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  1. Huddersfield for me and cheering on Leigh in the curtain raiser .
  2. Going as a neutral from worky but will probably sway towards Huddersfield , one of our supporters clubs has a coach going not sure how many onboard . For those who are maybe travelling by tube and using seven sisters there’s an overnight strike on the Victoria line from 7oclock .
  3. Ive had to book from west Cumbria via Newcastle both ways . Going Friday and coming back Sunday . Gone to pot since Avanti took over .
  4. Yeah had the email but nothing worked but ended up registering with another email and got my tickets sorted. looks like I missed the window regarding the ourleague site , left it too late. Received an email off RFL saying monies will be left in account until end of next season. Hopefully crowds will be back so will buy magic tickets. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Apologies if this has been mentioned in a previous post but does anyone know if World Cup tickets are going to be available through the our league site? I have money from this seasons autumn internationals in my account and was led to believe it could be used to buy tickets. ive given up trying to register on the official World Cup site , just going around in circles . thanks .
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