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  1. I get it for free because I am (or was, I'm not sure now) in a 'vulnerable' group. Our surgery arranges a mass gathering of recipients on the same Saturday morning each October. It always coincides with the Scottish National Cross-country Relay Championships in the afternoon, an event that I invariably do badly in. I'm sure the vaccination has nothing to do with it.
  2. England has three lions/lionesses. Scotland has one (the Lion in the North - very GoT). As those two nations form the basis of Great Britain you can perhaps see where the British Lions comes from. Anyway, good to see England's defence holding out once more. I believe it's only been breached once.
  3. Seeing as the photo was taken prior to the first game, and the defence lasted until the final 16 minutes, I'll go with the defence. Next time, though, I'm going dressed as the guy I saw leaving the ground. He was in his late seventies/early eighties, dressed in a kilt, shirt, tie, jacket and a suitable bunnet - very smart - and was immediately surrounded by lots of very pretty, young French women wanting their picture taken with him.
  4. [Whisper it] I'm half-English. ? It's just that I've always felt strange about wearing sports kit where I haven't earned the right. If they sold a supporters shirt then I'd go for that. And I did by my wife's shirt.
  5. Sadly not, I'm the cheapskate on the front row who wouldn't fork out £47 for an official Scotland WC shirt, preferring a plain blue Adidas top at £16. I joked at the time that my wife had spent £30 for a badge. The laugh was on me when this image was spread across social media. ????
  6. Just back from France where we had one hell of a time, experienced the whole range of emotions associated with being a football supporter, before, perhaps predictably, being sent home "Tae think again". And it was all going reasonably well until the last 16 minutes of the group stages... Highlights:- Being at a festival of sport that highlighted and celebrated female excellence. Quirky accommodation in Nice, Rennes and Paris/Parc de St Cloud. The banter and the friendly rivalry and camaraderie between the Scotland and England supporters at the match and on the transit buses. Five Scotland goals, especially that goal by Methven's finest in the Japan game. Being photographed and used in SFA marketing/propaganda. Being mentioned in a BBC interview ? Lowlights/incidents/other:- Being bit by aggressive mozzies in Nice and Paris. VAR Paris public transport officials. A near six hour delay of the outbound flight (positive: €500 in compensation). Best bits:- That goal. The honour of supporting such an incredible group of women. The absolute best: being presented with the match shirt from the England game by a world cup footballer.
  7. On the disappointing viewing figures, they reflect the very low esteem in which the BBC is held in Scotland, especially amongst those the channel was aimed at ie those who want to watch content about Scotland, produced in Scotland, and/or from a Scottish point of view. Even those who have given it a chance say it has failed.
  8. Yes, it is a common part of everyday speech. There are a fair few words like that in Scots English that you wouldn't hear elsewhere. I was once informed by St Johnstone FC that I could "uplift my briefs" for a game I was attending up until noon of the day of the match.
  9. The irony of your statement being that Nicola Sturgeon is one of the least nationalist politicians of British politics, and leader of one of its least nationalist parties.
  10. No, in the case of ukip's Welsh Assembly members, people voted for the party not the individual. All were elected under the list part of what is called the Additional Member System. Voters choose a party not an individual, and if the party is successful then elected members are chosen from the party candidate list.
  11. I don't know about Gibraltar, but for the other three their better players will be playing in the Italian, Scandinavian and French/Spanish footballing systems I would think.
  12. And having your dreams completely crushed, time after time. But, yes, England do look extremely strong. The good news is that the main player we're going to see, Lana Cleland, someone we've known almost since the day she was born, came back from quite a bad injury for Fiorentina against Juventus at the weekend.
  13. A very strong team, but Scotland should have improved (hah! Where have I heard that before?). So, Nice on 9th June for the rematch.
  14. But I'm pinning all my hopes on the senior team - the women. Games in Nice, Rennes and Paris in the World Cup, and we've got tickets all the way to the final (if needed ?).
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