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  1. I never realised Salford was a small town.
  2. The Ambrose. Sausage and chips. Mmm
  3. Ovenden isn't a tourist resort. We left there years ago.
  4. That would be o.k. by me if it was drawn as such. I wouldn't be overly happy as I'm not a fan of the bash anyway. It's like loop fixture in SL. There is no need for it and it distorts the table unfairly. Besides, Blackpool is a right sh!t 'ole!
  5. Unless the games to be played are chosen by an open draw the bash should be banned. It skews the table and is unfair.
  6. It wasn't just one lass as complained about abuse. Read the Halifax Panthers page on Facebook to get an insight into what these morons continue to do and get away with. They are a blight not only to their club, but to RL as a whole.
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