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  1. I just hope its a smash hit, rammed with people, on a sunny day.
  2. I can't go, but I would love it. This is one of the big benefits of developing the International game for all true fans. Visit paradise and watch rugby league too. Heaven.
  3. Thanks Rup', I almost fell for it and got drawn into this one. lol.
  4. see the post above! Whose afraid of doing something imaginative or uniquely Rugby League?
  5. What do you mean by something uniquely Rugby League? Like not playing international matches? Either we want international matches or we don't. You can't say we want them but better not do it, because no-one will play in them or watch them. How do you propose to incentivise young players if Wales doesn't play International matches. What makes you think players won't play in them? We had a squad in the world cup and most recently we qualified for the next one. Most Welsh RL players (like the Tongans) would give their eye teeth to represent Wales. How do you know people won't watch? It would help if we let people know they are playing for a start, (marketing) instead of keeping it a secret. The Jamaican's funded their own travel to the West Indies, Wales Students funded their own travel to Student World Cups. How do you think the Greeks and the Serbs are doing it? You are sucking the energy out of these people's development efforts. Its a good job we have people who don't believe its a lost cause or Rugby League would be dead already. If you can't assist in the development, if you can't respect and support the people struggling to grow the thing, get out of the way, instead of pontificating about why it won't work. Its bad enough having to put up with the Ra Ra establishment putting the boot in, without having to overcome, our own fifth column killers on the inside.
  6. I'm disappointed in Ben Flower, for not turning out for Wales, but you can't ''force'' him to play. As a Nation, we have to pick the best blokes we've got (that make themselves available) and put our best foot forward. The blokes involved here deserve the right to represent Wales, if they are our best players, even if we can't compete with tier one nations. I like the idea of an international ''squash ladder'' where teams play others of a similar standard, (above and below them in the ladder) as a means of establishing their rankings in the world. It would make for competitive matches and all that that offers as a means of building the game in Wales. Then, I think it's a mistake to reward a player with a GB cap, if he refuses to represent his home Nation. To do so, insults everyone else here in Wales and officially undermines the credibility of any new National teams, the world over.
  7. "We only have the rest of this season and next before the new lower TV deal." How do you know that the new deal, will be lower?
  8. Thank God, Maurice was on this show, the pre-ordained ''agenda'' was negative negative negative. Maurice sensed it early on and did his best to turn the thing around. The host though, was determined to steer the conversation to Doom and Gloomsville. His general demeanor was like a Victorian undertaker shuffling along as he ushers the family to their places in the crypt. Save us from this ######. Haven't we got anyone with a cheerful disposition, a bit of vim and vigour to lighten the mood? He was suffocating, sucking all the joy out of the game.
  9. Where is ''our'' blueprint for increasing the total numbers of young people participating in amateur rugby league? Rather than paying some young lad, to ''have a go'' at developing our sport into new territories (even those close to existing clubs). Why haven't we got a master plan? A proven, efficient strategy for raising awareness and encouraging participation in new areas. Moving from school visits, including in-service teacher training, empowering teachers to continue when the DO has withdrawn, targetted College and University programmes, with the goal of establishing the game in Higher Education. Guidance to would-be new Open Age club founders. Providing links with existing clubs so that new clubs can ease their way into existence with friendly fixtures, before committing to a intensive league schedule. Co-ordinating the activities to create pathways for young players as they grow, with the ultimate aim of creating amateur clubs and embedding a self sustaining, RL community in a new area. ''We can't afford to employ Development Officers to do the work'' you'll say. OK, but we could (I hope) write the guidebook, so that willing enthusiasts, the world over, could use it to answer their questions, encourage them to get involved and provide an overarching strategy so that their effort isn't wasted trying to re-invent the wheel. Surely, between us, the amateur game, we could compile a rugby league development encyclopaedia, a history lesson perhaps, to enthuse new people to ''try'' and get involved. Bob Brown did it (created the organisation at Hemel Hempstead) not wrote the book, but perhaps he could contribute to the document, which could roll on, with contributions from anyone (Mick Hogan, Newcastle) and anyone else, who has achieved real success in this area. What if we had a hundred more Hemel Hempstead's in this country in the next 20 years? ''Earth calling Bob, earth calling Bob, come in Bob!''
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