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  1. Bizarre reply to a genuine question.
  2. Why would they play GSTQ though? They don't even use it for the commonwealth games, do they? In fact, officially Northern Ireland has no national anthem that represents just the North.
  3. Loads of Irish fans? If only the Ireland national team had loads of Irish fans... The problem isn't with Carney playing with GB, he definetly made the right move there with his career, it's the half hearted, insulting attempt to lump Ireland in with team.
  4. Except of course for the fact that Ireland's call is played as a neutral anthem...
  5. Yeah imagine people complaing about playing under another nations flag and anthem. How dare they. There isn't really any point in having seperate teams, the current one is made up almost entirely of English lads anyway. I'd imagine this is the only reason why Ireland was "included" in this.
  6. Don't think it's fair lumping Tonga in there when there are players turning down much bigger pay days in order to turn out for the mate ma'a Tonga. Again most sports fans can see the difference there.
  7. Just to add to your point, the majority of sports fans aren't complete idiots. They know when a team is a bit of joke and made up of players getting free gear and a holiday.
  8. I don't think you're quite grasping that the two terms are basically seen as the same thing over here. But yes agree to disagree. Back to polish rugby.
  9. You know yourself that team didnt represent southern Ireland. Hence why we still had our own separate national team... I think if he went on to have a good spell at Munster and avoided the disastrous 07 world cup with Ireland he may have been better celebrated here. But anyway back on topic.
  10. Get them behind somebody who plays for another national team? How did Brian Carney playing for GB go for spreading the game here in Ireland?
  11. Not sure where you are going with this? The poles barely play union here let alone league...
  12. This made the news here in Ireland on our biggest sports news app. It was funny reading the comments at the shock when people learned that we have a rugby league team (The Ireland league team was mentioned in the article). Good exposure for sure.
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