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  1. Pretty much everyone will be in the same boat in the championship next year with regards to finances, i'm not overly worried about Leigh as 2019 showed even when recruiting a PT team from scratch we can pick up some handy players based on our above average crowds for the championship. We'll get picked off if we get relegated, but we should still be able to keep a chunk of the squad.
  2. Why do the overseas players have to be unattached?
  3. It certainly is now it's a 2 for 1 swap, but neither Peteru or Peats have been anything more than average.
  4. Leigh are freeing up quota spots some additional overseas incoming players since there is seemingly no one available. It should have originally been a 2 for 2 swap including jamea cunnigham but he seems to have pulled out late. I can't say I blame Beaumont for being disappointed about that.
  5. Jack Ashworth is in the Leigh squad for Hull at the weekend, so assuming the swap has gone through Edit: James Cunningham also added now
  6. None of those players are irreplaceable. Hood would probably be the closest to that for us(if the rumours are true), but it's almost impossible for any club to build long term from the outside of established SL clubs because the best players will always be cherry picked(such as Harrison and Halton at Fev) whether they are under contract or not. The best any promoted club can hope for is to find the right set of short term players to sneak 11th then build from there.
  7. No idea, Matt Shaw has been reporting it this morning. Personally hoping for another prop and an outside back
  8. Cunningham and Ashworth coming the other way now apparently, to free up quota spots for overseas signings. Was pretty puzzled when John Davidson first reported on Peats/Peteru but it's actually not a bad bit of business with the swap players.
  9. Well with the addition of Rob Butler from Wire we may actually have 4 props play a game for the first time in around 2 months or so now, so hopefully it won't be quite as dismal as last time!
  10. That would be my hope, i don't think any self respecting coach(certainly one of Wards calibre) is going to take the Leigh job without some good guarantees of a 2-3 year plan. Part of my hope for a coaching appointment like Ward would be some confirmation that Beaumont is thinking more than 1 season at a time.
  11. Hoping we can get him at Leigh, not many other FT head coaching opportunities going unless he opts for an assistant job at one of the top clubs.
  12. Intent isn't the only thing punished by the disciplinary committee. There is a whole spectrum between "He intentionally gouged his eyes" and "it's a completely legal hand off".
  13. Angle of fingers doesn't look good there, the extent of the cuts make sense now
  14. I'd rather us keep Brierley at FB and Tierney on the wing(if fit) than shuffle multiple players around.
  15. Mellor didn't get a ban, so hopefully him and Wildie in the halves with Peats interchange 9.
  16. We did back have one under the old system of championship clubs running u20s squads with a proper league system in place. Several players went on to play pro including Joe Bullock and Chris Hankinson. The fact RFL made it optional and the introduction of dual registration basically killed off the system and Leigh eventually pulled out as there weren't enough games to justify having a team anymore. It's a shame as the u20s system worked great in catching those let go by SL clubs and giving them a second shot.
  17. Whilst what they achieved in 2019 was great, you have to look at in context. Several teams essentially took a year off waiting for Toronto to get out the way and were at their weakest points. 2020 York were winless and looking really poor. Yorks performances this year aren't really a surprise to me, the signs were already there last year.
  18. 2 hookers, 1 halfback and 1 utility back actually. No forwards at all on the bench. Although Mullen did have to play in the middle for his stint.
  19. Survival could well come down to the odd victory this year, so why wouldn't the club want to maximise their chances of getting those later in the season? Again, the idea that Duffy has been hard done to and that no one could do a better job is just plain nonsense, as are the suggestions the squad would stuggle in the championship. Did we ever have a hope of getting anything better than 11th? Obviously not, but it doesn't change the fact that the team has performed poorly, particularly when it comes to game plans. Leigh's squad isn't stacked full of recent part timers without SL experience, there are grand finalists, challenge cup finalists and even winners spread through the team and it's not even like it's an aging squad. The oldest player is Ben Flower at 33 who probably would've played in last years GF but for injury, the second oldest is Tyrone McCarthy who played in last years CC final, the GF the year before. Two of the squad in Thornley and Mason are set to join Wigan next year and I suspect there will be more playing in SL next year too. Leigh have spent big money on players on and off for the best part of a decade now but always used inexperienced coaches and it's been our downfall. If we are going to build for promotion in 2022 as you suggest, why shouldn't that start with a better quality of coach?
