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  1. Decent signing for championship, real workhorse forward. Always gave 100% for us last year.
  2. From Matt Shaws reports it looked like we did offer him a full time deal but possible he's opted to go PT with York with one eye on life after rugby. Personally I'd be happy to have him stay but he's not that big of a loss with the players we've been picking up. I'm more concerned about what our outside backs and hooking options will look like considering there isn't a wealth of options available
  3. Chris Green just announced by Leigh. Very capable pack being built, just needs some backs now...
  4. Was also disgraceful that Bernard Guasch would publicly imply corruption within the referees and threaten to boycott future grand finals, don't believe I saw your outrage on that thread though. Funnily enough that particular thread barely made the second page of comments before it tumbled down off the front page of the forum.
  5. Same reason why barely anyone has touched the story about Guasch threatening to boycott GF's, they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them.
  6. The fact the Ward was name checked in the press release does suggest he may be incoming. Certainly hope so.
  7. The current average age of Leighs 7 announced players to date is 28, hardly a retirement village and the oldest in Tomkins has just come off a pretty good run of form to the SL GF. Ben Reynolds - 27 Joe Mellor - 30 Adam Sidlow - 33 Jai Whitbread (Quota) - 23 Joe Wardle - 30 Sam Stone (Quota) - 24 Joel Tomkins - 34
  8. Agree completely, the more French players scattered throughout the league, the closer the national team will be to bridging that gap to the top 3/4 International teams. NZ isn't successful just because the Warriors play NRL, it's the 4/5 players at every NRL team, likewise for Tonga.
  9. The title of the thread suggests otherwise. This is just another in a long line of threads that show, much like the rest of the wider country/world, people care more about who said something rather than what they said.
  10. I was wondering when/if Guasch's comments would make it on here. If they came from any other English owner this thread would be 12 pages deep right now, rightfully pointing out they are the ramblings of a sore loser. It's absolute madness anyone would even try to suggest there is any crumb of truth in claims.
  11. There was, but then again it was a problem when he signed the players at Saints too which was the big issue of that appointment. Chester at least has made a few decent signings in his time.
  12. Looking on Satellite view on google maps will give a good view of the space(or lack of) available. It's a ground that would be more suitable for Swinton than Salford. I do really sympathise with Salford fans because they are between a rock and a hard place.
  13. That's exactly why they are moving, I drive past it on my way to work every day and it's a tidy enough little ground for championship but it's pretty much maximised the space available on the land as it is, it's sandwiched between 2 roads, a housing estate and a primary school. It's also in a bit of a public transport dead zone in Salford with not a lot in the way of parking either, the below guide gives a fairly accurate account of the area in terms of what to expect for away fans. https://footballgroundguide.com/leagues/england/league-two/salford-city-moor-lane.html
  14. Are Wigan going to livestream their fans forum next week? Would make for some entertaining viewing!
  15. What's the record for number of charges for a single player in one weeks disciplinary? Isa can't be far off here..
  16. Wigan have a lot of issues, but not being physical enough is definitely not one tonight..
  17. A fitting comment from a fan base that threw a smoke bomb on the pitch interrupting their own conversion. Stay classy.
  18. Nothing about it was clear cut, Lawler was in front of the kicker and within 10m of the ball bouncing. It should have been a penalty to Leigh from where the ball was kicked.
  19. Just caught highlights of the last try and Lawler is definitely within 10m of the ball landing and the kicker hadn't played him onside. Watching some of the other clips, it became evident that the 6 again klaxon is being added in for the TV broadcast but wasn't present in the ground, which was resulting in a lot of confusion/frustration in the ground particularly for HKR's first try in the second half.
  20. It was a rhetorical question, we know that is the case because the production company in Canada they were supposed to be paying to film the games came out publicly to state they were owed monies.
  21. Didn't TWP pay for all the broadcasting costs and basically give it to Sky etc? Didn't they still owe thousands in unpaid costs to the production company they hired to do so when they went pop?
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