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  1. Going by their crowds and support at their games, more people would care over there than half the clubs in England.
  2. Ooh I'd like to know too lol. Was wondering the same thing last night.
  3. Toulouse were the big topic before Toronto. Once the next overseas club enters ie New York or Ottawa, Toronto will be forgotten just like Toulouse and people will move their hatred onto the new kids on the block.
  4. ''Melbourne by setting up camp in the 2nd biggest metro market and enemy territory'' ie similar to Toronto. ''delivering some great crowds',' ie just like Toronto. Now you're just contradicting yourself. ''Toronto on the other hand are a rich blokes toy who have bought 3 shields and 2 promotions,'' This is where the flat capper and jealousy references arise from. They adhered to the cap and played within the rules. What exactly do you have a problem with?
  5. What's the problem with spending money? I mean we all do it everyday and so do the chairmen of every other super league club. Why continually point out Twp and Argyle?
  6. Beats having having half a dozen clubs living hand to month, just hoping to see out the year. The more clubs with big money investing in Rugby league the better, agree?
  7. You say your based in Nz and are able to contribute. Is there any way any of us can help out and contribute in any way?
  8. West Kingston hyenas for their unique name and colour combo.
  9. On the site page, it says something about dev inno also providing a donation. Do you or anyone else know any more about this? Does this mean the selected team will get $1000?
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