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  1. Well look mate, I don`t think the Aussie ref`s are anything special and too often just want to show us how sharp-eyed they are (or too often bloody aren`t), at least down here, but whatever you`re feeding them give them more. BTW was that you I saw jumping up and down in that Greek Taverna ( God knows how that word just popped into my head ) on that video celebrating their first try.
  2. Yeah I don`t know what`s going on over there but some of the Aussie ref`s are unrecognisable. Lachlan Lam`s try last night came from what was a blatant forward pass, but not a word, and no-one cares. I suspect there`s some sort of agreement in the ref`s ranks to help make this a great tournament, at least on the field. I even get the feeling watching the games that the under dogs are getting the rub of the green with some calls as well. And the whole point is no-one cares, we are just seeing good open entertaining League and that`s what everyone wants.
  3. Ensuring home Tests for these nations would likely help maximise their impact on the local game as well.
  4. I gave the video ref a wrap the other day for their no-nonsense reviews and quick decision making, (the stuff up with the no-try almost made me eat my words) but I was even going to post in the RLWC Positivity thread today to compliment the ref`s in general as well. Their play-on calls after borderline forward passes and knock-ons has been an absolute highlight for me and I think is contributing no end to the entertaining League we are seeing. Mate the last thing we need is NRL style nit-picking looking for real or imagined forward passes and knock-ons, let the game flow, it will all even itself up in the wash-up.
  5. Definitely, throw the lot at France if you ask me, that`s where there is already a `rugby ` culture and plenty of room for a more attractive alternative. Greater prospect of immediate returns to your own League as well.
  6. Word is the IRL are lining up a Kaiser Cheifs cover band for the final.
  7. After reading the `Attendance - O - Meter ` thread, feel like a bit of positivity is urgently needed. Opening match on Foxtel in Oz at 12.30 a.m. rated 80 000, Oz vs. Fiji at 5.30.a.m. 40 000. You can double those figures with streaming and even a lot of the Rugby League fanatics on the Aussie League forums reporting they watched the matches on delay. So easy probably 200 000 + the opener and over 100 000 for Australia`s first match. Very, very solid figures. BTW seeing a lot of highlights and interviews ( including one with Shaun Wane ) on the different FTA broadcasters, none of which have any coverage of the tournament. Only three years to France, they`ll learn a lot from this and it`s important to remember International Rugby League is in the building/rebuilding phase, so the only way is up from a fairly solid base, and by that I mean the massive crowds for our opener and tournament conclusions.
  8. Hope you can get this video up, " World`s fastest man "otherwise google it, it`s good for a laugh. Rugby League World Cup referee goes viral after outrunning Aussie Kangaroos star Josh Addo-Carr | Daily Mail Online
  9. Jim you seem to have an interest in these things, any predictions/feelings from yourself about what sort of aggregate total we might get up to ?
  10. Two points: I`m expecting IMG will be looking at that opening ceremony and thinking the game deserves a lot better than that especially if it wants to go next level; Hats off to the video ref who I thought were absolutely brilliant, no dithering, a couple of looks and then a decision. and get on with the game. The way it should be.
  11. Dare I say it but both the English and Australian wins lead the ABC sports news all day here as well. Extra glad now I stayed up and watched it, the two hours sleep I got before going to work was worth it because there was no way I wouldn`t have found out the results at work. Even had afl supporters asking me enviously about the tournament.
  12. Strange because another article in today`s The Australian hailed the typically rowdy English crowd at the Australia vs. Fiji game. A view shared in an interview with Latrell Mitchell in the article. I still maintain that the crowd at the England vs. Samoa game were very much on tenterhooks with regards whether the home team was going to be competitive. Having said all that, they were and they did look good. In fact Mal`s so excited he`s calling for a revival of Kangaroo tours.
  13. No question Samoa were hopeless and England pretty good. But what struck me about last night`s game, especially after hearing about what great atmospheres English crowds generate (and this was a World Cup opening match) was the strange eery silence that enveloped the stadium for at least the first 20 minutes or so of the game. Atmosphere practically zero. I suspect that this was a crowd who was very nervous about whether England were going to get thumped or not. But that`s o.k, great result for the home team and the tournament. A certain element of triumphalism here with perhaps a strong undercurrent of relief.
  14. Reports coming out of the IRL Annual Conference on comments made by Peter Beattie ARLC board member and newly appointed IRL member :- *On #NRL broadcast limitations/cost overseas: 'We're not happy with it and want to change it' *On rep window: 'We're looking at 4 games in 5wks at end of season being part of the CBA' Not sure of the meaning of the first one, perhaps a reference to making the game more affordable to watch in developing markets which I`ve heard can be prohibitive. The second point a lot easier to understand, a five week international window at the end of every season.
  15. There`s something about the Papuan`s though isn`t there. Really solid settled halves pairing who have performed together recently. Throw in world class Justin Olam in the centres, who had an absolute blinder against Fiji and will be a real leader in that team setting the tone, and what a tone. Coates and Johnson, two of the best wingers in the world, big strong try scorers and a pack who will not say die. Some are tipping their hooker to be the revelation of the tournament. And is there another team in the comp whos` whole country will be behind them like the New Guineans, I doubt it, maybe the Tongans, perhaps Samoans if they go deep, like wise England. Papua for the semi`s ?
  16. I`ve no doubt P.N.G. would be over the moon to have an NRL team but basing it out of another country would be a slap in the face, they probably would feel it really wasn`t theirs. Imagine having a team that only fly in a couple of days before game day, and probably stay in 5-star accommodation to boot. A real team of the people. Behind the big name sponsors every team has scores of small companies that get behind them. P.N.G. has a very small economy and to further compound the problem their supporters are very poor. There`s just not the $30m it takes to run an NRL team. It`s a ludicrous idea that might have legs in 50 years. If the Australian Gov`t want to use League to increase engagement with PI countries to provide a bulwark against Chinese encroachment in the Pacific by all means spend money on League, but let`s make it more realistic. Development dollars on the ground and pathways into the NSW and QLD Cup competitions would be massive for a start. Apparently there was a school boys and girls tour to Fiji a couple of weeks ago, first time in decades the whole thing a rip-roaring success, more of this sort of stuff.
  17. The Australian Government are starting to give me the #######. The same week they are talking about reviewing the anti-syphoning laws potentially limiting what streaming companies might be able to bid on our next broadcast deal and which could cost us a motza at the next broadcast rights negotiations they are coming up with ####-eyed plans for teams in P.N.G. What bloody star player is going to move to P.N.G. for christs sake, where will all the scores of small companies that sponsor N.R.L. clubs come from. ###### clueless.
  18. Got to say the excitement levels are really rising around my house as well. Very hard to not get caught up in the hype and excitement on here. Have signed up to Kayo for the tournament and am going to be an absolute zombie at work on Sunday morning. But if it`s as good as everything seems will be floating on cloud nine all day. One thing I`m particularly looking forward to is them carrying out the Paul Barriere Trophy into the stadium. I`m sincerely hoping French Rugby League can be what the Pacific Islands and New Zealand are to us.
  19. Thanks for all of that. How much revenue do you expect would have been raised from all these broadcast deals. Even a rough figure would be interesting.
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