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  1. He’ll have seen what has happened to T-Rex and is trying to save his ar se
  2. Has it been confirmed anywhere that Sale wouldn’t allow Salford to carry on as tenants if they did manage to buy the ground?
  3. Hmm, fair point, I suppose it is a bit chicken and egg - how do you develop a fan base without people who know/play the sport, and how do you attract people to play the sport without the high level spectacle to engage them. I get the feeling that more sports go the grassroots->pro route than pro->grassroots. Are there any other sports that have successfully built a following in the same way that NARL is trying to?
  4. Quote - ‘If you don’t pay them, you’ll get hardly anyone to training and the games aren’t as flash.’ Not a ringing endorsement for the growth of the game at the amateur/grassroots level...
  5. The image in the (now deleted) tweet that was published was of an indoor facility, which I think is the reason for the question
  6. Are Derby Elks the same as Derby City? I played there as a kid, when they shared a ground with Derby RUFC. I think they folded half way through a season and then re-emerged later.
  7. Shame, feels like a bit of a step back in terms of grassroots development
  8. Deliberately selective quote, clearly said they should wait until next year if they feel this number of teams is needed.
  9. So I don’t have the right to be critical? The mystery figure behind NARL is all-knowing and decisions shouldn’t be questioned or debated? Ok.
  10. That doesn’t mean anything, but I’ll show you what I mean. One reason why I think that NARL is a good idea done badly is that they’ve started with too many teams. What is the point of 6 brand new teams all playing and training in Vegas? There is no local community involvement at all, no chance to generate hype or fans, or engage local talent that can’t get to Vegas, or do any grassroots work. Even if you want to start them, do it next year when they can play in the city they’re representing. I wouldn’t bother - start with the one conference, with double the budget. Then you have somethin
  11. An idea can be good in theory but executed poorly!
  12. That is all well and good, but if people think ‘wow it’s pro’ then watch a game and it’s park standard then they aren’t going to engage with it. It’s fine that we on here know that it’s all just hype, but we aren’t who this league has to attract, which is someone who hasn’t necessarily engaged with the sport before. (Union comparison alert) I've seen people complain about MLR not being professional enough because of standard of commentary, or poor camera work, and the amount of resources they are working with is vastly higher spread over fewer teams. It just feels like NAR
  13. I mean, each of the West Conference team websites describes the team as ‘pro’ or ‘professional’, so they kind of are EDIT: And the NARL Facebook about section says ‘A new professional league based in North America. Launched in March 2021’
  14. Not at all, skeptic from the start. Just sharing news and tempering expectations.
  15. The DoR is going to be based in the UK as well, apart from during the school holidays... https://everythingrugbyleague.com/morrison-says-recruitment-is-his-number-one-priority-at-cleveland/ Feeling less and less professional to me as time goes on
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