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  1. Is there a timeline for when we will find out the final gradings?
  2. https://twitter.com/battletache/status/1633213183459487745?s=20
  3. On your PS - RLU have two posts on Instagram, one of which is a video with a song in the background and lyrics on the screen reading - ‘break away from everybody, break away from everything’… I think it’s fair that RLU see themselves as a breakaway! https://www.instagram.com/reel/CocgYcXg7aE/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  4. Interesting that they appear to manage almost exclusively boxers…
  5. Looks like this is the Championship Rugby League guys again… appears they will do anything for a bit of publicity, e.g. recently claiming they had taken over the running of the game in the US, which was quickly refuted by IRL
  6. Oh wow I completely misread the title! Makes much more sense now
  7. I’m struggling to understand what this means, but maybe I’m just being thick… Broncos will no longer be number 1 in London implies someone else will be number 1?
  8. 100% agreed on this - Amazon were so surprised by the Welsh language rugby viewing figures on S4C that they took the rights themselves and broadcast the recent autumn internationals in English and Welsh. I’d imagine this has left a gap for S4C that WRL could try to fill
  9. I live between Arsenal tube station and the steps up to the stadium. About an hour before the match I had to check I hadn’t got the kickoff time wrong as it was so quiet outside the front door. Even compared to a midweek Arsenal cup match it was quiet. I struggle to believe there were 40k there…
  10. You can buy club level seats on the website - £96 for blocks 59 and 66 I think the Premium Seats that are listed are club level as well, just closer to half way - £132 for blocks 60, 61 & 64
  11. So are they all just Union players? Or is there domestic women’s League?
  12. Agreed - I can see the entrance to The Emirates from my front door, you wouldn’t know a World Cup quarter final is going to be hosted. Literally tens of thousands of Arsenal fans walk down my road on a match day… seems like the lowest hanging fruit of advertising
  13. This may have already been covered, but I’m not scrolling back to find it… Who are the most likely pairing for the Emirates semi final? I live basically next door to the stadium, just trying to gauge what tier of ticket I can justify
  14. Not sure this is right… a quick search gave me Daly Cherry-Evans as top paid NRL player on AUD1.2m, which is less than £700k. There are at least 10 union players paid more than this - all of the players in the ‘top 10’ lists I found were on £750k upwards.
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