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  1. https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/rugby-league/news/executive-chairman-robert-elstone-leaves-super-league-role_437809.html?newsnow This is an interesting sentence: Rugby league officials have also come under pressure to reunify the game by the Government, who have made a total of £28m available in loans to offset the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Sent off an email to the RFL pointing it out, I know they do read them but when is another matter. The automated response tells me it may be several days before they respond, that this is not a refund email box and suggests I might wish to sign up for OurLeague.
  3. Maybe it's time to introduce age verification on this forum, a child could very easily click on that link.
  4. Oh dear! Can't blame Robert Elstone or Super League for this clanger!
  5. I don't think the NRL or Elite 1 are linked to them either. Somebody needs to do something to stop these people!
  6. It's not the fault of ERL, IRL or England RL, it is SL and NRL who call the shots. The fact England RL play so few games is primarily down to those 2 organisations. England's 1 game in 3 years ignores the GB tour, which was basically 90% England players, and 4 games were lost last year (3 Ashes plus a warm up) due to the pandemic which destroyed everyone's international calendar.
  7. Referees are subjected to huge abuse now, I think an ex-player would be subjected to far worse levels from "fans". The "He always hated us and cheated when we played them" brigade would have an absolute field day. I am amazed so many referees stick at as long as they do, I admire them all for it.
  8. If you play 5 games per weekend you don't need to reduce the number of TV games as only 2 are televised so there is no drop in Sky funding. It does however mean fewer cash generating home games (when fans are allowed). SL has deliberately hamstrung the last 2 teams to be promoted by withholding or cutting their central funding to share amongst themselves and also through other actions. So there is strong evidence to support that argument. He is focusing on England winning the WC because the article is about the impact of SL fixture structure on their chances, it is a very valid and t
  9. Too many games in too short a period to satisfy short term cash demands. I'd have liked a 20 league fixture game limit for players this year to help the WC preparations.
  10. It also says the CRL are "extremely excited" by the CCCRL competition. They are not a rebel group.
  11. Nines can be played over a compressed period, potentially the 2022 comp with 6 clubs could run over 2 weekends for example, you cannot do that with thirteens. That, along with a single city venue in year 1, significantly reduces financial risk while they become established as a league. Not sure what they have planned, but the NRL are looking at nines again as part of their growth strategy, as do several developing nations, it is a good tool if used properly.
  12. Nice to have such a positive Canada story, hopefully it comes off and is a great success. Like that they are targeting Toronto as location for the 2022 starter comp.
  13. Some great tries in the St Esteve Carcassonne game.
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