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  1. i do hope he plays ,,hopefully miles off the pace after such a long layoff.
  2. Swinton in the cup used the west , difficult to spot as only about 30 of them.
  3. Just signed for another 2 years at saints , just shows what can be achieved with a bit of talent and a lot of hard work , great job by fordy and Kristian Woolf.
  4. Thanks for the info, but I think it's the squirrel tackle our lot are afraid of .
  5. Agree , building a bit of momentum now at home, hopefully with a few more bodies back and the same commitment i am going to say we will beat the bull's.
  6. yes , haven very poor , had them pushing for playoffs as well , very unpredictable league this year
  7. yes looking forward to this , pressure is on haven with them having a good chance to make the playoffs
  8. who knows whitch york will turn up , going to be aother patched up side again due to injuries and covid , haven by 10 but hope i,am wrong
  9. Didn't feature last night so fingers crossed
  10. Finished at fev last week with 9 fit player's on the pitch (fordy) yes have had more injured than most this season , but the loan system is a joke hopefully will be new rules next year as covid issues may be easier
  11. Looking forward to this haven have been the surprise package this season , couple of Aussie's in walmsley and Williams who should prove a handfull ,plus the normal Cumbrian grunt. Who knows what our lineup will be but as long as the effort is there , is what counts. Roll on Sunday.
  12. atkins and salter have a lot to prove to get deals with us next season IF chosen
  13. you need specsavers , no way a try , but as we all know refs are human aswell
  14. Top man is Jon flatman and iam sure he has a massive influence on what happens in the office , let's hope the previous quality and care of service continues.
  15. Been fantastic for fev and the knights , time to hang up the boot's and go out at the top , thanks Tim , great advert to any youngsters interested in playing the game .
  16. Now it's pretty sure we won't go down or make the playoffs surely it time to give Warren, Harrison and towse a chance for the final few games.
  17. Well done fev good luck in the playoffs , obviously no York involved this season , will lick our wounds and be back better and stronger next year .
  18. Agree wore the shirt with pride , great motivator and nothing less than 100% every game .
  19. Mid life crisis , he'll get over it
  20. What you've got to understand is it's not only the players ability but whether they want to be tied to fulltime rugby , most you've mentioned it would be difficult on both counts .
  21. Realistically any championship side going to superleague would probably only retain 20% maximum of the squad if they have ambitions of staying there.
  22. We were in a group of 3 and only 1 worked
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