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  1. I know you’re not asking for monetary donations but I’d happily put some money towards the cost/P&P for this, especially as this will be the biggest tournament on the planet this year.
  2. I don’t really know much on any proposals about what happens to the “other” clubs, what their competition entails, what funding they’d get (if any) and whether there would be promotion/relegation between the two.
  3. The proposal says they’ll work out the two divisions by moving up to a 14 team Super League and then relegating the bottom four and lumping them with the top six of the Championship in 2022. Outside of the current top eight in the Championship is Sheffield, Widnes and Newcastle, so you’d ‘lose’ an alleged “golden goose” in Newcastle from your new structure, for example.
  4. The whatabouttery in this thread is sensational.
  5. Fairly happy with this signing. He’s played in some woeful sides since returning from his Mormon mission and playing as a back behind a pack so regularly bettered by your opposition, it’s tough to stand out. For Tonga though, he’s played well and Woolf has got the best from him. Playing behind a Saints pack that should be fairly dominant, I think he’ll go alright for us.
  6. I agree about Bradford going up. They’ll be up that A1 for Newcastle away this weekend coming.
  7. They’ll be Super League ready when they win the Championship Grand Final and gain promotion. Till then, they’re the standout team in the Championship and nothing more. Toronto (remember them?) showed that you can win every week in league games but if you don’t win the Final, it matters little.
  8. Shay Martyn is in the Saints Academy and his Dad is Tommy Martyn, who’s Dad was Tommy Martyn. Jake Wingfield is the son of Swinton forward Lee.
  9. After Martyn Sadler’s reorganisation idea, he’s now tweeted that Leigh shouldn’t be relegated.
  10. I’m going for they come, wipe the floor with everyone and leave again. That will wind up more people on here than if they didn’t come.
  11. 0. Because no credible sport builds an international game involving one of the top three nations on the planet from crowds of 100.
  12. This is my thoughts now. Is it sixteen and counting postponements now?
  13. Has it really taken someone 25 years of summer Rugby to complain that in July, it might be hot?
  14. Skolars have been in some close games the last few weeks, shame they’re not converting the odd one or two into wins and as for West Wales, that’s a great result today.
  15. It definitely does matter if only 100 people turn up.
  16. I’m sorry you have such bad opinions. Gale with shredded wheat isn’t fit to lace slap head Gale’s boots.
  17. You’ve forgotten the best English half in the game, Jonny Lomax. Shredded Wheat Head Gale’s best hope of an international call up next year is hoping his hair come from a fella with Irish blood.
  18. Echo the stories of people making it through and the sadness of those who haven’t. Heard some really nice, heartwarming stories over the last year of people rallying around effective strangers beyond seeing their face and giving a nod to for years. Very strange but the first game back with a crowd at football, an old fella who goes everywhere watching the team said to my Dad how emotional he felt. Not at being back watching the club he’s spent years watching but through relief of seeing friends he had little to no contact with make it through the last year and a half.
  19. I’m pretty sure BBC now use the Press Association to write many of their articles, so the quality overall on BBC Sport dropped dramatically when they brought this in and sloppy mistakes like this are the rule, not the exception now.
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