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  1. Something we all learnt with the Toronto saga, an independent commission is really needed in the UK.
  2. I'm as disappointed as the next person but it's not a forgone conclusion yet and at worst is only a year. For everyone criticising the NRL yet again, if Super league had to put the same protocols in place that the NRL currently have, Super league wouldn't exist. It's remarkable that the NRL can take a $45million hit and still think of expansion.
  3. The sooner the NRL takes a stake in Super league the better.
  4. I just wish all of these competitions would cooperate and pool their resources together. No point having multiple teams in the same city in different competitions fighting over the same fans and corporate dollar.
  5. Bid applications are to be submitted by 5pm Monday 14th June. If the bid numbers stack up financially, it's expected an announcement will come at the end of July.
  6. Press release Monday 12pm US Eastern time.
  7. What was the turning point? Why did the investors leave?
  8. Meanwhile NARL tweet that major partner announcements are to be made soon. Who to believe?
  9. Anyone have access to the Patreon that Mascord is refering to?
  10. His loyalty to his family is first and foremost. That is the important thing here.
  11. How do you get to that point? By having strong clubs in the best competition that being Toulouse and Catalan in Super league.
  12. Not a criticism but as an outsider this is such a Uk centric point of view. Even to question their worth seems ludicrous to me as I've never once seen or heard any discussion surrounding what the NZ Warriors bring to the game and their worth to the Nrl. Toulouse are doing great work and are long overdue for a Super league place. The overall game will be better for it.
  13. Kudos to New York. If only other clubs around the world did the same.
  14. Your original comment is an insult to anyone affected by Covid.
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