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  1. I assume this was directed at me? I understand, but for the record, I've seen and read posts that have done exactly that.
  2. SBW/twp second sports story behind Latrell on Sydney's prime-time national news. That's the exposure that this story has for not only Toronto but Super league and rl in the northern hemisphere. The exposure of the kind that super league could only dream about only a few years ago.
  3. Why are the anti twp types so caught up in how much Argyle is spending of his own money whilst ignoring the amount that Ken Davey, Michael Carter, David Hughes, Tony Crossland, Neil Hudgell and co are spending to prop up the English clubs. Why aren't you criticising these men as well for their loss making ventures? Jealousy? Fear? This is just another reason why people on this forum who criticise twp for this lack any credibility.
  4. How are they phony? Please detail and enlighten us with your information on this subject that clearly the rest of us do not have.
  5. Great game. As an Aussie I was cheering on the Tongans like their was no tomorrow. Great result for international rl.
  6. Yet another thread derailed because of anti twp agenda. As for Uk fans wanting more of the same, you only have to look at declining attendances of derby matches to to find the answer to that.
  7. Whilst providing an extra 20 odd opportunities for more players to play professional rl.
  8. Where's your evidence that they are pr stunts? Last time I looked junior development was appearing across Toronto. Anyone who says that those pictures were pr stunts without factual evidence is just trolling.
  9. Exactly, you should have seen the response I got a few days ago. I replied in good faith and what I got in return condescending and borderline abuse, saying I couldn't read etc, which is laughable because I wonder how many degrees he has?
  10. Still no direct links to back up anything. There's an obvious fault.
  11. What's your issue? I was responding to the aggressive post from Parky. You don't feel that I should have a right of reply? You don't seem to like it very much when your mate gets put in his place?
  12. I seriously do not understand why you cannot have a civil discussion without resorting to insults and aggression. I replied to you in good faith and this is the response I get. As for your last underlined sentence, I guess it shows the type of character you are. I dispute your argument, you can't respond so you try to shut the debate down. This is a debating forum, not a sounding board or platform for you to criticise and deride twp and Perez. If your not here to debate and hear other viewpoints other than your own, then why are you here? If you believe that because a thread dies down or because no one responds any more that you have ''won'', you are very, very much mistaken. Lastly, do not alter and add to my post that you quoted and the next time you post that in the past I called for you to be banned from this site, unless you provide a direct quote of where and when this was said, I will report you.
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