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  1. Without wanting to be a party pooper, is the availability based on half capacity (caution in case of Covid restrictions in place)
  2. I think sky will have contracted staff to end of 2021. I feel very bad speculating as people's jobs are at risk here, but I suppose it is an entertainment business where these things happen. I think carney, brooks and wells are safe- but I would freshen up the rest.
  3. Both pyke and proe sound more enthused this year. I think Rod Studd would have been best to take over from Eddie H (wish Rod well on his recovery) with him and Pyke on games. Sadly Bill Arthur an OK back up but monotone and Proe sadly out of his depth too on
  4. So I know someone who has access to overnights- but a bit cheeky to ask for too many as barb charge for these. I'm unsure if peak is by minute or every 5 minutes. For other games we will need to wait two weeks until barb publicly release (unfortunately we only get programme averages for these) and figures skewed by how much pre and post match there is
  5. Main Event (5pm-7.30pm) average 103k, peak 232k Arena (5pm-7.30pm) average 170k, peak 203k Arena much higher than normal due to leeds match not being on main event Match average will most likely have been over 300k combined
  6. Knock on. Can you tap from where the knock on occurs or do you have to tap from 10m, 20m or halfway?
  7. Should add that I use Android so google chromecast works with that
  8. More options than choice of cereals in a supermarket! A google chromecast (cost £30) plug into a hdmi slot and if you have wi fi you can click the chromecast button. I have found chromecast to be a bit slow on our league, took a few attempts to work. A smart tv app would be excellent, but costly I guess.
  9. Tesco spend about £7.4bn on wages and on costs last year. Most clubs will have to submit accounts that will give a fair idea of budget- I think its fair enough to speculate
  10. I like to be positive on this forum, but that is a bit of an anti climax
  11. Sky say big announcement at 2pm Could be TV deal?
  12. I haven't got exact figure to hand but it's in low £000s international income for broadcast
  13. From ofcom: Where advertising inserted by the originating broadcaster is also taken, the Ofcom licensee is responsible for ensuring that he has the ability to block or otherwise replace the transmission of any material that does not comply with Ofcom Codes and rules. So Sky have to ensure Aussie adverts comply (primarily with watershed)
  14. I'm sorry but this is a ridiculous arguement. 1. Sky contract is pretty much whistle to whistle. We dont know if NRL/ Fox are prepared to allow pre match 2. Ofcom who regulate tv are very strict on product placement and direct feeds from abroad. Why NFL regularly cuts out. Broadcasters have to be very careful about sponsorship- so whistle to whistle reduces potential issues. 3. Has the editor asked sky for comment? 4. BLM point was tangent- not directly relevant.
  15. Nice idea in places but are we saying if England lose to PNG in QF that's England out of 4 nations for following 3 years?
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