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  1. Sounds a good idea, although played in late spring or end of season June sunshine alongside a womens comp might be better for attracting fans, sponsors and corporate etc.
  2. Scrap the Grand Final and Sky will knock another couple of million off their next TV offer. It's a historical RL institution, provides a great ending to the SL season and is rarely a poor game. Thankfully the people running the game realise this. The constant tinkering with the playoff system does slightly irritate me though, the original SL top 5 was the best for me.
  3. Worse than 62-10 in 2002? I seriously doubt that will happen again in living memory. Problem with Ferguson is he is a winger and as an ex-Kangaroo will be after a big contract, which is why no NRL club is signing him. 31 year old wingers don't win competitions, never have. Yes, he would be a serious cult hero in SL I am absolutely sure, but no British club will have the salary cap space he will be after. 2022 is a dog eat dog year if the rumours of a 10 team SL in 2023 are true, an expensive winger is too much of a risk for any British club. I'm suprised (and pleased) Australian RU haven't learnt their lesson if they are after him, they have burnt a lot of cash over the years chasing NRL wingers as cheap fixes.
  4. I think that's it for TWP in 2021, although they are lined up for the NARL in 2022. The next NARL affiliated game in 2021 is the Carolina Cup this Saturday: https://www.wbtv.com/2021/09/17/us-rugby-league-carolina-cup-coming-kannapolis/
  5. If SL goes down to 10 clubs for 2023 then Salford will be one of the firm favourites to go down so the rent and capacity on Moore Lane will probably suit them if that happens. I do wonder if the club is looking at repositioning itself to be a sustainable Championship/SL2 club.
  6. The Loch Lomond Group is worth around £400m, they sponsored Wigan this season, have only advertised their single malt whiskies via the club and I suspect it'll be the same with the SL deal. There were free tasters being handed out before Friday's Wigan game v Catalans of the malt whisky and the gin, no sign of any vodka or blended whiskies. The whisky was pretty good, the gin was standard stuff.
  7. I seem to recall John Dutton saying all the sponsors had agreed to roll over into 2022. There comes a point where additional sponsors can dilute the commercial benefits to businesses as the more there are the less publicity each gets. If the idea is to build lasting relationships with these businesses then you don't want to do that. Similar if the commercial agreement itself is company x will be the only green widget sponsor etc. Not saying that they would turn attractive new sponsors down of course, but I suspect the vast bulk of the work is now done. This RLWC has been run brilliantly, I just cannot see the organsers having taken their eye off the ball here.
  8. Nice to see there was a decent crowd there for what was effectively a friendly. Good luck to the new TWP, its really great to see them back playing again.
  9. I understand all 12 clubs will be declared joint Super League champions this season for the same reason.
  10. It's nothing to do with the RFL and I think SL are just not interested in their 2021 sacrificial lamb. Beaumont is being a complete prat at present and I think the SL are simply ignoring him and Leigh to avoid getting dragged into a drawn-out public slanging match when they have, in their view, better things to do.
  11. The poll was taken almost 20 years ago, most of the people who voted for it (if anyone ever did) are probably now either dead or geriatric so it does not in any way sum up the popular perception of the sport in 2021 and is these days only trundled out by the BBC whenever Wakefield are in a televised CC game, which is as rare as hen's teeth. For comparison, the most iconic moment by far in English soccer happened in black and white 55 years ago, that doesnt sum up the perception of soccer any more than the Fox's missed conversion does. It is a sign of modern society and does not reflect on the game, the last 20 years have been packed with incredible iconic RL moments, many listed earlier in this thread.
  12. The antipodean view has always been that of SL, it reflects their generally insular attitude and is one of the things holding back the game globally sadly. Absolutely nothing stopping SL being a strong vibrant competition in 10 years if the people in charge ever actually manage to get their act together and finally start making the right decisions.
  13. Pretty sure I heard Johnson or Rimmer muttering something about East v West on a recent podcast, it won't work. No historical rivalry, no regional identity to build on, it would take away a slot for full internationals and the SL chairman will absolutely hate it and pull players like happened for the All stars this year as it'll be a mid-week game, which will be at a small stadium in front of 4k tucked away on Sky. Mad idea. Lancs v Yorks is marginally better, but not by much. Get a proper International weekend on instead: Eng v France, Ireland v Jamaica, Wales v Scotland, plus equivalent womens & wheelchair at the same time and no Sky fixtures to compete against. Have a 9s run on the same weekend with the all stars in it (for whom the concept is ideal). Turn it into a full event/ festival weekend and then build on it annually. There is are loads of things they could do better than East/Yorks v West/Lancs. International, not regional, RL is the future.
  14. Very interesting, thanks. Would have been a good selling point to have the 100 years celebrated at this year's WC but the women's game is growing rapidly so will be bigger in another 12 months and hopefully get much larger crowds so that's a positive. Women's RL is a massive growth opportunity for the game both in the UK and worldwide.
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