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  1. Dion ayre played for wh today thou he received 2 match ban.
  2. more questions than answers me thinks.
  3. rough waters ahead for both clubs and the game in general , what is the future long term , the shinning light is a new stadium for me , thou between now and then is baton the the hatches down and navigate us through to calmer waters.
  4. news is hes signed for wh
  5. so town and dews to be relagated leigh up and wakefield down keighley deffo up as well.
  6. watched the barrow vs wh game , as soon as i walked into the ground the whitehaven fans where singing oh workington is full of shxt , oh i wanted to say something thou bit my lip , thou didnt see the alleged pint thrown thou a female steward was among their fans for awhile yesterday.
  7. 2 in from wigan on 2 week loan
  8. i have just suffered the train journey down from Workington to barra and believe me it wasnt easy wanky wanky workington was song quite a thew times
  9. The was one of the best days at DP for years , the result the weather and the entertainment after the game kept the crowd there for hours after the game , well done all.
  10. misses London / Batley /barrow /Newcastle
  11. 1st half killed us the 2 final kick plays resulting in 2 trys in the 1st half 22 nil down , thou a lot of positives in the 2nd half which bodes well in the up coming battles , so i have still got a lot belief we can survive the drop.
  12. A forward coming in from Whitehaven ive heard ?
  13. Jack croft from wakefield a 21 yr old centre for 2 weeks
  14. i heard this at the barrow game
  15. pmac


    game on the against Fax next sunday the 27th
  16. Curtis teare now that lad is direct , and hopefully we see him pushed inside as time goes on , a old vince fawcett style
  17. no hard feelings i disagree with you on this 1 , i am not saying he aint a good player but he isnt SL standards and if so who would he sign for running lateral and yardage is totally different , he is rangi chase mould very unpredictable
  18. No disrespect to lad , he is not SL were would you play him , he runs lateral so plz lets be sensible about this
  19. Why did we lose that 2nd half ?
  20. i couldnt put that any better marra
  21. its dry down here at the mo thou windy , but not to bad tbh
  22. will it be the 12th or 13th ?
  23. theyll be some big scores against us for sure ,its all about survival this season
  24. No nit picking or points scoring ,it was a good hit out for both teams a good crowd so both clubs happy with that ,as a town fan fairly happy a encouraged to see how fit and enthusiastic town were , a younger and less experienced than barrow and towns D was intense through the game ,any negatives was our discipline at times as this cost us any yardage advantages we made into barrows 20 , a concern was they made yardage down our both flanks ,hopefully CT will sort this in the coming weeks and months.
  25. Two great results away to WH were the 2 trys by ken Kerr game , and the 36 .10 drubbing 93/94 season after they beat us at home
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