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  1. Indeed he did. Gave a needless penalty away that cost them the game
  2. Congratulations to Saints. As good as he is, appropriate that a penalty given away by the grub Maloney cost Catalan the game.
  3. Connor has got to be one of the worst one on one defensive fullbacks in the league
  4. Agree, he will be a good signing for Salford. Makes good metres after contact and strong in defence. If he is given the chance and applies himself, he could be one of the better props in SL.
  5. Cas by far the more dangerous team with the ball. Don't know if Saints have the attacking game to stay with them.
  6. The ball didn't go loose in the tackle. It was plain for everyone to see that Griffin was badly injured before he released the ball. Something you very rarely see in RL. You don't need to change any rules, Fages did nothing wrong but it was still the wrong thing to do.
  7. Totally different scenario. Every player could see Griffin was badly injured
  8. Fages may have done nothing wrong and most other players would have probably done the same thing but still not the correct thing to do.
  9. Agree regarding the ball steal rule. It is spoiling the game imo, even though we have won our fair share. Nearly every tackle is a mess, with pushing and pulling at the ball carrier, slowing the ruck down and making for a scruffy play the ball. Totally sick of it and it is putting me of watching the game to be honest.
  10. I have no problem with the Referee's performance. He didn't get everything spot on but had a decent game. Certainly not the reason we lost. An inept attack and a woeful right side defence were the reasons for the defeat.
  11. It could be an option but players would then keep trying to strip the ball after held is called knowing they will not be penalised. No doubt some would use it as a tactic to slow the play the ball down. I wish they would scrap the whole rule, it has just resulted in a scrappy play the ball.
  12. Thanks for posting this. Brought back some great memories. I too used to rent the weekly video of Winfield cup games from the local shop. Along with some all time great Aussies playing at that time, it was always good to see how the Brits were getting on in their short stints down under.
  13. Has to be Fev or London imo. Either the team TWP replaced or the team they beat to get into SL. If Fev had won the Championship playoff they would not be refused admission to SL because they were too close to another SL side so not sure why it should stop them now.
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