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  1. New club starting up, the first amateur team called Newcastle in almost 30 years: https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/new-rugby-league-club-to-launch-in-newcastle/ I thought this worth mentioning given the recent announcement that Magic is returning to the city.
  2. Ask the fans who spend their money buying them for ideas? That sounds a bit radical and dangerous. In 2017 Ian Leneghan decided it was a "radical design year" at Wigan and put a number of options to the fans for a vote. As I understand it a hooped design was his least favoured option and just included as a sop: https://www.wiganwarriors.com/news/2016-06-07-2017-kit-vote The fans voted for the hooped one by a country mile of course.
  3. Its a £280,000 development funded by the club, Sport England and the RLWC2021 legacy fund. Work is well underway: https://www.chorleycitizen.co.uk/news/17928983.construction-work-new-280k-clubhouse-chorley-panthers/
  4. I hope this means the excruciatingly awful "Wall Of White" has been scrapped.
  5. Your first suggestion is reprehensible, even if said as an attempt at "humour". Lions live in a pride, so the second would make the team a laughing stock.
  6. From the Dacia website: https://www.dacia.co.uk/partnerships/rugby-league.html?dclid=CMTXjr_0luUCFVEWGwoddYANSQ
  7. Yes, I think there may be an element of truth in that. Either way, he's still a miserable person.
  8. The guy is a bigoted antique, heaven knows why he still gets so much publicity in the game. At the risk of derailing this thread, I recall him scoffing at the idea of Toronto ever getting off the ground. Great riposte from the respondent, 100% agree. Oh, and they are WOMEN Gary, not ladies. It's just like where we have the "mens" game, not the "gentlemens".
  9. I appear to have missed this news somehow - where, when and who was it?
  10. There are plenty, but some I can immediately think of in addition to the above: Gelling sitting with a young fan in the stand at Widnes (its the small things that count) Chris Hill finally putting a cork in it after the Catalans game (just getting back to playing rugby) York's performance after their promotion Westerman's knee (can you imagine that in ANY other sport?) and (coming up next weekend) The Reggae Warriors.
  11. It'll be a (circular-ish) road trip, hopefully with a Toronto home game to both start and finish. I'm sure that there will be plenty of people wanting good advice about coming over so get typing up your notes!
  12. Toronto have been a breath of fresh air as far as I'm concerned, they have had a huge impact on the game's media profile and in generating public interest, I have no doubt that will rise again next year in SL. As was posted on another thread, we are in the middle of the RU world cup and yet Toronto (and Salford to their credit) are providing bigger headlines for the sport. I can't think of anything else RL related which would do that. On a personal level, it's going to cost me a pretty penny going to Toronto next year but I dont begrudge it for a minute. I've watched professional RL in 9 countries now, this will be my 10th.
  13. 22/22 in 3m 23s, helps that the answers show in alphabetic order with spaces for the outstanding ones when your getting down to the last few.
  14. It's been a great run by Featherstone and I'd argue they actually DID shake the league up, not nearly! However, they will be loosing key players and almost certainly their coach so a lot depends on how they recruit in the off season. With Toronto out of the way it is looking like a wide open Championship next year, which is going to make for a fascinating season.
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