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  1. Why should toulouse play their home games away then ?
  2. Toulouse pays them a private plane way and back in the same day, plus Covid test for all that cost a lot for the club. Definitly chickens....
  3. This is your truth. Not the truth. take care of your club and respect the others.
  4. They have boyer, estrugas, garcia, lima, Bouscayrol, pezet, laguerre.. in the reserve team. 2 players coming To replace evans and reynolds. Armitage replace marcon.
  5. Toulouse also pay planes, hôtels and food for all the teams...
  6. Not the réserve team but the formation center
  7. I know that Manchester, liverpool, bradford Sheffield, york, newcastle, are major citys, but they are not in superleague, and this is exactly the problem...
  8. And then join this very exciting M62 village league that every broadcaster is going to pay a fortune To not miss
  9. Garcia, lima, pezet, Bouscayrol...
  10. Evans 28, bretherton 25, marion 27, puech 26, hansen 35, vaivai 28, white 32, peyroux 32, dixon 30, garbutt 31, sangare 22, paulo 33, pelissier 28, casty 35...
  11. They average around 3k , and over 5k twice and over 6k once for big matchs in championship . Since they move To ernest wallon stadium they allready average one more k in the beginning of last season. In SL they will esealy average 6k the first season.
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