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  1. That's my point though, they weren't penalised for the things they did in 2009. It's all done and dusted now so here's looking forward to next season.
  2. It's all out there in public. Try Wikipedia 'Barrow Raiders 2009' P.S they'll get nowt out of me!
  3. Correct they have that title but everyone knows why. They kept the brass that went with it as well which is what gets me as much as the trophy. Don't get me wrong I love our trips to Barrow, we always stay the night although may try Ulverston this season, it's just this love in at the moment and whilst 2009 was a long time ago under a different regime it still grates. Anyroad we will be up again this season and look forward to what is shaping up to be a great championship season.
  4. Great club Barrow. They'd be even greater if they recompenced Fax for 2009.
  5. It's not pointless though and that's one of the problems.
  6. York is an absolutely fantastic city with loads to do. The pubs are second to none for real ale enthusiasts and there's loads of 'em. Plenty of attractions for everyone including families. But...the whole concept of a summer bash weekend is wrong. Having it at the home ground of one of the participating clubs is just wronger.
  7. I don't think the Summer Bash should be a thing at all it just skews the league and can cost clubs big money. To then compound this by having the event at the home of one of the participants is just wrong. Another rfail bloomer. I say this as someone loves the city of York. It is always the first fixture i look for and we always book our hotel the moment the fixtures are out. But as i've said this situation is utterly wrong.
  8. Fax have been advertising theirs and i've got ours. I won't be having them sent through the post though at £4.95️
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