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  1. You think having heard of TWP on a RL forum proves TWP are bigger than any other pro-rugby team in NA? Ooookay.
  2. Seattle Glendale San Diego Utah Austin New Orleans Houston Atlanta* Boston* * from 2020 There is also a team in New York starting next year too according to this www.rugbyunitedny.com/about/
  3. I don't watch American RU but look at their website if you want information... https://www.usmlr.com/ There are 7 pro teams with 2 more joining in 2020 apparently. All the teams are in the USA as well strangely enough.
  4. TWP haven't got a financial position, they are in hock to Argyle for $millions already.
  5. You shouldn't think quite so much. You're poorly equipped.
  6. You really think a RL magazine is the best source to go for a 'superb analysis of expansion'? As for Australia, if RL can lose spectators in the heartlands then it can lose them anywhere.
  7. Off to a better start? Have you any idea how many RU clubs there are in the USA and Canada, let alone actual players who were born and raised there? This is the sort of hyperbole BS I meant earlier.
  8. RU are putting huge resources into the USA and they have some very influential stakeholders with skin in the game. This paragraph was rather ominous...
  9. This is the wrong thread for my thoughts about the spectacle on the pitch. RL is not played in many places and it's really loved in even fewer places. The heartlands are the original home of RL and have carried the game in the northern hemisphere since 1895. When people stop going to watch RL there then you are navigating very quickly through the rapids in sh** creek. Teams in Toronto, Texas, Tangiers and Timbuktu will not help the heartlands. Hearts and minds have been lost for one reason or another and it is a very real and present danger to the future of the sport.
  10. I don't think I could say on this forum without being branded a troll to be honest. RL does not take kindly to any criticism.
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