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  1. If the money and, just as importantly, the contract length are right then yes they will and indeed should. Add Toronto or AN Other to the mix and it's a 14 team SL with little or no cut in central funding to the existing English clubs. 26 regular rounds plus Magic weekend, one less home game than at present so just cut Easter down to one round over 4/5 days and televise a game day to keep Sky happy. Tolouse & Catalans could play their Magic weekend game as a standalone somewhere in France/Spain, makes the weekend both more profitable and promotional for everyone.
  2. In my view they are not fair and they should not exist. As stated many times by many people on this forum, I think the fairest alternatives are either fewer games or a 14 club SL. I do prefer the loop fixtures to the Super 8s however, which although fairer just seemed extremely dull every year.
  3. Quotes £166 for me, do you have a RFL discount code?
  4. Inagine the Americans started it off, for RL it was when SL started. As part of the rebranding every team had one, along with nicknames - plus cheerleader squads I think.
  5. Kelvin the gorilla was Wigan's best mascot, Max is rubbish and rather camp.
  6. I seem to recall H13RFL being used by someone at the RFL.
  7. I am correct, I worked for DVLA many years ago. It's illegal to make correct numbers difficult to read as potentially someone can avoid speed cameras fines or police tracing for offences etc by altering them.
  8. That's an illegally displayed numberplate, the first two 1's have been amended with a black plastic screw cover to make them look like a H.
  9. That's a Chevrolet not a Chrysler. W1GAN used to be on a black Land Rover I think, sure I saw it a few times when watching Wigan at London games. Different sport, but Wasin Akram used to have WAS1M on his Bentley when he played for Lancs CC in the 90's. In reply to John WP Fan, no, all plates follow age related letter and number sequences. You can buy any released plate and put it on your car provided it does not make the car look younger than it is.
  10. It's at East London RFC: https://www.london9s.uk/event
  11. https://www.trytagrugbyshop.com/shop?category=Equipment
  12. I think Slalom Lager was the first pint I had in a pub, somehow it didn't put me off drinking. Mansfield were called Marksman because after a lager, see number 9: https://mancunian1001.wordpress.com/2013/10/06/lancs-lagers-lost-a-top-beer-not-so-perfect-ten/
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