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  1. Sounds like it’s an insurance issue, pandemic related, rather than being a bad idea per se. They had 260 people lined up for the try outs this weekend, gutted for them.
  2. I just think they’re a big club and without them it’s only really Wigan there to challenge Saints, which is a bit dull. If Warrington, Hull or Catalans (the most likely three) or anyone else for that matter stepped up and challenged for the title I’d be thrilled as it would liven things up no end.
  3. You must be looking forward to seeing them play in the new ground. Do you know how many fans are allowed in?
  4. Are any of you chaps (or ladies if there are any) going to the first game for your club? I’d be buzzing if I was, live sport is one of the things I’ve missed most since the pandemic started.
  5. I quite enjoyed Leeds’ poor form a couple of years ago but I want them back challenging now.
  6. It’s the best RL podcast around imho, for expansionists anyway.
  7. Do most people hate them? Anyway it’s just an MnM direct advert tailored to your search history, mine shows a load of trainers.
  8. How does promotion of the tournament in Australia affect ticket sales in England? Let’s face it 99% of tickets sold are going to be to people living here anyway.
  9. Yes of course, it will be in doubt until there’s an official announcement that it’s on.
  10. Listen to the chasing kangaroos podcast from a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Indeed, it’s not like Austin or Hastings set the NRL alight before they came over here, and nobody would say they haven’t enhanced the competition.
  12. 3 French, 2 Southerners, 1 Serbian and 1 Greek (not Aussie Greek or Serb) - # grow the game.
  13. It’s a reasonable distance to travel as well, for training after work etc, shows what a pull there must be.
  14. I don’t think anybody is slating Batley here @silverback, the point is more is a well run but small club like Batley, with relatively low crowds and limited facilities what the organisers, sponsors and clubs involved in SL want. If you did go up, what sort of attendances do you think you’d get?
  15. I think they should be in too, I’d lose interest if there wasn’t P&R earned on the pitch.
  16. If you expected them to be third after 5 games then good on you (I didn’t).
  17. Agreed there is a lot to like . I just don’t know if SL would like it.
  18. I‘m still hoping they go down this year.
  19. That’s what I was thinking, though in terms of SL profile it wouldn’t be great. Maybe they’d find a way to withhold some of Bately’s share of the tv money and award it to themselves as well.
  20. Cracking start for Batley, exceeding most people’s expectations. What would happen if they somehow win the Championship GF, would the SL clubs welcome them with open arms?
  21. I don’t think it was the whole point, but yes was one of them. If Toulouse go up and have 6 Frenchmen in their squad it’s still six more than would have been playing in SL otherwise. I do know what you mean, I just don’t think anyone can expect TO to play Frenchmen if they have other better options.
  22. While ideally they’d have more, surely they just want the best players available to them with whatever money they have available, and if they aren’t French then so be it. Would you question how many of the Hull KR team are from Yorkshire, or Warrington from Cheshire etc?
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