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  1. Don't think there will be the usual big turnover of players at Salford, 3 or 4 in, expect them to be a force again next season and providing they keep hold of Croft.
  2. Badly missed at saints last weekend and well deserved, hope he stays at Salford who were arguably the most watchable side in the competition.
  3. Salford with Croft, Ackers, and an impartial referee win that game...but credit saints, they have injuries too.
  4. Salfotd are like a well oiled machine, despite Croft missing the 2nd half they didnt miss him, defence wins matches, can see maybe Escare coming in for him at saints.
  5. Huddersfield are strong, but if Sneyd is on his kicking game, along with the class of Croft, Lafai and Watkins then its an away win.
  6. Got a feeling Salford will win at Hudds, Watkins, Croft, Lafai walk into any side in super league.
  7. Agreed, I think Rowley picks a very weakened Salford against Warrington for the reason you mention.
  8. Rowley ringing the changes for this one, rightly so, bigger fish to fry for Salford in the play offs, protect your best players.
  9. It's now becoming a legitimate question, could Salford actually win the Grand Final? or have they not got the minerals....
  10. Livett, Dupree, and Wright back for Salford, Sarginson last week, their squad is now starting to look quite strong.
  11. Salford are down to the bare bones, if they can bring him in now then the move probably makes sense.
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