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  1. They average around 3k , and over 5k twice and over 6k once for big matchs in championship . Since they move To ernest wallon stadium they allready average one more k in the beginning of last season. In SL they will esealy average 6k the first season.
  2. Bergal plays for toulouse but had a long injury. He will be ok this year. Dezeria played for toulouse during 2 years but never show enough To be in the squad.
  3. No. Toulouse just want players good on and OFF the field..
  4. They all want To play in SL, but with toulouse. Kheirallah or Ford had many proposition with SL clubs, but prefer To stay in toulouse. Great city, good coach and strong ambition.
  5. Potentially then, because some of them prefer play for toulouse.
  6. The TO reserve team job is To give to the pro team new french player every year. And that what they do : jusseaume, marcon, ader, puech, marion, lima, sangare, etc.. next will be : pezet, Bouscayrol, Garcia... building for the future instead of buying antipodeans... it takes time To build. Dont want To be Toronto bis...
  7. SL needs citys like toulouse, newcastle, york, Manchester to be call SUPERleague....
  8. All the toulouse players want to go to SL . With toulouse : great city , great stadium, good coach, good way of life and strong projet in the short time....
  9. Superleague needs newcastle, york, london, bradford, Manchester, toulouse, To looks like SUPERleague.... then a good sky deal.
  10. 1/Leigh,wakefield,castelford,salford,warrington,huddersfield.... 2/London,york,newcastle,bradford,toulouse,Sheffield.... is 1or2 the super league Europe ?
  11. They share definitly ernest wallon.
  12. Why choose the best when you sure can have the worst... day after day, superleague is becoming a district league. Sad
  13. Sad day for rugby league...no ambition. Welcome To village league.
  14. Last season toulouse away win fev, leigh, york, bradford etc.. could be worse
  15. Should it be bizarre if they support an other candidat ?
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