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  1. Dont you have a club to support. Every word you say show that you dont like toulouse. Boring
  2. Shaumkel, peyrou , jussaume, Russel, white, armitage, paolo, bretherton all in the 17. Thé other not
  3. Jussaume 6/7 weeks, springer 1/2 weeks, belmas end of may , shaumkel 3/4 weeks
  4. MK lie To the club with a false pass . Under police investigation at the moment.
  5. Marcon, springer, hansen, belmas, peyroux ashall, shaumkel, are soon back in the game.
  6. No paolo , cunningham, Marcon, shaumkel, springer, pezet, vaivai, but 5 yung players from the reserve team .
  7. You should wait until the end of the ball before paying the musicians…
  8. TO were toulouse spacers at the beginning of the 2000’s
  9. Poor ? They were 9 points ahead whith 15 mn To go…
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