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  1. Serbia operates with two alphabets . As a kid i was taught both growing up here in Melbourne @ language school. its a decent website , but it can be better.
  2. Yes thats correct. I have bee. In touch with Colin , he confirms its 6 teams. I have requested from him more info on the other teams and the comp in general. Up the Dorcol Tigers !
  3. If anyone wants to watch some club games from Serbia . Or if you just want to show some solidarity . Here is the link https://www.sportsflickglobal.com/products/serbian-rugby-league-2021 Remember all money made through this , filters back through to all Serbian Rugby League Clubs. Please sign up.
  4. Yes i agree . Will found out and let you all know ....
  5. Its not an english test. Not here to impress you all.
  6. good win for the gunners considering a travel to olympiacos is always testy. Spurs win 2-0 V Dinamo Zagreb. Is Granada a sneaky chance to win the entire thing? , seen a few of there games this year , they look like they know football.
  7. Eddie , i will float that idea with Colin and the Dorcol TIgers board. I think there should be , i am a collector of RL jerseys and would love to add a few from these clubs. My team are the Dorcol Tigers. The names of Partizan and Red Star i cant stand ( due to their communist founding's )
  8. I tipped SSR last night , i thought surely a dire run in Melbourne has to be snapped at some stage. But the Storm just keep producing. Bunnies poor start cost them , they will be top 4 from what i saw after that slow start.
  9. First time i have heard of this particular injury. Looked bad.
  10. Was a very warm night in Melbourne last night , not a hint of wind .
  11. Took my sister to her first ever game of Rugby League . She made a remark early in the game that Papenhuyzen does not look like much physically , then he dominated , and she says " wow, he is super quick. Safe to say she enjoyed it and i believe from next season I'll have her signed up as a season ticket holder.
  12. Been bad in Europe i know. Lucky to live in this amazing city and country , dont think for a second im not aware of that. Hope thinks improve in the UK . I feel for you , these are war time like losses in terms of figures .
  13. Will do . Im struggling to figure out how u post photos on the forum now. Im not the most tech savy 30 year old. Im ok pass mark , in my defence
  14. Yes i was , on the train going home atm . I believe there was a 50 percent restriction. So the 11,812 was close to capacity 14,500 was max allowed tonight . No social distancing enforced , chances of cathching this are real slim in melbourne atm.
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