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  1. I think the point Gubrats is making is that the point of Magic weekend is that all the clubs play a game in one location over a weekend. If there's an odd number of clubs then clearly someone won't have a game.
  2. Before Argyle pitched up I'd say they were better odds than someone turning up and saying I want a rugby league club in Toronto. And yet here we are.
  3. I get that. And for what it's worth I think it's very obvious what the benefits are if the Toronto experiment works out. However for every person in the group you describe there seems to be one to argue that this is a "no-brainer" and the game should bend over backwards to make Toronto successful and hang the consequences. Both groups are equally tedious.
  4. But for that missed penalty Rovers could easily have won last week. Leeds on the other hand got nowhere near Hull. I have a feeling Rovers might sneak this one.
  5. Maybe they didn't think it would work. But as someone was offering to bankroll the entire thing for them they probably said, "OK then, what have we got to lose". I'd have done the same. I can't believe Ahmed the Neurosurgeon didn't realise a 23 man squad would be a touch on the light side!
  6. I've said this before but I honestly don't understand why we couldn't have just used the GB kit design for England. Clearly the Lion and badge would have changed but the basic white shirt with a red/blue V could have been retained.
  7. I dunno like. The job they did with RLWC 2017 was utter garbage. The 2013 RLWC over here on the other hand...…………...
  8. You are genuinely just making stuff up now. Where has anyone saying they disapprove of Folau's signing defended what Matthew Lodge did? I for one was absolutely flabbergasted that Brisbane signed him. I suspect many others are too. Particularly given all the noises the NRL have made about supporting white ribbon day and associated campaigns. Sadly that ship has sailed. If it hasn't been mentioned overtly on this thread then I suspect there's a reason. We aren't discussing Matthew Lodge. We're discussing Israel Folau.
  9. I'm not quite sure I follow you here. Could you run this by me again please (serious question BTW). Because I've just re-read the RFL and SL statements and they seem to be exactly what you say here only padded out a bit more "had the RFL and SL simply said they find his views abhorrent and if he makes them again he will be out" Other clubs have indeed chimed in since then but that's their prerogative.
  10. It seems impossible to the point of incredulity that Catalans don't understand that they are taking a huge risk here. In terms of playing ability there's no doubt in my mind that he'll be outstanding. I personally am disappointed they've signed him. It just seems like they're taking a completely unnecessary risk. Because even if you are genuinely indifferent to his thoughts, that he's made abundantly clear, surely the question to ask is do you think it's realistic to expect him to keep his mouth shut? He told the ARU he wouldn't do it again after the first incident but did it anyway which resulted in the car crash that played out last year. Who's to say the same thing won't happen with Catalans? And even if there is some clause in that says he'll be sacked if he does start airing his personal beliefs again do you honestly expect he'd go down without a fight. His track record suggests he has an all consuming attitude of "f#ck em" when it comes to his employers. Super League can ill afford to go through what the ARU have just been through. Interesting times ahead.
  11. But that's an understandable point of view in my opinion. Until Argyle arrived saying "I've got cash to burn and I want a rugby league team in Toronto" how many people do you reckon had thought that Canada represented a great place to try and develop rugby league? There are still hundreds of reasons why the Toronto project might fail. Hundreds. It would have been negligence on a gross scale of the RFL or SLE to have ploughed the same amount of cash into a territory where the chances of anything coming of it are, whether you like it or not, very slim. However the game, certainly in Britain, can't afford to turn away someone who is wanting to pump money in. So in my opinion their stance of being happy to let Toronto in as long as Argyle shoulders the vast bulk of the risk is fine with me. I know you don't particularly agree with this but I suppose we'll just have to agree to disagree. I agree with you more on this one.
  12. It's an interesting to cite this as an example of the way other sports are doing things better. Outside of a select few at the ECB it's hard to find anyone in the game who thinks the hundred constitutes a good idea.
  13. This. I'd have been more than happy with the Lions being brought back if the idea was to have a proper tour with test matches and midweek club games. Something different, tapping into lots of fond nostalgia and could easily have been incorporated into the schedule. The key here is that it's something different. I don't necessarily think the first paragraph is a big issue given the same comment could be applied to the Union Lions in that they only play abroad (save for a rare warm up test before they head off) and less people will be engaged. I fully accept that I'm not really comparing like with like here given GB used to play at home in league. But I still don't think this is a major issue. I think your comment about it basically being a 4N without Australia or a trophy is absolutely bang on.
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