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  1. Nobody knows until the terms of the new EU-UK trade deal is agreed, until then everything is pure speculation. There is also the inceasingly likely prospect of the UK simplifying immigration and employment rules for non-EU qualified people. At the moment there are too many variables to make any decisions regarding the impact on overseas RL players coming into the UK. The same also applies to the British players at Catalans and Tolouse of course.
  2. As many people have pointed out, it more or less was the England team though. Some more detail here: https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/shaun-wane-set-to-be-new-england-rl-coach-1-10234098
  3. Bennett had to go after that tour and Wane is the only serious option if we want a full time coach, which is a sensible move given the two huge tournaments coming up. He also knows Super League inside out, unlike Bennett. A good choice in my opinion.
  4. On the Hill incident Terry started with "it's a sin bin for me" and ended with "the referee had nowhere else to go" when the red card came out. Bill Arthur at the end of the game described it as "At times dour". They seem to have no idea what's going on at times.
  5. Tolouse v York on tomorrow at 5pm, excellent.
  6. All sports, including soccer, are rife with sponsors which could be considered unethical, RL is no better or worse than others. At a sport comparison level I thnk we are morally at least around average for sponsorship brands. I do however agree that Cash Converters is an embarrassment, I rank them on the level of pay day loan companies.
  7. Agree, a complete non-story which is only being latched onto by the regular miseries who are determined to talk down the sport. BetFred won't mind the free publicity in the slightest and Batchelors will probably be happy if SBW takes similar umbrage with mushy peas: https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/batchelors-peas-renews-partnership-with-betfred-super-league-for-2020/
  8. Updates here: https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/live-rugby-league-transfer-news-3772757 Betfred doubling their MOM payments next season to £500 with half going to Rob Burrow and half going to Mose Masoe.
  9. And like any family, some elements of it are dysfunctional.
  10. Now that the groups are known they need to allocate games and dates to specific stadiums plus pick the BBC1/2 games, all that will take a few weeks to sort out.
  11. Friends of Jamaican Rugby League gets my vote. I'm up for regular donations to help other clubs and competitions, although if that happens we might need to become Friends of World Rugby League or similar.
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