boring sport, AFL is . I'm just keeping track of things, in regards to how RL matches up against AFL in terms of crowd figures. I think we will bridge the gap this season against the AFL,in average crowd figures.
  9. Looking at the highlights , It did look cold . Good game though , by the looks of it.
  10. Been reading a lot about philosophy . Especially Nihlism . Is it considered a bleak outlook on life ? What are your thoughts on Nihlism ? What are your thoughts on the purpose of life ? Why we are here ? What life means ? Etc
  11. Only 8,774 @ opening clash of Round 4 : Titans Vs Tigers .
  12. That's why the Tigers are so frustrating as a club . They always find a way to stuff things up. They fought hard , and I'd say deserved the win , if you don't count the last 55 seconds .
  13. Why doesn't the RFL really give RL a boost in Serbia , and take a Super League game to the Marakana in Belgrade ? Free entry for under 18's. I guarantee it would be a packed house. I think it would transform the sport in Serbia. Can't we fans do a petition and send this to the RFL?
  14. Huge news . Will be a huge boost to RL in Srb. Need to work even harder on marketing the game now FYI Serbian League has 8 clubs this season. Does anyone know how much the second division has?
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