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  1. Just looked back through your posts. 100% negative. I wonder….
  2. You don’t play us till next week pal? Your team Haven have a week off this week.
  3. Is there nothing going on down the road or summat. You lot seem to spend more time on here.
  4. Mr Negative strikes again. Are you sure your not a haven fan? Going off your recent posts you’ve always been negative and comparing us to haven, even when we got promoted. Your not hiding it very well if you are.
  5. I wonder if haven have paid Jessy the significant amount of money they owe him? RFL are apparently involved.
  6. I believe Fitzy has signed for Haven. They’re chucking money at him I believe
  7. Just been hearing how haven are treating JJP at the minute. Horrendous after his loyal service and in his testimonial year
  8. Dallimore missing and couple of injuries also
  9. What’s a load of tosh. Talking to Les and there was no bother, they just didn’t have time this morning to move the benches over from the tent and they’re not allowed to sell beer unless you’re sitting down. I had beer before and after in the tent so someone ( maybe a haven fan or two) is telling lies?
  10. How have Barrow got a better ground than Town? it’s horrendous. Thought Barrow got relegated last year also? They’ve re-signed most last years squad and added a few new editions. Are the really going to be better than they were last year? They do have good crowd numbers though
  11. Probably part of the reassessment of forward recruitment cos of the new rules that Chris talks about. Great going forward but a bit slower in defence. Hope im wrong though
  12. Surely players who have a desire to play for your club are good signings? If you have a desire to play, then you will have a desire to improve your own game and become a better player. I think it’s a great idea Town are giving locals the platform to succeed. Wish him all the best . Are you doing this to cause trouble or ? Utt
  13. Talking to haven fans at work. They’re gutted at the quality of signings haven are making. Really worried that the club doesn’t understand the jump in class needed.
  14. The Allerdale head of finance was challenged on the figures today and said that over the 50 year life time of the proposed new stadium, the business case would show a £67 million profit
  15. Anyone notice the lack of professionalism amongst the councillors today? In particular Jenkinson who was smirking when fans started arguing about the decision? Laughing about the decision in front of fans. God help the people of Workington with this bunch of idiots in charge. What a wasted opportunity.
  16. And where did you get this info from ?
  17. A long time fan? You’ve never posted anything postive on this forum!?
  18. Are you ever positive or do you enjoy being negative all the time??
  19. I agree with that but he seems to be proud of it. Obviously a Haven fan
  20. Wow, what a guy. Spoiling yet another Town announcement. Fair play to you my friend. Hope you get something good out of it as you deserve it! The bod and fans must love you eh?
  21. Why should the club respond to haven rumours? It’s just people on here from haven stirring (including you guys pretending to be town fans) . Surprised the admin lets it happen tbh?
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