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  1. Yeah good points, any small minute chance this team had in respresting Ireland will always be squashed by the British media, who have always disrespected Irish sports teams and stars by claiming them as "British" (see Katie Taylor, Shane Lowry, Conor McGregor etc). The BBC and sky sports have been pulled up on this so many times now, I genuinely think they do it for click bait at this stage.
  2. Gosh that's depressing to see. He really is alone in this battle, as you'd be hard pressed to find anyone in Ireland that wants Irish players in a team called GB. The Lions in union are still to this day called the British lions by some quarters in the British media, so how he thinks there is a chance of getting the Ireland name tacked onto this is beyond me. Not that he should be even trying to in the first place.
  3. Brian Carney is just embarrassing Irish league fans and players at this stage. I don't understand his obsession with calling the team "GB and Ireland", when clearly they have no intention of branding itself as that. We should be distancing ourselves from this, not desperately clinging onto this nonsense.
  4. As a union fan it's sad to see union even being brought up in this thread after one of the biggest upsets in all forms of rugby. I love watching the PIs play so much, I couldn't be happier for Tonga.
  5. You need to be looking at high school and small college stadiums in NY as potential homes like what the MLR teams are doing.
  6. Not sure why 3k is considered a disappointing crowd in Suva. I would've thought they'd be pleasantly surprised by that?
  7. So there is a good chance that any one of those four could win...
  8. What makes NZ such a guarantee? They have only won one world cup outside of Eden park.
  9. Having multiple international windows every year is they key. I have to wait patiently for months and months to get a bit of international league so I can actually have a game to be interested in.
  10. I don't think that's the reason the game is doing better in France...
  11. There are already rumours of teams starting to break the cap, seems to be plenty of money being thrown about already. The fact that teams are signing players on multi year contracts is really encouraging too.
  12. *British and Irish lions. The Irish are actually recognised with the RU lions, unlike the GB league team.
  13. Does anyone know what kind of viewing figures the GAA is getting on Sky?
  14. Of course they don't when only one tier 2 nation has a chance...
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