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  1. What about the players in super league who don't show up for World Cup qualifiers or euro games? You do realise that PI players, in both union and league travel around the world to play for their nations, often at their own expense! You say you don't blame players for not travelling over for games like that, fair enough I don't either. But at the same time I don't blame players for jacking in the game when they are jettisoned for a guy who puts his hand up for selection in the eleventh hour.
  2. You would think a game against a heritage Ireland side would be more appealing than the combined nations, even if it were just super league players.
  3. This is exactly it. If one of the heritage lads gets a spot in the starting side ahead of Ronan or worse yet he doesn't make the squad, I can't see this team being too popular in anyone's eyes. Ireland have to be very careful in how they play this, they've already ###### off fans (including me) with the GB saga.
  4. But you're risking alienating the players, that you know got us there in the first place. Players that put their hand up for selection everytime, without hesitation. Is the risk worth for blow ins who MIGHT put their hands up once every 4 years? I've already seen fans give out about Keary on the Ireland FB page, claiming he's taking a lads place who got us there. It's a tough call but NRL players playing for us does nothing for exposure here as not many even know what the NRL is. Whereas a local lad getting to play in the world Cup is exposing his friends and family to the sport of rugby league, you're potentially creating lifelong fans of the sport there.
  5. Then the team would have to be called NI and the heritage players would have to have NI heritage to qualify.
  6. May as well be given Ireland are randomly included in this too.
  7. How didn't it work well for the pro14? They gave a much bigger deal than what the league was realistically worth and allowed for games to be aired on free to air tv, thus allowing every single game to be televised.
  8. But NZ already does have problems selling tickets for internationals. It's only that the mate ma Tonga fans turn out in such force that they've been able to sell out games in a modest sized stadium. There were barely any actual NZ fans there.
  9. This. NZ is a tiny market that struggles to get people through the gates, just look at the crowds the Maori Abs got on the tour just gone. There is also the constant threat of soccer taking over.
  10. There seems to be an awful lot of supporting and not a lot of doing. How many games do you need see before a set in stone International calendar is put in place.
  11. Thanks, there is no way I'm missing this!
  12. Why do the Cowboys refer to the world cup as the "NRL world cup"??? https://www.cowboys.com.au/news/2022/03/10/i-would-love-to-one-day-represent-fiji-moceidreke/?fbclid=IwAR1lWyA80gq4kDfTT8qzEsnIh_9uEenpOkE6EnzcKth3XKxyMUMOL3922E0 "It is this strong heritage that Moceidreke says is why his dream is to represent Fiji at the NRL World Cup, just like his brother, Sitiveni."
  13. Also Samoan fans will welcome him back with open arms no matter what he does. PI fans support their players no matter who they play for.
  14. I'd be very interested to see where the NY team plan on playing, given the struggles the MLR side have had since they where formed.
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