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  1. It looks a tidy little ground and maybe hopefully in the future. Has Doncaster got 2 sets of fans for both Rugby codes or is there a small cross over.
  2. Have Doncaster RL ever played out of Castle Park the home of Doncaster Rugby Union and is there any crossover support between both clubs as looking at results they get a few games with 2,000 plus.
  3. I thought it was great crowd and whats not to like about the stadium by the sea....I wish we had the same problem on the sea front of South Shields.
  4. Just looked on Rugby League/AFL Table crowd stats and you are right with the Gong crowds but maybe the that was do to with St.Merge winning 5 out of 27 games ?...love to see the game in Woooongong prosper.
  5. I'm talking about this year and do hope the Gold Coast will get some better support....St.George at Kogarah yes your right but so wrong about St.George at Wollongong as 16,000 plus at Win at the weekend just need mire games in the Gong.
  6. Who cares the NRL is doing very well apart from Gold Coast.
  7. Great to see so was the Mayfield v Watershed game played on a different day to the Oldham v Rochdale game ?
  8. How did this game get such a good crowd.
  9. Oh and before that travelling the world with adverts with Clive James and was it Chris Tarrant before or after that I liked. Sorry for going off subject
  10. I loved Friday nights after school with things like Cheers but then got dread of Sunday after Spitting Image with music of the South Bank Show.
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