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  1. Big difference taking naturally gifted players from Fiji than from other nations.
  2. The Canadian lads in the MLR are on pennies compared to the Wolfpack lads. The problem is the Canadian national union team has never been worse then it is now, the talent isn't coming through. The Wolfpack could have maybe took a punt on Jeff Hassler when he was let go by the Opsreys but it never even got to the rumour stage.
  3. Whatever the name I think Ottawa will be a success like the Wolfpack are. The NY team on the other hand will struggle to attract any sort of attention imo.
  4. Ottawa Irish would be interesting. If they signed a couple of the Irish lads from league 1, I'd defenitly keep an eye on them. They could even play some home games here when the snow is still there at the start of the season.
  5. Yeah no need to panic just yet, I think they will be tough to beat in Toronto. The problem I see is that there is simply no way the current fixture format is sustainable for the Wolfpack. You can't have your home games in an empty stadium across the Atlantic.
  6. Well I've watched my first ever games of SL because of the Wolfpack, I'm interested to see how they get on. They will definetly attract casual viewers to tune in.
  7. Yeah and they are in their 3rd year with no signs of stopping, in fact the league is expanding again next year with 2 more teams. Getting a few more bums on seats isn't what makes a league sustainable, sure numerous American football leagues have vanished despite having healthy attendances.
  8. Clearly something will have to be done. This can't go on every year.
  9. Yeah that would be the easy fix alright, still not ideal though!
  10. I don't see how the current setup is sustainable. Is there any chance of Toronto being able to play homes games in February/ March in Toronto in the future?
  11. This sounds really good but I worry that if teams don't have their best players available then it will garner next to no interest. Also I'd like to see Ireland spread some games around the country although I can't imagine that being possible.
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