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  1. Well here we go! This game must be a marker for our season with Swinton in our mini-league together with Whitehaven, Sheffield, Batley and possibly Dewsbury. Come on the 'Yeds!
  2. Thanks for the clarification - let's blame covid! Still who will be his 17 players?
  3. Well we have had two friendlies now the fun really starts! According to the press, Barrow haven't had ant pre-season games which should suggest we are better placed. It will be very interesting what team Diskin puts out. Theoretically, it has to be his strongest side with the forced omissions of Leaming and Joy. But will he? He can't afford to lose to Barrow but he can't continue tinkering with his side either. The new season begins the week after, so he must have a settled side for Swinton, again a game against a side we can't afford to lose against.
  4. I have written repeatedly to both the weekly and Sunday Times, the only response I get is they will only print features about popular sports and the editions we get in the Oldham area are the first editions, these don't have ANY Rugby League - not even the scores. Sailing gets page after page and the southern game, rugby union, gets a 12 page spread covering the 6 nations - referred to this week as a "training session for the summer tours." I also made comment about the big sporting events missing the RLWC and all I got was "we are sorry!" But nothing's changed. Sadly, until the media become intelligent and see our great game as we see it ie. not through southern biased eyes things won't change. I feel the southerners from private schools still see us wearing cloth caps and walking whippets and would like nothing better but to see the demise of Rugby League.
  5. It's interesting reading Lenagan's diatribe about what he wants. He sees wigan as the centre of the RL universe, or should I say the sooperdooperleague universe. You don't see any other sport breaking away from from its governing body to create its own competition with total disregard for the rest of the sport so as to ensure they get all of the money from Sky or other sources. I strongly suggest that the Championship and the rest of the true rugby league breakaway and leave sooperdooperleague to their own greed and sourcing their own funding.
  6. With regards to the kicking, why does Hewitt always kick off to his left?
  7. jroyales

    FEV friendly

    I've not heard any thing about Dupree's injury - does anyone know anything?
  8. What do we expect to see this weekend? Will Diskin start with what he considers to be his championship side or will he send out a team to learn from. I hope it's the former, he must have an idea what his team will be. We only have a few weeks to get it right before we play Swinton who beat Bradford last weekend!
  9. jroyales

    FEV friendly

    Apologies for suggesting Fev are all full-time pros. They must be favourites to go up and can I wish them all the best.
  10. jroyales

    FEV friendly

    Can't see that happening they seem to have lots of money them and what I can see a great ground.
  11. jroyales

    FEV friendly

    Very hard to watch but has said, Fev are full time pros and they looked as though they had all been playing together. They also looked leaner, more athletic and faster than us especially in defence. Oldham, looked as though they had just met in the pub - all strangers to each other, didn't look fit and their defence was all over the place with holes, as the commentator said "You could have sailed a submarine through it!" To their defence, it was the first time they have played together, they never gave up and showed some glimpses of good attacking rugby. It would be interesting to see the possession figures. I feel Oldham only had about 15/20 minutes with the ball and that tended to be in their own 20 metres or walking back to the middle to give the ball back to them after they had scored a try! It's a shame the scoring side don't kick off to defending side, at least that way Oldham would have had more ball in hand. I can only hope Diskin has an idea of his starting 13 for the Fax game and hopefully will have sorted out their defensive patterns. I'm still looking forward to what will be a great season, finishing 10th from the top!
  12. It's interesting to note all the hoops that Leigh had to jump through before being allowed into sooperdooperleeg whilst the crazy idea of Canadian teams, and possibly American teams can get in via the back door.
  13. Another after dinner story. The RL wanted Billy to use the yellow card, it hadn't been used yet in the RL. The game was London against Wigan. Billy being Billy refed the game the way he saw it and waved on some tasty exchanges. At half time members from the RL went into his changing room telling him if he didn't use the yellow card in the second half he wouldn't be refereeing the cup final. He said nothing just steamed inside. The second half just as the first no real issues, just men playing rugby - then the London winger stiff armed his opposite number. Billy thought "I'll use the card!". Taking his book out he asked the player for his name who replied Hussain M'Barki Billy said "Don't do it again!" and put his book back into his pocket. I think he used the card later and refereed the cup final.
  14. Have I missed something? What's wrong with Wilkinson?
  15. Does anyone know anything about the newest signing?
  16. I remember Billy Thompson refereeing at a wet, cold Saddleworth game. Watching the game with Jimmy Reeves he was shouting advice to BT. I warned him to quieten it down a bit because it was BT. He said" I'll shout as loud as I want" - and he did and got even louder. BT eventually got fed up, stopped the game and came over to Jimmy saying "If you don't shut up I'll throw you into the canal!". We all shut up.
  17. I feel that Rugby Union only survives due to the regular revenue it takes from its internationals. According to one top club coach he reputedly said "Take away the money we get from internationals and we would have to go back to being semi-professional" We need regular internationals, as Sir Kev has said, for our great game to survive.
  18. We need someone who will shout about our great game not one whom hides away in America. I'd get rid!
  19. I feel our great sport will have to split - if it hasn't already. Super League is now a separate entity and doesn't want to share anything with the rest of the sport. I suggest let SL do what it will and the Championship and First division go its own way and importantly having the interest of ALL of the sport. Call it The Second Great Schism!
  20. Hope all Roughyeds and other Rugby League followers have a great Christmas and a better 2021 - but not as good as the Yeds!!
  21. I'm so glad I know you otherwise we wouldn't get to know anything. Thanks!!! Ever thought about joining the secret service?
  22. I know someone on this page who will need a XXXX if last year is anything to go by!
  23. It's all gone very quiet on the recruitment front. Do we take it what we now have is what we will be putting our hopes on next season? Or does someone (CCR) know something that we are not privy to?
  24. All this talk of Nigel Wood what has he done for the game of Rugby League? £500,000 pay off absolutely ridiculous.
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