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  1. I don’t see a big deal here. He must have been doing an approx four hours round trip each week for training and for matches. That’s on top of whatever his proper job is. If he lives in Doncaster, his travel is cut right down and he has time for other things away from the sport.
  2. Absolutely and my feelings on England, this. The attitude here to international rugby is nothing short of terrible and I find it hypocritical, so I find it hard to support England when this is their attitude and to slag any other nation of for similar behaviour. If this is the kick in the backside needed to wake England up and to take the northern hemisphere more seriously, great. I won’t hold my breath though.
  3. The international game has been a joke for years, non-World Cup years are typically dire and we’re expected to be enthused by Groundhog Day style series’ with New Zealand, while we ignore the rest of the northern hemisphere nations. World Cups are the exception and not the rule, 2013 was refreshing for the sport here, crowds were good, games were (on the whole) pretty decent and some of the sights we saw from the likes of Fiji, Tonga, Samoa etc were great to see. My interest is pretty non-existent in the international game when it comes to England overall. They’re shambolically organised and self-interest and arrogance is the name of the game here, too, and I’ve long become bored of series against New Zealand. I was looking forward to the Ashes last year, mind, but more to see Australia in the flesh again and to visit a new stadium. I only had tickets for one game that possibly involved England in the World Cup, the semi at Arsenal, so I wouldn’t consider myself an England fan. Club wise, this year has been disappointing. Not Saints but the game overall. There was a fair few Saints fans who were pretty negative about last year and how it didn’t mean as much winning Super League but I was of the opinion that it probably meant more than the 2019 title. This year though, has been terrible. We’re on something like 15/16 games called off because of Covid and there’s been (as yet unfounded) accusations of teams swerving fixtures and tactically picking when they can and can’t raise teams and it’s been a bit embarrassing really. I don’t really want the season extended any later, I just want it over with, in all honesty. We’re bumbling around a bit aimlessly as a competition and I just want the play-offs and Grand Final to go without a hitch. That said, it’s nice to see Catalans challenging, Leeds play some nice rugby, Saints are playing well and look in good shape, Warrington have put some big scores on and played some rugby at times, Hull KR are a tough proposition and Hull FC look improved under Hodgson. It’s a shame there’s not some more interest at the bottom but you can’t have everything. I love Rugby League though. I always have. That won’t change here. To take a quote from my late grandad “Rugby League is a great sport, run by idiots.”
  4. Appears England are on the look out for games from what Gareth Walker has said on social media, quoting a video of Jamie Peacock championing the French.
  5. No one needs more Super League games after this years basket case of a competition. Play some international games if England have removed their arrogance.
  6. That is a brutal sounding operation to endure at any point, let alone when your career has just been ended by injury. All the best to him.
  7. I don’t really know how playing a small sided game prepares players for the rigours of Super League or even Championship rugby, so I wouldn’t be behind this as the premier reserve grade competition. However, if they decided a small sided tournament was something the sport wanted to trial to see if it was something we could perhaps package and sell as an event then I wouldn’t be upset about them trialling this (and any other things they may want to bring in) at this level.
  8. Accountants, eh? An hour and half talking numbers. Never fun. Here you go, not really Mr Positive here and abusing Australia with snide remarks.
  9. That would make some more sense than Sadler’s established professional sides in the same conference as clubs who would get beat by NCL sides.
  10. I did. You took offence to, well, I don’t know what it was but you did. Where do we stop with locality? Cas and Wakefield are split by 8.6 miles, Saints and Wigan by 9.5. Does that mile make such a significant difference? What about Saints and Warrington, they both share a postcode area and are separated by 9.2 miles. I don’t think we should get so hung up on ambiguous terms like “potential” or be too bothered about how close some teams are when you could throw a blanket over a handful of teams either side of the Pennines, which is going to make up the vast majority of any division, whether ten, twelve or fourteen teams make up the division.
  11. There’s nothing snide about people having differing opinions. I find it staggering that we’d go purely off of the vague and ambiguous term of “potential” to make an elite level of the sport.
  12. Saints Magic shirt. Based on the “Champions Range” of clothing released by the club, which seems to have sold well from what I’ve seen. No autism charity aligned to this either, which is a shame, as we have done quite a lot with them the last few years.
  13. Didn’t most people reply to him and say that Rugby League wasn’t #clueless in this instance and it was actually breaking the law at the time?
  14. If we’re going off make believe, we might as well resurrect Toronto from the grave. Bradford and Salford shouldn’t be near a top ten of Rugby League clubs.
  15. If Bradford and Salford are amongst our ten best ran clubs, we have some serious problems.
  16. You’ve done nothing but slag Australia off, as you did with Super League in relation to Toronto’s exclusion. Ah, same old when you hit a brick wall, I see.
  17. Of course you didn’t. None so blind as those who will not see.
  18. You’ve spent the last couple weeks abusing Australia, the NRL, Vlandys, Gould and anyone else against the World Cup. Settle down.
  19. That’s a more sensible idea than part time teams on 80k against teams on £1m+.
  20. And it appears that you prefer throwing insults around because people think your idea is not very good.
  21. I did. It’s comically bad. I’m amazed anyone who has watched and understood the game would come up with that, firstly. You’re obsession with cross division games and now clubs bundled in together despite huge disparity is odd. I’ve never seen anyone ever suggest them or anyone who actually wants them. The disparity between clubs earning over £1m and those not even earning six figures is alarming. That’s before you even think about clubs with deeply ingrained infrastructures up against part-time teams with no infrastructure. It would be carnage and not the good kind. Player welfare would be a huge issue, as would scorelines, the disparity between clubs in conferences and trying to sell that to any credible broadcaster. I’ve seen your defence of “yeah some teams might not be the same level they are now”, just as they might not under the current structure. The current structure does not put teams out to be annihilated and place players in the way of potential harm through being set up against full time athletes and internationals. I’m sorry but it’s just not a good idea. I get the calls for change and the calls for doing something different but this is not it.
  22. Where’s Shredded Wheat Head going?
  23. And bones, peoples interest in the sport and broadcasters interest. I’ve pretty much just said the same on social media. It’s easily the worst I’ve seen and so wrong for so many reasons. It’s incredible that he’s so out of touch. He’s suggest cross division games before and was shot down for that because there’s zero interest in it so now he’s bundled them int together but keeping the disparity in place.
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