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  1. Here in Australia we are under the current restrictions, minimum of two people etc, until the end of June. Our infection rate has dropped considerably so I hate to think how long restrictions will last for the Uk and rest of Europe and the world who are a lot worse off. Stay safe everyone.
  2. Reading on Sydney's Daily telegraph that New York have been admitted to League 1 in 2022 and will have a formal launch on Monday at the draw for next years Challenge Cup.
  3. Can you tell me a bit more about Canadian cities and sport? ie how does Ottawa and other cities compare to Toronto? For example, I believe in the US it's New York, Los Angeles and then daylight. Is it similar in Canada?
  4. This is no doubt great news and a positive for our game. Some people are moaning about it but I do not see a reason why. This is what we want for our sport. For rl to be played in new cities and locations. We want more people to become fans. We want more people to invest their money. We want more sponsors who haven't previously invested in the sport to do so. We want our teams playing out of first class facilities and stadiums. We want our clubs to be financially stable. This is what has been delivered today with the announcement of the Ottawa Aces. Let's celebrate it and the positives they bring.
  5. Interesting, just read that New York are expected to hold a press conference on this Tuesday. The big news keeps coming. Can't post the link but it's reported in The Globe and Mail Ottawa Aces article.
  6. Why are some people worried about whether there are enough fans to support Brisbane2? Brisbane is a city of over 2 million people with one Nrl team. Sydney has over 5 million people with 9 Nrl teams. Enough said.
  7. And he's still derailing threads over there as well which is why he's so quiet at the moment. My guess is that their mods put him in the naughty corner for a while.
  8. Name wise I hope they choose something original and suited to the local area. Not something generic that a lot of NA ''franchises'' opt for.
  9. They have stated that they will consider rebranding to Brisbane Dolphins or Moreton Bay Dolphins.
  10. How's the ''picking on people's mistakes'' coming along lad?
  11. It would ensure all clubs are competing on a level playing field as you were trying to argue in your previous post. At the moment they're 1.8m (is that how much central funding is) worse off than the clubs playing against them. To answer your question, should we remove central funding from the other 11 teams to see how much their performances would worsen. It's the same argument.
  12. Don't worry, whatever happens to twp by the end of the year, the naysayers will redirect their focus towards Ottawa, just like how they stopped their comments on TO when twp were introduced.
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