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  1. I like that idea on the condition that they have to field a minimum amount of French players in their match day squad. It would basically mean France have a locked in percentage of clubs in Super League and would assist their chances of getting a paid TV deal.
  2. I would counter your argument with a look at the crowds the WCC has drawn in Australia on the rare occasions it has been played in Australia. 1994 Broncos vs Wigan Crowd 54,220 (Their biggest of the season) 2014 Roosters vs Wigan 31,515 (A massive crowd for the Roosters) 2018 Storm vs Leeds 19,062 (Their biggest crowd apart from the Anzac day game) I agree there isn't much love from many of the coaches but many fans get excited about it despite there been some who have no idea about anything outside NRL. It would really help if it rotated and was played in Australia every second year.
  3. Any word of ticket sales for this game so far? Would like to think it could pull in a 6,000 plus crowd. With it being a qualifier and a derby.
  4. All schools have occasional evening functions for concerts, dances ect. I’m not saying get the five year olds but older kids would be fine.
  5. I think too many people look at the negatives. There are enough teams to spread out the Monday night games fairly. Corporate can still operate and is often popular as an after work event. If clubs know well in advance when their TV game is they can go all out to promote it and make it an event. Maybe involve local schools in the entertainment at halftime and having kids playing pregame. If clubs and make the championship look like a vibrant product on tv it will help their chance so of getting a bigger deal next time.
  6. I hope it goes ahead without them. If other NRL players commit to it the Islander teams will be stacked. May finally see RTS play for Samoa.
  7. Just listened to the Chasing Kangaroos podcast with the Treize X111 media manager Laurent Garnier. Interesting guy, grew up in Perpignan before meeting an Australian girl and moving to Brisbane. Coached in the Queensland Cup and then took on the job of coaching Carcassonne. Seems that the plan is to follow the Silktails path and play in a lower league while they build a squad ready for 2023. They seem to have put a board of like minded people together although he didn't provide details of their financial strength. He was very keen to promote league throughout the region and thinks the opportunity to play high standard rugby whilst staying in their home country would appeal to the many union players.
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