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  1. The NARLs broadcast deal was with SportsFlick who are now not operating…
  2. But how do you account for differences in citizenship rules across countries? Taking extreme examples, you need to be resident in Lichtenstein for 30 years to get citizenship, whereas for Malta, Montenegro, Cyprus, you can buy it. All using citizenship does is creates an uneven playing field. I don’t mind how Union does it - birth, birth of parents, birth of grandparents, or 5 years residency. Maybe residency could be longer or you could drop grandparents, but concrete rules across all countries is better than citizenship IMO
  3. What? The America’s Cup is called that because the first winner was a Yacht called America… in a race around the Isle of Wight. Nothing to do with the location if that is what you’re suggesting
  4. Would Barry be close enough? There is Jenner Park which is a 6k capacity ground there
  5. Yeah I was reading it as a fraction ie 4 out of 5, not 4 or 5
  6. Sorry, maybe I’m being stupid but 4/5 what? I see 16 teams there…
  7. It only mentions two, no? National Speedway Stadium and Manchester Regional Arena. What is the third?
  8. You’re right, it’s probably semantics. I just don’t think the level of athlete between USARL and NARL has changed substantially. Delaware have been losing by a similar amount to other USARL teams regularly in past years for example
  9. I’m talking exclusively about NARL, not denying that it happens in Super League or NRL. Also not denying that they are the guys that need to be signed, only saying that calling the NARL ‘union’ signings top athletes would be wrong
  10. Agreed completely, but describing them as ‘top athletes’ is disingenuous - they aren’t. They are former semi-pro union players. There may be some good or very good athletes among them, but I don’t think you would describe even the standout MLR players as ‘top athletes’
  11. Sorry, you’re wrong. The entire thing has been cancelled. https://www.rugbyleagueplanet.com/2021/06/05/the-north-american-rugby-league-cancels-debut-season/
  12. I’m not sure I would describe any of the Union players brought across as ‘top athletes’, mostly they have been MLR squad players at best, some of whom never even made a regular season appearance.
  13. Not sure if you’ve heard, but NARL has been cancelled…
  14. Looks like he coached Huddersfield Uni RL team as well, but I don’t think that amounts to a proven track record
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