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  1. Out of the country? ......so you ARE going to Widnes then?
  2. To incorporate cerise, fawn (?), cherry and white
  3. Raven sports version of this?
  4. Left after 10 minutes of second half, along with a good number of others. Totally disillusioned at Batleys ineptitude in attack and defence. Schoolboys are told to tackle, run hard and straight and back up......either the coach doesn't understand this simple philosophy or the players can't do any of it. Last time I will be at the Mount till I see some drastic changes in attitudes from within the club I'm afraid to say!
  5. Despite some huff and puff and a number of workmanlike performances, the Bulldogs never showed enough speed or inventiveness in attack, nor resilience in defence. It's a very simple game.....run hard, run straight, back up and tackle. Have we mastered any of them to trouble the teams above?
  6. Click on the poster to expand it to full size
  7. Don't think anyone would have recognised Bulldogs or Bulls at that time. Batley beat Bradford 7-0.....seemples!
  8. This latest trend of idiots running onto pitches has to stop, and stop sharpish. Cos, it’s only a matter of time before somebody does it at the Mount........ ........and gets "The Man of the Match", award..
  9. Good to be a 40 minute believer!
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