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  1. I Wrote some more then deleted it, except 'for'.
  2. Ha I'm the opposite. I think the game as a whole is fascinating and I just can't 'gel' with the Giants whom I used to follow for.
  3. Both good semi finals. I think the Final should be in the North though. They could market it as a green final.
  4. Have you noticed that all the crowds are opposite of the cameras , mainly because of main stand been more costly. Couldn't clubs promote (charge less) for t.v. games? I think it would give far more atmosphere for viewers and a better image for the game.
  5. Less than a hundred and 4 points . summat to work on . It's all about progress and attitude. Keep at it.
  6. Well done Barrow, remember Brimah Kebbie having about a iast minure try disallowed fot Fartown around 1992 and though we lost it was a great game.
  7. 10 game ban to protect players in the future is good but a momentary loss of reason is understandable. Will should take it on the chin and learn. He hasn't lost owt , adds 10 weeks on his body at the end of his career and can help his attitude in future with support. Shame for Fartown though.
  8. Good win away for Catalans in the cold, bet they're pleased. I am.
  9. Turkiye League ball. Should tick all the boxes.
  10. You know it's a good game when you realise you're sat on the couch, tensing your body and moving around as if you're tackling too.
  11. Looking forward to to watching all the channel 4 games, even non leaguies talking about it . Best promotion for RL in a long time me thinks.
  12. I like W.W.R. You've got to admire the players who are playing against more experienced sides and get hammered a lot but keep going and improving. Keep at it guys, I wish you all the best.
  13. Soft spot for Sheffield, still watch their challenge cup final highlights. One of my favourite games ever. I wish them all the best.
  14. Just been to my first Magic w/e and loved it. Keep it in Newcastle as a regular thing .Newcastle is amazing ,even caught the metro to Whitley bay for fish and chips. It's probably 10 years since I've seen a live Super league game but it's got my interest back. Is it in Newcastle next year? I'd definitely go back. Events need to be regular not chopped and changed about so people can plan ahead.
  15. On a brighter note Underbank won tonight . As for the world cup, big opportunity to spin this media coverage to promote the world cup, get lots of new people to watch and make it a great success. I,m more likely to buy tickets now, it enerates 'good feeling' to show support.
  16. Shame about NZ. What an opportunity for all the other countries now. Tonga favourites.
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