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  1. @Damientheoretically I see the attraction in membership and I'd like it myself, but in practice I don't think it works. I don't thin lots of people get their calculators out too much for ST. In short term: If 13 homes games, sell standing pass for £200, £250 for a seat. £20 on day to stand, £25 to sit. Allow simple pay on day. Keep grand final premium, but sell play offs and cup games cheap to boost crowds.
  2. Yes, it's such a stupid rule. I take points about premium games should command higher prices, but we are where we are, rather than where we want to be. 4 sell out matches before grand final would have better long term impact- it's essential the new revenue distribution allows for this. Holy grail would be a central rfl ticketing site for all club and international matches- easy to use/ buy, could link in with our league. Sell tickets on their till midnight day before and then do in person pay on day sales.
  3. For years our best matches have the poorest attendances. Why continue? There will be 9k ish there next week- much better to have 20k If you convince 200 or so of the 11k (1 in 55) who will watch on tv but might go if cheaper to buy a season pass then you are quids in and its a much better spectacle.
  4. £25 adult walk up for Wigan next Thur. Head meets wall time. Is there a stupid rule as revenue may have an element of sharing that normal gate money must be charged? If so, how silly. Play off games should be a bonus, so wigan need to cover costs only. Imagine £5 a pop- 20k in stadium for £100k. Instead 9k at £15 ish (after discounts) so £135k but much worse atmosphere, worse product and £35k difference Which is approx 35k/ £250 ish- about 140 season tickets which you might persuade more people to buy after a 20k play off match
  5. Sounds from twitter good crowds at wigan and Leeds tonight. Couple of less rounds and I think extra gates from Fri and weekend games only would have been better than lower gates partially caused by midweek matches
  6. Yes- Hearn still hasn't sold out around 50k world darts tickets yet Go to darts on thur in Dublin at grand prix and its 1k in a 10k arena Their very successful and market darts superbly, but RL totally different and if Hearns in RL this forum would be full of their failure
  7. Good numbers- I'd guess based on tickets sold with a few no shows if I'm being honest- but encouraging given circumstances
  8. As a season ticket holder at Newcastle for 10 plus years, I was hoping to offer a balanced view. The chairman notes Gates are a concern- it's a short to medium challenge to grow them to 1k paying a week. The community stuff is great- but will take time. It's great that the club are realistic and appreciate the benefits won't accrue for a number of years. I love what Newcastle is doing and the potential- and on other threads I regularly talk about the need to be positive- but growing crowds and income (so not reliant on owner) is important. The term newcastle or north east is one to think about. Newcastle most recognisable brand, but a brand which may put off Middlesborough, some durham and Sunderland residents. Similar to man city fans not supporting Salford. It's a tricky one. Regardless hopefully plenty of paying punters Friday night
  9. Discussed on a previous thread but take away away fans and free tickets, the core Newcastle support is 400-500. I think they had hoped to get this to 1k in championship. Excellent grassroots work but gates are a worry. Slight identity issue- do you push newcastle or North east brand?
  10. First half of melbourne v paramatta. We can't help that the players much better but no excessive video ref, no play acting, few stoppages
  11. Bringing back scrums will help add variety. The run to middle with line set doesn't help
  12. For non televised Sky (and BBC) games, sky will produce a minimum 8 camera set up, that Super League can sell on. This will be a high quality production (and from my point of view sadly allow video ref at all matches) It is worth a couple of million, and if done right Our League has potential to bring in up to £5m plus of revenue. 20k buys of £150 online season ticket is £3m. Thus tv deal could be closer to £33m all in compared to £40m before. (Ball park £25m sky, £5m our league, £3m BBC) Worry is will it deter away fans? I'd therefore suggest that the 3 non televised games plus any championship games shown are sold at £15-20 for a weekend pass. So it's £15-20 for a weeks access to all live content, £150 for the entire season.
  13. Agreed- but you'd have thought some people may have heard of Bradford, London, Halifax, Sheffield over Coventry, West wales and Hunslet. As discussed previously I think there a few quick wins on tickets: - Dates for first 4 months of season need to be locked in - 1 game a week. Having midweek matches are a massive turn off - Tickets hard to buy. Have some pay on day. Holy grail would be for Our League to run ticket sale infrastructure centrally, with clubs supporting. Get every club to put their stadium maps on Our League and allow fans to book. Online sales stop on midnight before the game and clubs then print off remaining tickets to be sold via cash or payment card on day or at turnstile. Incredible promotional opportunities
  14. Yes- newcastle doing well- owner with (apparent) deep pockets and growing game at community level. Big concern is core home support of 400-500 not grown- and larger attendances are free tickets/ away fans I'm not complaining at free tickets, far from it, but you'd have hoped attendances may have been 1k for bigger games with free tickets/ away fans bringing crowds closer to 2k *Appreciate above is optimistic. I also think Newcastle should be pushed appropriately (if licensing returns) but I reckon it may take another 4-5 years until sustainably SL ready in terms of crowds
  15. Both Oldham and whitehaven games were preceeded by junior rugby festivals (600 players at second) and they got a free ticket. 75% maybe a slight exaggeration but core Newcastle support poor outside of free tickets, which is disappointing as community side doing well
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