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  1. Won't happen as nobody would watch it, people prefer a match with some atmosphere.
  2. Parksider "conveniently" omitted to mention that £18m is over the lifetime of the current TV, around £4.2m per year is right. Channel 4 had revenues of just under £1billion last year, so £4.2m for 30 weeks of coverage is not an illogical figure. Many people don't realise Channel 4 is publically owned with it's own charter, kind of like the BBC but with advertising. Part of that charter is "to deliver high-quality, innovative, alternative content that challenges the status quo". I can see how weekly broadcasting of a RL league competition is compatible with that as no other national terrestrial channel has done it since the 1970's. Sadly I doubt they will get Francis Rossi to do the commentary though.
  3. This could just as easily be good news for Elite 1 clubs. It's not the best players, it's the best juniors. 90% will not make the grade but will end up having been exposed to an elite level skills, training and performance structure which will make them much better players for Elite 1. It also gives young kids in the areas of the clubs a very good reason to take up RL in the first place. The big clubs take all the best players and run down the smaller clubs argument has been going around in RL for over 100 years, in reality it can and should be be a mutually beneficial arrangement.
  4. Similar experiences to my own, although in Leyland there are quite a few of us scattered around. Living in a non-RL town has given me a greater appreciation of the game and also instilled a certain fortress mentality to defend, support and promote it whenever I can.
  5. Wigan have been the most successful Academy club and I believe Wigan and St Helens are the only 2 clubs to have been ranked as "outstanding" each year by the RFLs accreditation system since it commenced in 2013.
  6. If it does go to C4 there will be wider commercial sponsorship benefits. I wonder how much of this interest is down to the publicity the likes of Toronto and Tolouse have brought to the competition?
  7. Leuluai somehow manages to be both an overseas and a NFT player for Wigan. Hamlin might well be gone from the Wigan list before the season is out, which would leave just 3 overall in both categories (Sammutt, Leuluai, Isa).
  8. I understand Rangi Chase will be making his debut for Doncaster, could be interesting.
  9. Players were "tied" to clubs pre the Bosman ruling, so a transfer fee was often the only way to sign them. That meant the selling club had the upper hand, often the money would come from wealthy sponsors, or a player would go to the other club in exchange, so a £50k fee might be £25k cash plus a player. Looking back it was a very restrictive structure and rather like being indentured. At the risk of lighting the fuse, the Bosman ruling is something that came from the EU...dives for cover...
  10. Borough Park, Blackpool, had a dog track round it. Could be wrong, but I think it still operated for a while after the club left. Owlerton Stadium was the Sheffield Eagles venue mentioned above. In the 1940's, greyhound racing was the 2nd most popular spectator "sport" in the UK, second only to soccer. It's in danger of extinction these days though due to numerous issues including major animal welfare problems. Although its image has been improved, much of it driven by online gambling companies, it still might easily disappear entirely.
  11. Bloody hell, forgot all about the Scorpions! They are going pretty well and have a junior set up as well as open age, play a mile or so from where I work. They have got a player on the Lionhearts tour to Jamaica at present.
  12. The game is still alive in the town at an amateur level, Blackpool Stanley play in NW division 5.
  13. Don't forget Chorley Chieftans and Chorley Lynx! I followed all the Chorley/Preston versions as my 2nd team and have some very enjoyable memories of the club in all its guises. Was very a sad moment when they finally folded for good https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chorley_Lynx On the plus side there is now a growing amateur club, Chorley Panthers who are developing year on year. They were recently awarded significant funding of around £180000 from Sport England and the RFL 2021 legacy fund to build a licenced clubhouse and facilities which will be a huge boost to the club. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2304522099623603&id=780137052062123&anchor_composer=false
  14. 5.30pm. Amusingly, there is a link to buy tickets.... https://www.rugby-league.com/tickets ...and it doesn't work. The 1895 5.30pm kick off time is shown in the CC ticket link. I assume the finalists are going to have to pay for the CCF and get their own game "free".
  15. Web version, usually bang up to date. https://www.rugbyleagueontv.com
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