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  1. If the NARL gets to a stage where it can afford to give foreign players a "one last pay day" it's a huge success.
  2. I see Quinn Ngawati is playing for RUNY in the MLR now. I wonder would he have any interest in playing in this comp. Return to the Wolfpack perhaps.
  3. I wonder why they are putting all the games on where there are still serious restrictions instead of somewhere like Texas or Washington, where you could have crowds? Unless Vegas are planning to lift some by June?
  4. "What does it mean for New York and Ottawa joining the RFL? That now won't be happening. Rugby League Live has been told the two franchises are '100% done with the RFL', and are solely focussed on playing a part in the growth and development of the new competition in North America." Didn't Ottawa just come out a few days ago and say they were planning on playing in both comps?
  5. But there will be plenty of gridiron players in this league given the standard, along with foreign and domestic rugby players... just look at the MLR.
  6. The sponsorship would be miniscule in the first season you'd presume. I wonder what the tv deal is given MLR teams are still paying for certain games to be on certain stations.
  7. The 300k would have to go towards coaches and admin staff too though doesn't it?
  8. Even if you did misread how could you possibly imagine it was 300k per player? I can see what people mean when they were saying the expectations for the league by some are getting out of control.
  9. Big mistake not showing it for free or at least letting international viewers watch it for free.
  10. I think you'd be surprised at the crowds at the smaller games in France. I remember them getting thousands to games in the u20 ru world cup for games between smaller nations. I can see them turning up for these games.
  11. Any chance of a reddit page being setup to help follow what's going on with the league?
  12. Well the Austin rugby league team has waaay better branding and name, so it has a huge advantage there. But the union side are bankrolled by a billionaire.
  13. As well as the MLR are doing or even better again? It's interesting to see what their goals are in order be sustainable.
  14. This is pretty much how it is in Ireland too. What can RL do to shake this imagine? I think having a certain amount of domestic players would help, but to be honest it's so engrained now it'll be tough.
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