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  1. There seems to be very little evidence reading the national papers or on the television that the RL world cup is taking place this year. All we hear is constant references to the RU world cup in 2023! Surely. there must be someone at RL headquarters responsible for promoting our RL world cup.
  2. Good point. So we lost the game on purpose - makes sense.
  3. Rumour has it Rochdale didn't want to play because they have forgotten where they have put the trophy.
  4. Wasn't the best refereeing display I've ever seen!!!
  5. You've got to remember sooperdooperleeg runs all things Rugby League. The thought of one of them being knocked out in an early round would end their season. It's a closed shop and that is why our great game in is such mess. Looking on the bright side, we have two local derbies to look forward to - our own mini trophy with bragging rights to who ever comes top. Stuff sooperdooperleeg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. All the best CC for 2022. Sounds like a great idea. Any idea where they would play it?
  7. Since nothing is being posted, I was just wondering if the law Cup game is on. If so, when? I know we have one friendly against Wakefield followed by the challenge cup game. Just watched the try compilation from the 88 - 89 season, on Youtube, what a great side we had. I'm sure it said there were 4,600 watching the Yeds playing Keighley.
  8. Wishing everyone associated with Oldham Roughyeds a Fantastic Christmas and a better 2022.
  9. I take objection to your suggestion that I'm "twisting the knife." I went to the recent meeting and I am very optimistic that John Roddy is on board. To emphasise my optimism I've watched Oldham for over 60 years and I've still got shares from when an appeal went up for money to keep the club alive. So I'll thank you again for telling me where to access any information regarding our great club and not to think I will find anything on this forum.
  10. Thanks for the advice. Just curious why is my post "unnecessary and premature." I just enjoy the banter and importantly hearing true fan's opinions on our forum.
  11. Thanks OL14.Yeds It makes great reading all I can do is hope that "The Partnership" brings all that is great about Rugby League back to Oldham. Thanks again.
  12. All the talk about involving everybody with an interest in the Yeds didn't last long. We the supporters would like to know what is, if anything, is happening. THINGS DON'T CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Did the meeting take place on Tuesday? I can't find any evidence that it did.
  14. jroyales

    Next season

    WHERE ARE WE PLAYING NEXT SEASON?????????????????????????/////
  15. What time tonight? Let's hope it's either another halfback or a loose forward.
  16. Do any of you remember when the club invited supporters to invest in the club. I still have my investing certificates. Does that mean I own part of the club?
  17. jroyales

    Next season

    Heard somewhere that scrums or getting down for a chat are back next season.
  18. It's all gone very quiet - so is that it?
  19. We always stood in the main stand behind the posts and on the day 'sheddings died, I put my lad on my shoulders and pulled off the exit sign that we had passed under for years - that's now on my shed door. I went back during the week after. The pitch had gone, the main stand had been dropped. I picked up a red and white brick from the back of "my stand" and another from the pavilion. They are safely stored again in my "'sheddings" shed! To add to the collection I took five pieces of ivy from the players entrance. Four died but one is now covering my garden fence. Memories!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Agreeing that the state of RL is in a perilous state, I look back at how RU was a lot worse off than RL. So the question I'm posing is how did they turn it round, with what is a poorer product, into the phenomenal success it is now.
  21. Always wondered why "Hornets"?
  22. How many have Swinton taken on? Still would have liked Charnock at loose forward. Just let's hope they play him at stand off!!
  23. When I started watching our great club we were simply Oldham Football Club. We don't need bears, roughyeds, sharks. hairnets, warriors - we are OLDHAM.
  24. From that list I would take Barran - half back cover, Charnock - loose forward and Pick for his experience.
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