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  1. You seem to know so much about toulouse… do you live there ?
  2. Ah ok ! I understand now : toulouse win this match because Fev were the best team…. I hope TO players appreciate how luckuy they were…
  3. You are joking isnt it ?
  4. Yes but what i like in rubgy league is To watch the match, not when he is cancelled. 80 minutes of pleasure and few beers whith my inglish friends....
  5. The trip To toulouse will not cost anything. Toulouse pay for all the clubs coming. Welcome and have few beers whith me after match.
  6. They where missing 8 players that day including 5 in the backline. And then loose 2 in the first 5 minutes. Finishing the match whith a pilier and a locker at center and Wing.
  7. In all your post, we can feel how match you like the french teams.... sorry to exist !
  8. Top players also get housing, car, insurance et lot more free.
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