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  1. Noticed Catalans u19s beat Toulouse in there gf. Any of them players look like they could play sl in a few years.
  2. My argument would still be with these players they would be better than Morocco. But guess we will just have to wait and see
  3. You can find most of there player profiles on Nigeria fb or instagram pages
  4. Serbia have a good amount of heritage players it’s just getting them to play small nations is the problem
  5. I know muizz mustapha. Sadiq adebiyi and doro are Nigerian plus a few in the champ and sl academy’s then you have Jason saab and okunbor in the NRL and a young fb at parra, komolafe.
  6. I’d have Nigeria over Morocco. They have a lot of players in sl and a couple in the NRL
  7. Payment at the Aj bell is dead money at more lane they will make a LOT more than they do now. There is ways of getting money for certain people to extend moor lane. Right now no one really knows what will happen.
  8. Moor lane isn’t a bad little ground and from the people I’ve spoke to they reckon you could get to 8-9k. With more corporate felicities. As a Salford fan I’d be happy if we could get something like that. It alll comes down to money though so we will have to see.
  9. Think I’d have springer in the bench over navarrete and hopefully Joe chan at 11.
  10. Surly Joe chan should be in the senior squad aswell
  11. Like to see Fabre and lancas? End up at a super league squad
  12. Heard a rumour that Toulouse are after Elijah niko from Union. Think shaul will be a good pick up for them.
  13. Toulouse really need to try and get a couple of these lads in. Super league quality players.
  14. They potentially have 2 quota spots that they need to use. I’ve said before if I were them I’d go for escare to replace kheirallah( if he goes) and use the spots to get a prop or 2.
  15. For me wells and luckley will get a spot on the bench. Both could be in for a top season.
  16. Not suppressing as that game was played when no crowds were allowed in.
  17. If jossaums out for a while I wouldn’t be surprised to see laguerre or romano head there on lone. Also hope springer isn’t far off hoping for a big season off him
  18. Interested to see how Benjamin leaguerre goes, looks like a real talent
  19. Albert and gigot in the half’s then. Wonder what position they’d use the quota spot on, I’d go with another prop.
  20. Robin Brochon Played well and Florian Vailhen looked a lot more mobile.
  21. This is far from ideal. But we if played right they could be ok. For me if I were them I’d be looking to sign escare from Salford to cover fb and use the quota spot to sign a prop. I’d also be looking to take the likes of seguier and Jillian on lone.
  22. Wouldn’t be surprised to see escare end up there.
  23. Serbia could make a push for the main comp with a couple of there heritage guys available
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