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  1. Sorry for this, but some perspective is needed. This is like the RL mouse and RU mouse each with a scrap of cheese in the corner of the kitchen arguing which scrap is bigger, while the soccer mouse devours the whole block of cheddar. EPL get 1 billion a year from Sky alone, not including BT ,or overseas etc. Divide 1 billion by 40 million and you get 25, or by 30 million and get 33.33. So Sky give football each year money that'll keep RU in business for 25 years and RL for 33.3 years, sad but true. So neither rugby code is exactly coining it in.
  2. espylacopa eht fo nemnug si edosipe tseinnuf eht eveileb yllautca I
  3. " prove yourself " in Sky - Talk simply means ratings, it's that simple, that's what any tv company wants. Ratings may have increased lately but clearly not enough to satisfy Sky. With the WC this year they want to see if there's a ratings bounce in 2022. If there is then great, but if not , if ratings stay static then 2023 might see difficult negotiations with Sky.
  4. Lampard sacked !! WTF Amazing decision, I can only assume that Tuchel being available was a factor.
  5. I think there is some effect on Hull/ Wigan etc when the football clubs were in the Premier League. Attendances rose at the footy clubs, most of the increase was no doubt fairweather fans of the football clubs coming out of the woodwork. But crossover fans of both codes who rarely if ever went to the football probably became enticed to go to a match as an " event" to taste the glamour without caring too much for the game, and it's expensive going to both.
  6. I have listened to Big Finish Melanie Bush / McCoy stories and she isn't too bad in that, but season 24 doesn't do much to showcase her undoubted talents. But I can't imagine any actress making Mel work, the character is just a pain. Dragonfire was good and Delta was quite entertaining. Luckily I don't have a bluray player or I'd be spending loads too.
  7. I'd like to share a dream i had as a teenager, it was horrific and I still remember every detail. I was living at the parental home, my father downstairs and I was in my room at about 7pm. I had a headache and had a lie down in the dark of my room, I was on top of the bed with my head resting on a wooden chair next to the bed. Then suddenly all my teeth fell out, the whole lot of them, and blood poured out of my mouth covering the chair. I woke up! And found myself lying on my bed with my head on the chair,my mouth ached, I screamed, my dad ran upstairs. What happened was that I fell asleep resting my head on the chair, and dreamt that I was on my bed resting my head on the chair. Dreaming exactly the same situation I was really in, except for the teeth falling out. The horror was not immediately realising that I was now awake and the teeth falling out with my head on the chair was a dream. I am now 60 and over the years have had a similar dream on many occasions, my teeth falling out, though not ever again in quite the weird circumstances of the teenage dream. And guess what, I have only about half my teeth left in my head, a premonition of the future perhaps.
  8. Any way of logging out on mobile? I'm not logged in on my tablet but on my phone I can't seem to get out!!
  9. Being an old fogey myself I'm interested in this new thing Walking Football for over 50's. I don't know if walking RL would work.
  10. He's on the coaching staff, and he must be doing something right judging by their improvement defensively this season.
  11. Who is doing quite well at Aston Villa. The point is more people would recognize him in the street, even in RL heartlands than RL players, that's probably the idea, high profile sports player to pull in casual fans to RLWC. We complain about lack of awareness, well now many more are suddenly aware.
  12. .I understand your points John, maybe I'm just an old fogey, who BTW is a fan of 70's/80's tv generally, but a lot of us older fans have a problem with the current version of the show. The imagination going into the stories are great, the fx terrific, the preachiness is a tad OTT but of course the original show had this sort of political undercurrents in stories such as Green Death, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, and Monster of Peladon, but the story was the main thing, the message was not all consuming, but this isn't the issue . The characterisation of The Doctor has altered drastically, gone are the days of the mysterious and unknown traveller turning up on various planets, helping out with companions in awe of the adventures they were having. Now the Doctor is the saviour of the Universe, a legend, armies turn back at the mention of The Doctor. Companions like the dreaded Clara , egocentric who fit in their travels with the Doctor in between their boring personal lives, that apparently the writers think we are all interested to know about. Also classic aliens have been revived and ruined IMO. Silurians, Ice Warriors, and omg the Cybermen, now devoid of any character, just emotionless robots. The Cybermen of Earthshock might be a bit too emotional, but you were reminded of the fact that remnants of people were inside the metallic casings. The Sontarans have now been turned into figures of fun. The Master a brilliant creation realized by Delgado is now a panto villain. Has new Who brought back any classic element and improved it? Oh well, I'll watch it , because it is STILL better than most other rubbish on tv in science fiction genre, I just hope Blake's 7 my other love isn't revived, that would be too much.
  13. I started this thread and I.love the show. Classic Who is my thing and I've probably seen every episode a dozen times. As for the new series started 2005, well I've watched every episode and have the dvd box sets, and enjoyed the first four to five years, but it has increasingly become a slog to get through it all. I'm halfway through Whittaker's second season so haven't watched the recent special, but am not expecting much. A good gauge is the Planet Mondas forum, like TRL forum, run by diehards, committed fans of the show. The most popular score that the recent special got on their poll was 0 yes 0 out of 10. The ratings compared to other shows on at the same time are not bad, but this is still the lowest rated Dr Who festive story to date ,half of even Capaldi's last one which wasn't so long ago. I'll reserve judgement till I see it, but the show is slowly dying IMO.The xmas special is certainly no longer a must see family event.
  14. Stratford Station taxi rank is great, always plenty of taxis. What's your favourite taxi rank ? Yes, it's RANK THE RANKS ! Perhaps the Rank Organisation have lovely taxi ranks, but which is best ? Rank Rank's Ranks.
  15. Rank cereal box cartoon characters. Tony the Tiger for me....he's GREEEAATT
  16. As much as I do like a good game of footy, it's gone a bit soft, not necessarily the players fault, but the rules breed the modern day players not exactly robust. AFL players could make the switch. Perhaps even college American footballers that don't quite make it could be a source of talent.
  17. As a Londoner I know the city well, and if this was a move from a nothing area to a groovy hip location it'll make sense. But it isn't and therefore it doesn't. Broncos rent money supplied in part by fans goes towards strengthening Wimbledon squad ......hmmm, not sure. It's a long term plan and if Broncos establish themselves as a SL team and build a growing fanbase then it'll be okay, a shrewd piece of planning, but it's a big IF.
  18. That's a good question, but as they have advised their fans to follow The Arrows they at least aren't too hopeful of rising pheonix like.
  19. No disrespect to the Sheffield United players, but they can really only play the Chris Wilder way. They're simply not good enough to play expansive football, so a new manager would have to be given funds for new players in January, if not they may as well stick with Wilder.
  20. PSG needed nothing tonight to top the group other than a win. Goal difference is irrelevant in United's exit or PSG topping the group. PSG beat Leipzig 1-0 at home and lost 2-1 away, therefore winning head to head on away goals. If PSG lost tonight 25-0 United would still be out, and a narrow 1-0 win and they'd still top the group.
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