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  1. I don't think you can replace Ford...Killer, yes with this new Olly guy, and Hankinson kicking. Maybe the players Leigh and Fev have signed fancied the M62 over the south of France. Who knows.
  2. Who are "bizarre Tolouse" ? "Toulouse Olympique", from last year, are missing Ford, Killer, Casti and Jy. They have some injuries but they've brought in new young blood so it can't be all bad, unfortunately there is not enough money for marquee mercenaries. I don't know how you quantify "strong" against "weak" squads. Is that something that can be done ?
  3. I read today that the rumours are that here in France the Vaccine pass will be made redundant on the 14th March.
  4. You are saying he is a coward then..fair enough. For what it's worth I disagree, I've only been part of his journey for 6 years, but I saw someone who could make a huge difference on the pitch and was not afraid to out his body on the line. I categorically disagree with with his antivax stance, but i would absolutely defend his right to that point of view. That to me shows his true character. His views coupled with the new French government rules has ruled him out. So be it. It's sad that the pass sanitaire will be redundant in the next couple of months but the likes of Ford and Kheirallah, will have been moved on, and it's up to TO to make the best of it without them. Oh, and looking at the level of referring this season, with the rules protecting players, nobody would be "targeting" him long after the 2nd game (if you had watched much of TO you would realise how much he has been targeted..he gets hit he gets up again) , not unless they want to spend 10 minutes in the sin bin... or worse... he would have shone. But, as I have said before, it's a moot point.
  5. Quite...why would he be still on the field clinging onto his baby water bottle whilst the big boys were getting on with the game?
  6. OK. not sure about that, my son was a water carrier for TO for the match and he actually did the water thing, with a proper water carrier. This bloke was carrying nothing. Just odd to me that people are allowed to pootle about the pitch whilst the game is carrying on.
  7. A question...and i've not watched a lot of SL over the last 8 years so be gentle...: During the match there was a little fat bloke in an Orange bib thingy who would run on at odd times and sort of hover around the back line for a few minutes whilst the game was going on, sort of like a 14th player...but not getting anywhere near the pointy end of the match. Similar sort of short fat bloke during the Giants match as well What's that all about ? What are they doing ?
  8. Something I hadn't picked up on before. Stefani SL record: Games Played 1 , Tries Scored 1 100% record is not a bad start to a SL career
  9. He had his best season by far last year. He was extremely fit and switched on, having Casty and Garbutt around him made him raise his game even more. He also brought more to the team than "just" a player. I doubt many SL supporters would have seen much Championship rugby, but when you watch a guy week in week out you get to know what they are about. Is he (was he) a SL player ? In my mind yes, absolutely. However, it's a moot point as we will never know now.
  10. Lots of improvement in that game, almost felt like a win to be honest. There is room for optimism. Paul Marcon's first proper game in nearly two years, his come back was hampered somewhat as he kept catching COVID. I mentioned Stefani pre season as one to watch and he hasn't disappointed so far. The game got a lot better when Pélissier came on in the second half. That Olly chap looks proper rapid. If they had the two disallowed tries stand it could have got even more interesting. Still, it's been a proper baptism of fire after a shocking start, so it can only really get better.
  11. That first Toulouse try was not awarded. No idea why, the referee was a bit vague on some of his signals. There was another TO try under the posts marked off in the 2nd half too. That Olly chap looks sharpish.
  12. Is it 7 GB internationals playing tonight? All playing for places in the WC. I I will be pleased if TO keep the points difference below 60.
  13. I have a question about the "cap", is it just salaries? or is other spending taken into account such as "undisclosed fees" for signing new players
  14. Better get a wobble on then... Still, it is early doors, and to be honest, they only have to finish 11th to stay up.
  15. No he didn't retire. Yes, he left the club. "By mutual agreement, Toulouse Olympique XIII and Johnathon Ford have decided to terminate the player's engagement with immediate effect"
  16. https://www.to13.com/a-la-une/breaking-le-to-signe-olly-ashall-bott/ Just need a half or two and a couple of props now
  17. They are fully aware of what they have to do and have been since they lost Ford and Kheiralla. If you have any suggestions where they are going to find quality players, who have been vaccinated, I can give you Sylvain's phone number.
  18. Is he vaccinated? Couple of really good players were mooted to be joining...not vaxxed though, so no chance. Shame, as the pool of potential players has become even shallower.
  19. Agree. It was flat. Didn't miss the euro fizz passing as beer but the food trucks that are normally there are excellent, we had to make do with a grissly mergeuz outside. Crowd was smaller than they they thought but factor in the French Ireland match and half term it was probably as could be expected. The match itself...well...I've not seen TO play that bad for years, when they played bad in the championship they got away with things. At this level they can't. Not finding touch with a penalty, knocking on in the 1st tackle, watching the ball in the in goal area, poor kicking from Gigot. The only plus was Guy, he didn't stop running. Missing the spine of the team, and a half that can control the match really showed last night. I though Fages was easily the best player on the pitch.
  20. I think some of that Toronto team are now playing for TO. Anyone who has had SL experience will bring something to the team, we saw that last season with Casti, Harrison, Garbutt et al
  21. Let's hope these French kids get a chance and prove the naysayers wrong
  22. Properly signed for TO last week. One to watch. Plus, he is under 30 and French...big Brucie bonus for TO
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