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  1. Amongst other changes: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/sep/22/nrl-to-trial-drastic-rule-changes-in-final-round-of-2020-season Scrums will only be for knock-on's. Offside will be a re-start is. Not a fan of the video review on every referee-awarded try, erodes the referee's authority too far in my view as it actually takes an element of running the game out of his control. Be interesting to see what impact the scrum change in particular has on our own trial of it, suspect me may go the same way next year.
  2. Australia only went metric in the 70's so plenty of the commentators will have been school kids under the Imperial system.
  3. The Imperial system survives because it's continually promoted into our lives, often for commercial reasons. For example: Dieting, a major part of modern culture. Whether your selling a diet or bragging about your success, losing 4.4lb sounds much better than losing 2kg. The Americans, they still use gallons, miles etc and we absorb vast amounts of their culture - whether it's watching TV shows or kids wanting a quarter pounder from McDonalds. There is also the little Britain view that the metric system has to be inferior, because it's foreign and we didnt invent it.
  4. The injuries are just as prevalent in the NRL from what I can see. The number of games won't be reduced in SL as the clubs all repeatedly say they need the money. You could limit a player to making say 20 appearances in regular season games I guess, but the smaller squad clubs would complain. Until we stop being such an overwhelmingly club driven sport it'll never change.
  5. He has no legal obligation to pay the players, the TU have openly said this. He is NOT the owner of the club but is saying he will buy the club and pay the wages if you let us into SL21. That is not blackmail, it is simply a business proposition from a prospective new owner. Blackmail would be if they were in SL and he was using this strategy to keep themselves there. What you are proposing he does is the equivalent of someone buying a business in administration and paying off all its debts. That is a nice idea but not how reality works. There are a lot of very real pros and cons to Wolfpack, but you're out to lunch with this particular argument.
  6. It's only available to home season tickets holders, they get sent a code to use via email. Same for all SL games live on OurLeague.
  7. TWP weren't "looked on quite favourably" at all then, they were just the team who ended up as beneficiaries of the RFL being skint and hedging their bets? The 1930 Wembley final was the worst attended, agree the Catalan's one was poor though and quite probably the only one held there to lose money.
  8. Sponsorship income may have been affected by several factors, such as when the monies on deals are payable, any shareout following the SL "divorce" from the RFL on joint deals etc. Does seem to skim over sponsorship revenue challenges in the notes though.
  9. To be fair, he was directly responding to someone saying exactly the same thing the other way. My understanding is that TWP say they will talk to all creditors, presumably pay some in full and offer other's a compromise. They cannot simply refuse to pay creditors. Or do you mean they owe the RFL money? If so, imagine they will have to pay all of that.
  10. I think the Australians called it a squirrel grip first, so we have simply imported it. Squirrels in Australia have been eliminated as an invasive species, perhaps that (along with the more obvious nut reference) is why they use the term.
  11. This option has been in place for quite some time now, sensible contingency planning.
  12. I don't know if there is open division, but some nations are/were apparently not happy with the existing governance, hence the letter from (allegedly up to) 9 nations calling for a review. Lee Addison and Carlo Napolitano on the Rugby League Europe podcast talked about it at length a few weeks ago (Episode 7). Hopefully any discontent is going to get sorted now.
  13. I can understand they want the attacker to drop the ball (pardon the pun), but it's just plain weird and rather embarrassing behaviour. Surprisingly, it appears 5 matches clearly isn't a deterrent, double it to 10 and it'll stop.
  14. I do agree with your point in general and it's a chance to support the competition, but in this instance £25 seems overpriced for a cap. The official England soccer store has caps from £8-£22. The England rah-rah store has caps from £8-£23. I'll hang on until some of the nation specific teamwear comes out. England and Jamaica for me.
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