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  1. So you can just switch nationalities as it suits you? Once you get too old to be selected you play for another Nation. If you have been blackballed in Australia you nominate a grandparent and become an English player. That is a great system.
  2. I love it when people like you post replies like this. Tell him to his face...!! Do you think it would be a fight? grow up. I can not have an opinion without fighting someone? Jennings was an Aussie until he felt Tongan when he realised his Aussie chances were getting slim.
  3. Really? I do not care if Australia win or lose. I always want the best team on the day to win the game with no interference from the officials.
  4. Who are his English advisers, Peacock , Watson.. do they not have a voice? If not they should resign.
  5. Australian Players get beaten by Australian born and trained Pacific Islanders with a Grandparent born overseas. Sounds great, one Tongan actually born in Tonga. Great result today but it is a fabricated heritage team nothing more or less...
  6. GB/ England have poor backs and that has been the case for decades The cupboard is pretty bare when you have to pick an old player way passed his prime that has played a handful of games in the last two seasons in Rubiks Cube Ryan Hall
  7. You do realise that Rugby Union is thrashing around in its death throws in Australia. I would be surprised if its around down there in 20 years time
  8. Why would that be a worry? I could not care about Union The Wallabies have hardly any resources, they are on their ###### as far as I know.
  9. I have looked at the players and their connections through Heritage. People keep saying how Tonga have "developed" its heritage Australians deciding to nominate for Tonga. Tonga would have to be the biggest Australian born and trained heritage Nation in our game just in front of Samoa. I lean towards PNG and Fiji for players that are not ancient ancestors.
  10. Are you living in another world 200 + years ago? Shackle draggers? Wake up to yourself.
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