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  1. Let's say the VR denies the try for dropping the ball. What happens to the VR? Is he demoted or sacked? Or does everyone agree that the ball was dropped and No Try is the correct decision. This is a lot of work to get to a clearly wrong decision.
  2. RL World Cup just mentioned on R4 11am news. I'm in shock!!!
  3. I remember my first game there in 1988. Aus 12- GB 26. Fond memories but technically I was blathered. And no, not been back since tbh.
  4. Btw, had forgotten this C4 game, again. Again. Haemorrhaging any progress as far as the casual viewer is concerned. Bah!
  5. I've quite enjoyed this game despite a ropey first half, largely because Wigan were losing but mostly because the ref is mostly being quiet. I do engage with the game more when the ebb and flow is clear to see. 22-16.
  6. I still think the Sex Pistols are fresh and exciting and it's clear to me that the full time hooter for history sounded late afternoon on the 22nd August 1485.
  7. Taking into account their position in the table and how statistics work the average SL team will be average. Still, you got it in there didn't you. Tbf, you might well wonder how competitive SL is going to be in the next few years.
  8. Honest to God I was just about to say that Cas had done a complete set without scoring. How Embarrassing. Oh, hang on..
  9. If you were the St Helen's coach at this point, why wouldn't you? Makes sense to me.
  10. A recent post on the Cas forum: wouldn't be confident even if Saints sent over the ladies team the way we played on monday.
  11. Don't know what's occurring at HKR but if i was God i would probably defer to Tony Smith on matters of Rugby League.
  12. The Virtual Tanyas. What a name for the next big music sensation!
  13. Not sure if this is the question being asked. Quite often the suggestion is that if the dominant team/teams are better than the also ran fodder then there is no argument because they are the best. And the best should be winning. Deflecting the question. I was brutalised by Wigan in the 80's-90's and it didn't work for me. As a competition it didn't seem to be functioning at all well. What doesn't help is the 'God Given Right' attitude that creeps in but this is a common enough human trait. As for St Helens, don't mind them at all as a team/club but yeah, the big SL stories rarely involve the finals.
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