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  1. Can you elaborate why it's still a farce this time around? It seems a lot more realistic now.
  2. Why can't they all come under ome banner and grow the game together
  3. At least Catalan made the most of their gifted promotion.
  4. I do to, and he has my dream job, setting up rl clubs in exotic expansion areas. Toronto, Ottawa and now Cornwall.
  5. I wonder if this Cornwall venture will satisfy Perez? He has spent the last decade building towards having Canadian clubs in the Rfl which somehow he half accomplished and would have if it wasn't for Covid, to end up in Cornwall. I just wonder when Covid blows over whether he will return to his original dream back in Canada.
  6. Why didn't they just join the Narl?
  7. As far as I am aware they haven't agreed to that. They will get their 13m.
  8. Dropping Redcliffe was the best decision they have made. They want to have broad appeal and having a name of a suburb 40kms from the Brisbane cbd will not do that. English clubs could learn something here. Bennett was by far the best choice, the rivalry writes itself and who cares what his age is?
  9. What does my post about the game being on tv have to do with the weather?
  10. Op is correct. Elite professional sport shouldn't allow part time teams to mix in the same competition.
  11. Would love to be a fly on the wall if you ever met Parksider.
  12. I pretty sure my view will be unpopular but I was watching the Batley game and ended up thinking afterwards that licencing or hybrid p/r is the way to go. There is no way that Batley with the amount of support (couldn't achieve a sell out of a park ground) and the ground they have are Super League ready or worthy off the field. If we all want Super League to achieve the heights that we believe it can, unfortunately that dream doesn't include part time clubs without the facilities and economy to support them. This doesn't just include Batley but other clubs such as Whitehaven and Workington. Clubs that we don't even know whether they have Super League ambitions. If SL1/SL2 gets the go ahead then SL2 should only be for ambitious full time clubs or strategically located and the clubs mentioned above go into their own comp similar to Qcup or NSW cup here in Australia. English rl simply doesn't have the funds to support the traditional p/r structure and give out goodwill money with the hope that a feel good battler story comes along. The finances just don't add up for a sport already declining.
  13. I would have laughed if anyone had said at the start of the year that Toronto would be back playing in front of a paying crowd.
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