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  1. I wish him a speedy recovery, its tragic to lose players before the season has even begun.
  2. Thank goodness someone cares for these god-forsaken people. Three cheers, for Dewsbury RLFC for their contribution and for the organisers of these charities.
  3. Yet another outpost, congratulations to all concerned.
  4. Well well, I was probably there myself. Small world.
  5. I'm not so sure that it will only be used late in the game, or that only the losing team will be tempted to try it. Really good field kickers will see it as a way of gaining 40 metres (and keeping possession, without hammering their own forwards) but, of course, they'll have to be confident they can pull it off. One of the ways of tempting players to try the unexpected is to offer a significant reward, for success.
  6. I prefer running to kicking too, but I do like a bit of colour rather than endless monotone
  7. This point might have been made earlier so i'm sorry if that's the case (I've not read the whole thread) but it will introduce more variety, and some novelty into the game and could act as a pressure relief mechanism for a team under the cosh in their own twenty, although attempting it early in the count, is a high risk strategy. It might also force the wingers to stay back (out of the defensive line) in case of a kick, which would make running out of defense with ball in hand less onerous. It could be good, I'm eager to see how it plays out.
  8. Congratulations to all involved. Please send updates when you can?
  9. I have no specific questions Tom, but if you could keep the forum posted with any new developments I'd really appreciate it. Good luck in all your endeavours and welcome to the family.
  10. What are IRL doing about the mess in Greece? It's deathly silent isn't it?
  11. My father showed me this picture when I was a child and told me that rugby league players were the finest rugby players on earth.
  12. It makes you realise, league people are all over the place. its just a matter of getting them involved.
  13. I merely asked, if there were any signs of activity in Ottawa or New York? Please tell me which ''terrible posts'' you are referring to? Do you mean posts I've created, or some that others have created? I'm happy to debate my own, if you'd care to elucidate? As far as I can remember, I don't think I've ever insulted you. Apart from the tedious and long winded repetition of points you made many times before (in great detail), I've missed you.
  14. Imagine 20,000 New Jersey people turned up. We'd have to refuse entry, or claim there was a mis-count, or that they were cardboard cut-outs, on free tickets! (Would the cardboard cut-outs need free tickets?) Anyway its just not right people from somewhere else coming to our games. Its pointless pretending they are really fans if they come from across the river, everyone knows that. So there you have it, I couldn't think of anything sensible to say but couldn't resist saying something daft. Something's better than nothing isn't it, even if it is salty tripe.
  15. I thought kevin ellis was a welsh lad, who played a few seasons for Warrington.
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