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  1. Rather nice shirt that, I like it better than the England one.
  2. He joined the squad in April, so that list looks wrong. It also contains Griffin and Watkins who are probably out now due to their long term injuries.
  3. RLWC above any other sporting event, including my team winning the league. As for professional football, indifferent to it, I place it marginally above Rugby Union.
  4. Enjoyed that, thought the game was gone when we went down to 11 men. Hope tomorrow's game is as good.
  5. They definitely exist because they have Twitter and Instagram accounts AS WELL as their Facebook account. Leon is going to be Director of rugby for the club, so not a board director as was my initial thought. Played for Catalans of course so must still have connections down there. Good luck to him, more improving French clubs the better.
  6. In addition to Bullock, another odd proposed in and out at Wigan: https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/wigan-linked-with-former-manly-winger-40131/ Manfredi is a quality winger and was retained ahead of Davis and Burgess, presumably Miski is going to be on a lower wage if he's coming from London. In addition, Mitch Clark has just been packed off to Newcastle, Gildart and Hastings are off to Wests, Leuluai will likely retire and there are others out of contract this year including the coach. Along with the Bullock situation, then maybe they are trying to either balance the books
  7. The current proposal is to run two Ottawa teams next year, one in League 1 and the other in the NARL (or equivalent). One, both or neither of these may happen but they appear to be keeping their options open for the time being. Unlike TWP, Toulouse and Catalans my understanding is they have a proper licence (via M.K.) for League 1 so (I think) are full members of the RFL / pro ranks. That's an interesting asset to own - I have no idea if the RFL are even allowed to say, no you cannot play in League 1 next year.
  8. No more or less than Championship clubs give a damn about SL or L1 clubs, same in any cut-throat system. I'm a fan of a SL club and I think it's good for the game that Fev and York get to play there, suspect most SL fans do too. I hope it's a great game and all the fans of both clubs lucky enough to get tickets have a brilliant day out.
  9. Hadn't seen this, but Whitehaven's Chairman (Tommy Todd) and their bar manager (also the licensee) quit last week over what looks like boardroom in-fighting. Today, it appears 4 more directors have also quit and from the (2nd) article below it looks like no-one has overall ownership control at the club. This sounds like quite a mess, does anyone know what's going on and likely implications for the club? https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/whitehaven-chairman-resigns-amidst-ongoing-situation/ https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/five-directors-quit-whitehaven/
  10. It's barely been mentioned on this forum, so you may be unaware of it, but there is a proposed competition called the North American Rugby League (NARL) planned for 2022 and Toronto are lined up to play in this league. A season ticket normally gets fans access to home games in whatever league they play in, so I have a vague suspicion that these may be the matches you are seeking information on.
  11. Below is from the DC Cavalry Facebook page. They remain fully behind the NARL and look to be spending this year setting up a proper club structure in advance of next season. Along with the TWP season ticket announcement today, and other developments, hopefully solid foundations are being put in place for a sustainable NARL or equivalent comp next year. DC Cavalry Rugby League 7 June at 17:54 · To our DC Cavalry Fans, Early today, the NARL made an announcement that the inaugural season will be pushed back to Spring 2022. Full Statement here: https://tinyurl.com/53p2bf4
  12. The return of scrums not agreed, but to be looked at again in 1 month. Presumably a decision to bring them back will be based on whether the 21 June Covid easements go ahead: https://everythingrugbyleague.com/rfl-laws-committee-update/
  13. Free if you bought one for 2020 and didn't get a refund: https://www.torontowolfpack.com/toronto-wolfpack-company-update/ Low value obviously, but a good gesture from the new club.
  14. Folau not going to court......but his paid for lawyer is: https://www.seriousaboutrl.com/folau-will-not-be-attending-his-own-court-hearing-due-to-one-huge-reason-40047/
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