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  1. That was Batley's fault , they didn't read the script .
  2. FIFA have back dated this , they've ranked all the teams in every WC from 1930 .
  3. Italy out of World Cup , beaten at home by North Macedonia .
  4. I'm not just talking about England but Europe as a whole .
  5. They're probably still plotting right now .
  6. Leeds next game is huge , if they can beat Southampton and you take into account that on the same weekend , Burnley and Watford play Man City and Liverpool respectively , you're looking at potentially a 10 point gap between Leeds and the 3rd from bottom team .
  7. With the expansion of the Champions League , they had no choice but to cancel it , we'd have been getting to the stage where both domestic cup finalists qualified for the CL , so we'd have to look at the losing semi finalists to find a team to enter the CWC
  8. They may not want to qualify , but if they get to the final , the fans and players will definitely be up for it , just ask Man Utd and Chelsea .
  9. Awesome , especially when its said by some American teen fitted wearing braces .
  10. It'll be ironic if Lampard keeps Leeds up .
  11. I didn't think they'd sack him , not until the rumours started shortly after yesterdays match finished , its a sad day but time will tell if its the correct decision .
  12. I'm a fev fan and believe it or not , fev fans used to sing it , that was in the 80s and early 90s , and although I joined in with the singing , the lines " we love you , fev , fev , fev " sounded really tacky and twice as bad when we played Leeds .
  13. Believe me , Leeds RL fans sang it in the early to mid 1990s , probably even before .
  14. They've always sung it at Elland Road , despite what sort of form LUFC have been in .
  15. That's good to hear , lets hope they get the idiot who threw the coin .
  16. Its getting tight at the bottom of the Prem with Watford and Burnley winning , the pressures back on Leeds now , we've got Man U tomorrow , Liverpool away midweek and home to spurs next week , should be 9 points , surely !
  17. An excellent win for Huddersfield , 2-1 away at Fulham .
  18. Rotherham and Wigan draw 1 - 1 , a decent result for both sides , particularly Wigan , having played on Tuesday , this result keeps both teams on track for automatic promotion , a good crowd of 10500 as well .
  19. You're not kidding , I first heard it at the 1984 Olympics at the same as I first saw the Los Angeles wave , its become very tiresome .
  20. Since their relegation(and including) from the Prem in 2012-13 , Wigan have had 2 promotions and 4 relegations , in the same time , Rotherham have had 4 promotions and 3 relegations , while Blackpool have had 2 promotions and 2 relegations .
  21. The other stories they are showing are , Genesis of the daleks , Terror of the Zygons , The Robots of Death , City of Death , Logopolis , Kinda , Earthshock , The Caves of Androzani , Vengeance of Varos and Remembrance of the Daleks .
  22. At least they got the choreographed bit right .
  23. They were very unfortunate with their last relegation , they looked certain to stay up , until going into administration in very dubious circumstances . When you say getting relegated/promoted , are you talking about recent times or all time ? I seem to remember Grimsby going up and down quite a lot from the mid 80s through to the mid 2000s .
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