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  1. Interesting opinion on the OP. https://www.theroar.com.au/2019/07/19/lessons-that-british-rugby-league-never-learn/
  2. I appreciate the reply. I never called for you be banned as I do enjoy reading your posts most mornings, I was just questioning the moderators as to why you hadn't at least been cautioned when others were getting some time on the sidelines. As you recall, that caution came earlier this week. What puzzles me is when you openly call for debate, I and others try to discuss those points with you only to not get a reply or be ignored. Can you please tell me why. Surely you can see that that doesn't create a healthy forum environment?
  3. Parky, both I and TheReaper have disputed your posts and answered your call to discuss/debate. Either you can't answer or logic and historical facts have got the better of you. It's kind of ironic that the person calling for discussion and debate and for people to join reality goes quiet or puts people on ignore.
  4. Regarding Ottawa, I read a while back that they are apparently having a big launch sometime in your summer, so I expect we will hear something between now and the end of August hopefully.
  5. This nonsense you speak of has resulted in a very real, tangible stable club that has successfully built a strong supporter base, increased rl media coverage more so than any northern hemisphere club has in living memory all in a new continent within 3 years. You tell me why rugby league fans wouldn't think this is great and great for the game. I believe this view would be quite common. You keep saying uk fans have to stand aside and close clubs down yet the evidence says otherwise. Leigh for example, the club many feel are negatively effected by Toronto, are pretty much still in the same on and off field position as they were in twp's inception. Fighting for a finals position and none of their fans have disappeared because of twp. Look at their attendances historically for proof. As for Widnes' drop, it has nothing to do with twp's existence at all. That is solely on their poor form on and off the field and completely independent from twp's existence yet your arguments would insenuate it's because of twp. Over to you
  6. Why do we have to choose, we can have NA expansion whilst keeping the English game alive and well.
  7. I'll have next weeks lotto numbers thanks.
  8. It's a bit rich coming from Super League club owners of clubs who themselves don't produce or develop players.
  9. Adapt or die. Humans learnt this very early on. If we didn't adapt to the changing conditions we didn't last long. It's the perfect metaphor of Super league. If they don't adapt to the changing conditions ie NA expansion and the influx of international teams then Super league"s future looks bleak imo.
  10. It just shows how insular and unwillingly some people are to change, even if it's to the benefit of rl.
  11. Everybody knows that if twp win the championship grand final they will be promoted. Those who have created their own reasons as to why they won't be in super league next year will be getting a rude shock at the end of the year.
  12. If Twp win Championship grand final they will be in super league. End of story. Bet your house on it. Why else would they and now Ottawa be admitted into the English structure just to stay in the Championship?
  13. The more teams that can spend the cap, the better off rl is, do you agree? There is absolutely no point in criticising twp because they spend the cap. Leigh did it a couple years ago who also had the same objective, reach Super league. In an ideal world every team would spend the cap. Most people understand this, unless they have an agenda.
  14. Logic appears to be lacking with certain posters posts.
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