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  1. Never mind the book , I've seen it on TV , Sharpe was captured by the French , he escaped , ran to the front line , steadied the line , swished his sword about and the French were defeated
  2. I think we should appoint a high profile foreign coach , never mind the cost , just give him what he wants , its bound to bring success .
  3. Rumour has it , that he will play the Celestial Toymaker .
  4. Didn't you fancy doing it from 1889 onwards
  5. So its Grimsby v Solihull moors for a place in the Football League
  6. How are points awarded ? I take it that Rochdale , Oldham , Tranmere , Rotherham and Bradford are awarded 1 point each for reaching the League Cup final .
  7. At ding donger of a match in the National League play offs with Grimsby winning 5 - 4 at Wrexham after ET . Grimsby are now through to the final and will play either Solihull Moor or Chesterfield .
  8. Gerrard will want to finish as high as possible in the table , Villa are currently 14th , a win tonight could take them up to 11th , Villa will go all out for a win tonight and only then concentrate on the Man City match , unfortunately , I think Burnley will get something from tonight's match , whether that's a win or a draw .
  9. The last player for Sheff United looked like he changed his mind about 6 times during his run up , as to where he was gonna put the ball .
  10. Forest should have been out of sight , by half time in the first leg , but tonight , Sheff Utd look like a totally different team ,
  11. Yes about then . Going slightly off topic , when Man City left Maine Road , weren't Stockport interested in taking over the stadium .
  12. I can remember back in the mid to late 80s . before they went on their good run to the second tier , anything over 2500 would be a good crowd .
  13. Stockport County clinched promotion to the EFL today , in front of 10000+ fans , I think they had 10000+ at their last home game as well .
  14. David Tennant and Catherine Tate are to return to Doctor Who for the 60th anniversary special .
  15. So York City won today , where does that leave them ? how many games do they need to win to get promotion ?
  16. We used to have lots of Swifts nesting where I live , then the local housing association put all new roofs on the houses and removed all their nest sites , so the Swifts went away , but then we got House Martins nesting , which we'd never had before .
  17. I loved Matt Smith as the Doctor , it took about 20 minutes of his first episode to win me over , where as my favourite Doctor , Peter Capaldi , it took about 5 or 6 episodes
  18. There was a quote from RTD , that of all the rumours going around , about who was playing the next Doctor , that some of them were actually started by him , but not the James Corden one
  19. Ncuti Gatwa is the 14th Doctor . Its a bit of a Matt Smith type of casting , a relatively unknown out of the blue actor .
  20. While it wasn't a classic episode , it was an entertaining 50 minutes and as for the trailer , Wow ! those were two nice surprises to look forward to , and I'm equally looking forward to the surprises that haven't been revealed yet , because there's no way that they've shown their full hand six months out from the airing .
  21. No Danger of that , you'll always find him in the kitchen at parties !
  22. Madness , with the squad Burnley have got , they are only set up to play one way , so if Dyche can't get them out of it , then nobody can .
  23. I think we should have some kind of attendance Zhar on this thread , someone who has absolute authority on what is a good or bad attendance , my nomination is SKS , someone who has absolute knowledge on what is a good or bad attendance . All hail SKS , attendance Zhar supreme ,
  24. Are we allowed to say " best group since the Beatles "
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