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  1. Why don't we save some money and have home team SF? It's not much different from having QF at home team. And madness for women's game which needs exposure more than anything to sacrifice that for a neutral venue.
  2. Crazy imho that Wigan women semi is tomorrow, while St Helens can't play at St Helens I'm all for competition integrity but does that override an extra 1-2k watching punters at each game?
  3. On a serious point I am surprised how little RL teams change formation.. You rarely see a forward out wide, or centres/ wingers all moving to one side Of course many valid reasons in general for this, but I am surprised it doesn't occur more as an attacking move
  4. A season ticket is a commitment. For most people spending 13 evenings or weekend days at rugby instead of other activities is alot. Cup games (often with less than a months notice) will clash with something else, or a person is quite content with seeing around 13 matches- they don't want more. It's a bit like how I see the cinema. I go about once a month. I could go more, but chose not to. I'm happy with 12 visits a year
  5. How much of 40k is full contact and how much of Union number is full contact? Anecdotally I've seen touch rugby grow- that would mostly increase union number?
  6. I really enjoy going to Headingley, but the North stand looks poor on TV- it sounds and looks much poorer on tv now as a stadium.
  7. Sport requires highs and lows. In any league system you sometimes have little to play for some seasons, in other seasons lots. In league one football, teams 8 to 18 have not much to play for. (Probably definitely nothing with 2 games to go) That's sport- not every year will be exciting
  8. In a league system, some games don't matter that much towards the end. So what? You showcase the 3 or 4 that do and the other 2 occur- which could be good, stress free matches for those watching
  9. Have we considered that value of RL deal is much more about whether Sky and BT are battling for broadband subscribers rather than quality on pitch? As for gap- in 2004 ish we had numerous 70 plus beatings- I think standards fairly comparable? The game has changed though- more structured
  10. I thought Try was good. Much better to not have video ref involved Enjoying the slightly limited BBC coverage- feels quite special in a funny way. (Problem with all games live is saturation- individual games often feel less special)
  11. I read that Gladiators contestant, Finlay Anderson, played rugby league for Scotland- do we know what level?
  12. That's occurring on 4th April. Channel rebrand on 9th April. But RFL need to accept/ decline their offer?
  13. I know I sound like a broken record, but £120 for exclusive championship and 4 SL matches (with a cheap international ticket or Sunday magic ticket) is surely a no brainer? You have circa 30,000 regular championship attendees and 120k SL attendees to market to. You need circa 10k to make it add up
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