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  1. I don't think that a 14-team SL is a good idea, the standard is already low enough without spreading the talent even more thinly.
  2. If South's win, Burgess will move into a very elite group of Brits (to win more than one Aussie GF) with Mal Reilly (and, if you include him, Bob Fulton).
  3. In that case, the radio commentators needed to be able to tell the difference between Farnworth and Selwyn Cobbo. Or, perhaps, they couldn't tell the difference between Coates and Oates. Either way, Coates played outside Cobbo.
  4. Providing context for the below comment, I have watched and loved rugby league for over thirty years. However, sadly, any 'safe' version of rugby league would involve playing a game/sport that looks VERY different to what we watch now - in my opinion.
  5. I agree with all of this. So much so, I can't add much (without going into unnecessary detail).
  6. Having lived in both Wigan and Australia, I prefer Wigan so I'm struggling to understand.
  7. Thanks for letting us decide. I'll start, I can't see why it would be a conflict of interest. Can anyone else? Edit: if you're implying something as simple as "Phil could talk up players on commentary to get them better deals", won't coaches be able to make an objective decision? ie. make up their own minds independently of media beliefs.
  8. Having been to both, I also think that Blackpool is better than Bondi.
  9. Have a change of heart and decide that it's as 'easy' to run the World Cup as any of these alternatives.
  10. Yeah, Canberra would have been perfect as far as I'm concerned. The NRL probably suspected that the players would have whinged at being based there during winter.
  11. I completely understand your thinking. Considering everything, the World Cup simply 'had to happen' this year. It just had to ☹
  12. Completely true, we've been bullied and I hate people who bully
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