  20. The way teams set out to play is entirely the responsibility of the coaching staff. If you need any further proof look at the difference between Salford under Watson last year and Marshall this year, with an almost identical squad. The notion that no coach could do better than Duffy has is utter nonsense and it's unbelievable I even have to point that out.
  21. Having watched everyone minute of Leighs games so far this year, we should have been on 2 wins right now(Wigan and Salford) which would've had us 4 points clear of last place assuming other results stayed as they were. Whilst the squad isn't exactly brilliant, it is much better than results we've been getting particularly when it comes to points difference. Barring a couple of shockers such as the thumping by Wire and Cas, we've been in a lot of competitive positions ruined by us chasing games unnecessarily from early in the second half even though we've gotten better results doing the basics early on. For me that's down to half time instructions of the coaching staff. On who comes next, I don't doubt for one minute that Beaumont would be throwing money at Wane right now but whether he comes is another matter. I wouldn't mind Henderson but would be very disappointed were Purtill to get the job. He might have improved a bad situation in 2018 but considering the playing personnel we still massively underperformed and were really clueless at closing out games. Leigh have tried to find their answer to Ian Watson, but now they need to find a Tony Smith.
  22. If I had to guess, I'd assume the 9 competitive losses from 9 games had an effect. It's painfully obvious Duffy was out of his depth. It's all well and good saying Leigh were on a hiding to nothing, players not good enough etc but we bombed game 1 against Wigan, completely capitulated a winning position against an equally poor Salford amongst other decent positions we've found ourselves in. We've got little to no chance against Wakefield on Sunday with an injury ravaged squad so makes pretty good sense to rip the plaster off now so that whoever comes in has ample time to try and turn things around. Duffy is a nice guy, but I've had reservations on his coaching ability going back to his first season in 2019 when after a great start to the year he randomly started putting McNally on the wing and Ridyard at FB to accommodate Josh Woods and Brierley in the halves. It made no sense and our form went out the window but he persisted with it all the way to a disappointing conclusion to the season.
  23. Strange how you shut down attempts at speculation on the academy thread with tin foil hat comments, a subject where facts are very much disputed between the parties involved, however are happy to speculate away on a story which both parties have been in complete agreement. So perhaps you should take your own advice on this one and put the tin foil hat away.
  24. Or it's exactly what both of them said, that a change was needed. It was clearly an amicable separation, how often have you seen a press release for a coach leaving where both parties comment where it wasn't amicable? As dire as our seasons gone so far, it isn't over yet and Leigh are still just 2 points behind a Salford team who have just had to turn to Gary Wheeler, a guy with one of the worst injury records in RL, to solve an injury crisis in their centres. Am I saying I think we'll stay up? Absolutely not, but I would be disappointed if Beaumont didn't try everything in his power to save a poor season. It obviously wasn't working under Duffy, who even by his own admission was fairly out of his depth in SL. His recent interviews have been that of a guy clearly thinking the next game will be his last. What does give me some confidence in this, is that Beaumont seems to be thinking beyond just this year. Any incoming coach(and certainly one of any quality) is going to want some good guarantees on what next years budget will look like, regardless of the division we are in. For all the money splashed on some very high quality players over his tenure, many of which went on to other SL clubs or even NRL, the coach spot has always been filled by a recent ex player. The club needs some high quality outside eyes to come in and get the playing side of things in order if Leigh ever hope to progress beyond a top championship/yo-yo club.
  25. Why believe the comments given by all parties involved when you can just make up something that paints the club and Beaumont in a suitably negative light eh?
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