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  1. Out of interest, is Sutton 47 or 49 because the article states that he is both ages? I mean, if '47 and 48' had been stated, I might just have assumed that he celebrated a birthday during the time that the article was being written.
  2. The basketball analogy is absolutely ridiculous. However, I imagine that plenty of 'NFL rejects' have the potential to play in some of rugby league's less technical positions.
  3. As a Brit who lives in Australia, I agree, the absence of a 'geographical name' is unlikely to create a significant issue.
  4. Currently, Souths 32 Dragons 12. As others have mentioned, this is a better Dragons side than last week too.
  5. I thought it was a fairly convincing win by Saints. Not Dragons' strongest side but you can only beat the team in front of you. I think Penrith will take Saturday's game very seriously. As a Wigan fan, I can't say that I've ever spent too much time wanting Saints to put in a good performance. As an ex-pat, based in Australia, who always wants the best for English RL, I'm sure that next week will bring mixed feelings regardless of who wins. I think the Panthers are heavy favourites, being the home side and also one of the most dominant sides for a 'long, long time'. Saints will give it everything for 25 minutes but won't be able to maintain Penrith's workrate, I believe.
  6. Yes, more specifically, a defender holding onto to the attacker's hips or torso to take their feet off the ground. Then, the defender 'releasing' and landing their weight below the knee of the attacker. I'm not sure whether the 'Welsby incident' will be classified as a hip drop by the Match Review Committee though.
  7. The NRLW Salary Cap will be greater than the (men's) Super League Salary Cap within eight years. Great for the women's game (full stop) and a further demonstration of the stagnation of the game in the NH.
  8. Considering that each of these arguments rely on all of the individuals being fit/physically-capable - are you actually arguing that Lomax and Percival would've added more than George Burgess, Walmsley and Sam Burgess (who is still only 33)?
  9. Out of all the players representing nations other than Australia (carefully worded as some of those players are also Australian) who would make the side? Manu, Fisher-Harris, To'o, Luai, Burgess and Whitehead would be in my side but it gets very difficult in many positions. Loose forward, for example, is a particularly competitive position.
  10. Based on your question, presumably, yes. I've seen him write for Aussie media and then I got carried away when he talked about 'three Poms'.
  11. The Aussie who wrote the following seems to like Williams' efforts: https://www.theroar.com.au/2022/11/15/five-aussies-three-poms-three-samoans-and-a-surprise-kumul-heres-the-team-of-the-rugby-league-world-cup/
  12. My best guess is that he won't improve from the experience. He'll go back to Super League and dominate more times than not. More smoke will then be blown up his .... Because, 'week in week out', the challenge level is low, he'll 'forget' how good you have to be to beat a solid SH side and we'll be in the same position again in three years' time.
  13. That's the worst part, how did that amount of extreme errors happen in one game? The fact that I work with a Samoan (and Australians) definitely made today even worse. Have a guess who the Aussies sided with
  14. I agree regarding Williams. I don't agree regarding Bateman. As for the other three, I'm still lost for words.
  15. You're correct, I believe. The fact that Kendall wasn't used, on the pitch, for Aus/NZ tells us everything we need to know.
  16. I'm not actually expecting him to be appointed. I could have, at a stretch, accepted an English or Australian ref if the final had been Eng/Aus due to (at present) limited options regarding experienced referees from outside of those two nations. In this instance, there's an experienced ref that isn't from the same country as either of the finalists...
  17. Surely, he has to be selected to referee the final. I'm not necessarily suggesting that he is the tournament's best ref but, for the sake of neutrality, he has to be given the role.
  18. When it comes to the teams that I support, I only love the wins.
  19. If being 21 is a defence, why didn't we pick one of our more experienced (and, presumably, better) players? Apart from Watkins, which players were as bad as (or worse than) Welsby?
  20. He is a flat track bully. Over the last few of decades, how many of our halves have played well against top-class international opposition?
  21. Who is Dave Wood? I wonder if he is related to Sam Tompkins and/or Daryl Clarke.
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