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  1. Whatever it was kept us above the ram's , also what fev and fax spent will only keep them in the championship , nothing more .
  2. Good luck guys enjoy the playoffs
  3. yes , and he,s not predicted murrell to be their next halfback when he does a few more years maturing at keighley .
  4. shame for you guys , best backrow forward you,ve got by a mile
  5. now,t to write home about , apart from toulouse and fev it,s been pretty shabby all round
  6. if true would be a great signing , fast , strong and the right side of 30
  7. jamie ellis is a class player, we would be very lucky to get him on board
  8. fantastic player , great to get the 2 year deal , up the kneets
  9. This just shows there's only Toulouse and fev in the race , the other 4 pretenders showed their true colours again this weekend.
  10. Enjoy , better season next year.
  11. I wonder when fordy will announce his next batch or stocky to the fold.
  12. At least minikin will make himself available to play , and certainly could prove to be a very good signing.
  13. As I understand it john theve got till the 19th of September to complete , can't understand why they will play it neither side can make the playoffs or be relegated.
  14. Big thanks to corey , the guy has shown both class and commitment to the club , wish him a great future and would love to see him back at some point , as said before on the forum it would be good to see Morgan and Brendan have an injury free run together , but time will tell , interesting close season ahead .
  15. When York were due to play there , also a double header , you could only buy tickets for each game , they really are promoting the sport , theirs and Our loss.
  16. Hope Dixon stays , a lot younger than the others plus IMHO a lot more effort .
  17. The very few times that we have seen B O H play IMHO he has been the best halfback we've seen for a season or two , got to be worth the gamble
  18. Had allocated this season but won't bother next year , nice to sit with your mates and change position depending on weather and the attendance , I feel only the blue padded seats should be booking only.
  19. Correct decision as no one else has had to travel.
  20. Definitely beaten by the better side , but by we look a tired and injury ridden team , can't wait for the season to finish now and build for next season , mass changes are needed as this years formula has been way off , up the kneets
  21. think your,e spot on , plus 2300 from york 3200 nailed on
  22. weather is very average so a mass migration to scarbados is unlikely , get yourself to the knights double header , who want,s to get stuck on the A 64 anyway.
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