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  1. As interesting as it is talking about Tintown, did anybody get to the game? I couldn't make it so it would be nice to hear something about today's game.
  2. With a decent ref 26 - 12 to the Yeds. With their own ref 46 - 18 to the Hairnets.
  3. Always a cracking day out with the Hairnets - and this is a game not to be missed. Sadly, not this time. It's probably the first I will miss in over 60 years. I just hope and pray the Hornets don't end up with the Quinn/Batty mess we had so losing Sheddings.
  4. Is that the biggest points difference in the club's history?
  5. 22 all. Hunslet scored 18 points without reply in 7 minutes! It looked so promising at 22 - 4. There's always next week.
  6. Doesn't appear to be much interest and it's only game 2.
  7. BIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or open it up only to all Championship and 1st division sides and bin the Challenge Cup for the same two divisions. The CC is only for the top sooperdooperleeg sides anyway.
  8. Just interested to find out why Danny Langtree doesn't appear to have played for several weeks. Is he injured or just not catching a very good side? All the best for the rest of the season - an Oldham Fan.
  9. In some ways I agree but I feel the way Oldham council conned us out of Watersheddings is a lot worse.
  10. Home or away and what time is the kick off. Hopefully not 6 o'clock!
  11. To realise its potential, I feel it depends upon how much of the golf club we could use. Parking is a major problem if there are over 1000 there. But I agree we have nothing and beggars can't be choosers.
  12. ........."and there's Ellery Hanley sick as a pig!"
  13. Let's sign and electrician!
  14. Back to the lock lane fiasco - none has mentioned the tannoy system. No lights, no information what would have happened if the game was abandoned ie. replay arrangements and money back and a very poor performance. Let's hope things are sorted by the 27th March. On a massive plus side, Avro have done a great job with the ground, except for the dual lining.
  15. Brooksy does a fantastic job doing his analysis of the match and it can't be easy. However, I was one of the drenched right up to the bitter end and I only saw TWO breaks of their line resulting in tries. In your analysis you said Oldham made 42 tackle busts! Am I reading busts the wrong way? No criticism meant just clarification. Thanks for all you do.
  16. It's nice to see the Oldham "A" team doing well.
  17. I've warmed up now and all I can say is well done Lock Lane you were by far the better side and let's hope you get a decent draw in the next round. Ridyard is a quality playe,r and it showed in glimpses, but he needs a decent pack in front of him - sadly on this performance he hasn't got one. The disallowed Brierley try was right in front of us, I don't think he dropped it it looked more like he grounded it in the football area and not in the rugby in goal area.
  18. Having watched the Yeds for over 60 years I look back at all the great grounds that have gone. Obviously Watersheddings has to be my favourite but Station Road, Thrum Hall, Maclaren Field, Central Park, Wilderspool, Knowlsey Road, Fartown, Athletic Grounds, Crown Flats, Parkside, Tatters Field to name a few. Great memories from all of them.
  19. There seems to be very little evidence reading the national papers or on the television that the RL world cup is taking place this year. All we hear is constant references to the RU world cup in 2023! Surely. there must be someone at RL headquarters responsible for promoting our RL world cup.
  20. Good point. So we lost the game on purpose - makes sense.
  21. Rumour has it Rochdale didn't want to play because they have forgotten where they have put the trophy.
  22. Wasn't the best refereeing display I've ever seen!!!
  23. You've got to remember sooperdooperleeg runs all things Rugby League. The thought of one of them being knocked out in an early round would end their season. It's a closed shop and that is why our great game in is such mess. Looking on the bright side, we have two local derbies to look forward to - our own mini trophy with bragging rights to who ever comes top. Stuff sooperdooperleeg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. All the best CC for 2022. Sounds like a great idea. Any idea where they would play it?
  25. Since nothing is being posted, I was just wondering if the law Cup game is on. If so, when? I know we have one friendly against Wakefield followed by the challenge cup game. Just watched the try compilation from the 88 - 89 season, on Youtube, what a great side we had. I'm sure it said there were 4,600 watching the Yeds playing Keighley.
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