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  1. Any chance this thread can be retitled "Cure Discovered For Insomnia"?
  2. Sounds like they are trying new things: "We are challenging the traditional methods in which rugby league has been delivered" Anyone know what it is that is being done differently and what has inspired this new approach?
  3. Some good points, some bad points. Some of it is from things the IRL has not led on: https://www.totalrl.com/woods-strategic-vision-for-international-rugby-league/ The optimist in me thinks that the IRL is strategically planning for some impressive post 2021 WC activity when they should have a fair chunk of cash to spend on development. The realist in me wonders if Nigel's simply cobbled something together for his end of the year report to justify a performance bonus.
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if it develops there as the expected outcome is for independence. The Australians will then become very interested in Bourgainville as they will want a piece of the action once the copper mines get developed. Sport is always a good way to build public support, hence the following: https://png.embassy.gov.au/pmsb/449.html The game already has support in high places: https://postcourier.com.pg/rebel-leader-leaves-home-to-watch-england-play-live Maybe we can get Nigel to include them on the next GB Lions tour, I suspect the game will be quite well organised there in another 13 years or so and they'll probably give us a good game.
  5. On the subject of sponsors, I see the Halton stadium is being rebranded: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/channel-5-bailiffs-dcbl-sign-17295889 I realise this is not the fault of the Vikings, but not an ideal image to be associated with.
  6. The AirTransat link is for 2019, although it does say 2020 fixtures tbc. Unconfirmed who the main Wolfpack sponsor is for next season, nothing on their website and no new shirt on sale yet so its unclear if it will be AirTransat or not. If not, then that will have an impact on any travel packages. Catalan Sports Tours certainly look a hell of a lot cheaper than the official Wigan ones, which are almost exactly the same and via Shearings. I've never heard anyone have an issue with CST, well established and very reliable. Never heard of Divine travel, they look like a company set up by someone in the Manchester region specifically to organise Toronto match trips. No prices, so they probably put something together based on individual requirements. I'll be going independent.
  7. I was at the Tonga game and in 35 years of watching RL have never experienced anything even remotely like it, there was an amazing atmosphere for hours before, during and after the game. On the poll itself I have voted for Salford, pure drama. There was a lot on the line that day for both sets of players, probably more so than for many others on the list.
  8. There are also "on the road" games which vary year by year, plus in 2019 there was the Magic round in Brisbane.
  9. Edwards should not be allowed anywhere near a role in RL after the way he behaved with Wigan. Powell is a reasonable call, whilst Wane will likely be on his way back to RL now the RUWC is over. Anderson is the current England Knights coach. I understand Watson and Ward are Bennett's current assistants so presumably being lined up for the future, maybe it's time to bring one of them up. Whomever it is they need to be coaching the 2020 games to help prepare for the 2021 RLWC.
  10. If you travel legally to the USA you can enter Canada via a land border without applying for a ETA.
  11. I wouldn't worry about that, it's only 2 years away so we'll still be deciding what to do. Volunteer, it's free to apply so what have you got to loose in the (extremely unlikely) event there is an issue?
  12. Oi! I have a whippet and am 100% expansion. They are also a popular dog breed in North America. I think you you'll find Parky has a bulldog.
  13. There is not and never has been such thing as a level playing field, in any sport. Certain teams/individuals, depending on a number of variables, always have advantages.
  14. That would destroy the creditability (and most of the purpose) of points difference in the league.
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