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  1. It would appear so but it actually isn’t given a council controlled covenant exists they stipulates it’s use as being for rugby league use.
  2. you can't counter anything. carter has the glassiest of glass houses, it infuriates me that he should attempt stunts like this, you're right, I'm angry. The good people of Wakefield are not being provided a stadium by the man but he wants to play games like this. his priorities are askew.
  3. 1- I've never dated Michelle Keegan, Carter has never been succesful in conceiving or delivering a stadium deal for his club 2- Wakefield do not have a confirmed lease or deal from next season on 3- Carter is blaming council and developers for that being the case 4- Carter is the Chairman of Wakefield and accountable at the end of the day for it's circumstances 5- Carter claims to want to invest in Odsal purchase for around £700K but hasn't made same offer to put up his own hard earned for the wakefield council deal 6- Bradford Council own Odsal. Anything else you wish to claim are not true please feel free, or counter claim any point above and make a valid argument in Carters favour by all means.
  4. He's just been involved for 5 years at Wakefield......ample time to get a solution sorted. The fact he hasn't been able to means either :- 1/ He isn't a good enough negotiator 2/ He has got the council offside 3/ He couldn't afford to buy it when he had the chance despite pretending someone told him not so....a rididulous statement from a supposed businessman of note. Who fails to to their own due dilligence and punts the future of a Rugby Clubs home on the word of some supposed knight in shining armour? Plenty points towards him being a chancer, but my reference to him being just that is his effort at shoving his nose into this issue. he saw an opportunity to cast doubt and aspersions over the RFL and the Bulls around Odsal, grabbing cheap political points in the wider SL v Champ LG1 clubs stoush. it's gutter stuff. He has not intention nor the means to "invest" in Odsal. it's pure " look at me I'm clever" school boy rubbish that has been a feature of his for a while. Very disapointing.
  5. MIchael Carter has a track record with negotiating, funding, planning and closing a stadium property deal , about as good as my track record for closing on a date with Michelle Keegan. The man is a chancer who is governing a club that to date is without a home base for next season due to his own failings in securing the most basic of essentials for a Pro Sport Club- A long term home that is fit for purpose. Carter blames everyone from council to the RFL to developers for his failings , but good operators find a way and use business acumen to find solutions. He has had years now and failed. Unless I am wrong and Wakefield have obtained a fit for purpose stadium and long term lease over the weekend? If Carter actually has £700,000 or more to spend on a stadium investment, why hasn't he offered that up to Wakefield Council as a down payment and be a real partner in advancing plans there? He obviously doesn't have it. Bradford Council own Odsal, the idea of them paying any attention to a chancer like Carter coming in and trying to secure the lease is laughable. Bradford Bulls should be given first option to buy the lease back from the RFL who should never have brought it in the first place.
  6. The idea that N Wood still has input and influence over such important aspects of our game is rather disappointing
  7. The Leagues club model worked very well in the 80s and 90s when slot machines provided massive profit for the clubs who then funded rugby league. This is no longer the preferred model of NRL clubs as the profits are no longer as large as they once were and the social problems associated with it obviously are not good.
  8. It’s a disgrace.the initial contribution was £500 from Capricorn security ..... the club is being unfair on supporters. Will every pound be spent on players or urgent bills that have no other means with which to be paid ? look at this logically , the club is admitting at best they don’t have £20k spare over and above budgeted running costs, think about that ..... no margin for error at all .
  9. Salford are buying time & leaking stories like this is aimed at no one other than the creditors hoping they extend their patience ( credit) for a few more weeks
  10. OH FFS he isn't going to try and re-brand his image via twitter is he ?
  11. Unfortunately Ralph was off on Holiday this week so that's not going to happen. One might think the RFL board would proudly display their new recruit front and centre of a press conference on announcing the result of a 6 month expensive recruitment process. Instead they shipped him off to the sun for a few days to ensure he wasn't present and not able to put his foot in his mouth in response to the huge critcism they knew their terrible appointment would attract. Very very shoddy stuff from the RFL board and Rimmer himself, doing nothing to rectify public and stakeholder perception that the closed shop remains firmly shut.
  12. unfathomable piece of negligence from the RFL board. 7 months to come up with one of the main influencers of the shambles we have had over the last decade.
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