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  1. Great stuff, Alez Catalans! They should open up a vote for fans to select a favourite design from the four in the Twitter post.
  2. Potentially c70m households, but numbers subscribing will obviously be much less. Some historical event viewing figures at the bottom of this link: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_Sports_1
  3. England Rugby League tweeted yesterday that it was going to be on OL, but since then nothing.
  4. Regularly playing, it seems to be about 20-30 teams. There are fewer women's and very little junior RL, but people seem to be working to improve these and the game looks like it's growing again after the Covid disruption and long periods of in-fighting between rival organisations. Very little RL over there seems to be USARL led or coordinated however, so individual clubs or regions are doing their own thing. That's ok to a extent (plenty space to grow organically) and there is cross region activity but it doesn't create a long term growth strategy or shared standards/best practices etc. I'm hopeful the NRL activity will be the catalyst for someone to get things properly organised over there as plenty of growth potential exists.
  5. Good move by Bradford. DR is any easy-fix solution with no long term benefit to recipient clubs. The must successful championship clubs recently, Leigh and London, have not relied on it for promotion.
  6. So 2 weekly games on Sky TV, with the remaining 4 streamed online by both Sky and Our League (presumably via PPV or season pass) with no FTA. Super League 2024 fixtures: Every match for the regular season, plus play-off and Grand Final dates | Rugby League News | Sky Sports
  7. I doubt Hurricanes will want to tie in with a football club as that undermines their "regional" concept.
  8. Seen NRL teams use it to slow a game down and take a break, especially late on when they are defending a lead.
  9. Jesus had 12 disciples and at least one of them probably went to what is now Lebanon, which has a Rugby League team. Also the Dirty Dozen featured Telly Savalas, who was of Greek descent and they play Rugby League there too.
  10. Agree with all the above and will add Darryl Powell in the glass box.
  11. French RU will steal it if they can, if their media drop "League/XIII" and start calling it "Wheelchair Rugby" then that will be a huge red flag.
  12. Ha, someone forgot to add "......within the limited volume and located in certain areas that we currently have on sale"
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