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  1. I think the Samoan people raised 4 million (Samoan?) dollars for their RU team for the 2015 world cup, which is incredibly generous given the poverty that exists in the island. Nobody was ever held accountable for this money going missing. Unfortunately you get used to hearing these stories about the corruption with rugby on the islands.
  2. The club's are funded by local mayors who pour most of their town's budgets into their rugby teams. There is no way they would let a foreign team jump the que.
  3. I really have no idea why you think the Top 14 would let them in? They have 3 fully professional highly competitive divisions plus a semi pro fourth division and none of those teams would be willing to let a foreign team parachuted in ahead of them. The french do have a Swiss club in their leagues but they had to start from the very bottom, which is the 8th division I think?
  4. Doesn't look like he'll make it in the big time does it?
  5. But your're the one who keeps bringing this up? I talked about it once on this thread (Ireland RL that is, not the nonsense you keep bringing up) left it for days and then you and (a couple of others replied) and keep replying. Forgive me for not being ignorant and replying to peoples comments. You've then gone on about this rubbish, which you clearly have no clue about. Back to Canadian RL it is then.
  6. Oh ok, so if your'e born in NI, that automatically makes you British. You better tell that to the likes of James McLean, Micheal Conlon, Shane Duffy, Paddy Barnes etc etc. You do realize that nationalists who consider themselves Irish play for NI too... Neil Lennon received death threats for playing for NI from his own fans, he also wears the tri colour on his tracksuit every week with Celtic; he's a proud Irishman, just like MoN. "Just because you dont like it doesnt mean it's not true son". It never fails to amaze me the ignorance that some Brits have towards the NI situation.
  7. Oh no I got that don't worry. I was completely bewildered by this comment "Please explain Martin O'Neill being ROI manager. Please, do go on". I mean he does realize that you don't have to be Irish to be the manager? (not that MoN isn't a proud Irishman himself).
  8. Aren't you a ray of sunshine. Have a nice night.
  9. I think they are trying to implement that now yes.
  10. The RL team does use British players though... hence why Ireland is known as a heritage side.
  11. If you think calling it the British isles 13 is any more appealing to us Irish, then you are truly deluded on the whole situation. I'm not even going to go into your second point.
  12. The British AND IRISH lions team in union is a completely different story to the GB lions team in league. I'm not sure what you mean in your second paragraph.
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