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  1. Of course Campbell is right, anyone with an ounce of common sense can see what's going on and would agree with him. The thing is, though, would he have come out with this if Fev hadn't blown their SL chance again?
  2. Our previous DR arrangements have been disastrous for our club and any future deal will be just the same. The longer we go down this route, the longer we will be just another 2nd class club. That's if we don't become a fully fledged feeder club beforehand.
  3. Perhaps because they want to watch a RL match? Nobody's forcing them to attend.
  4. Blow the cobwebs off then into the bar/pub afterwards, players and supporters. What's not to like?
  5. A 14 club SL is nailed on. Why else do you think Bradford suddenly appeared in 14th position in the IMG ratings?
  6. What a horrific situation but in hindsight perhaps people should have seen this coming?
  7. Having 14 teams seems to be the only way, under their own criteria, that they will get Bradford back in though.
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