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  1. Maybe you're right on that.... a shame it wasn't Rugby League
  2. Another excellent reply and that's what I heard from a few but I think the whole Leinster and Munster Rugby thing has calmed down but the Irish National team do get could Tv Ratings and has had a advantage of being a full Ireland unlike the Soccer with Northern Ireland and Republic Of Ireland and GAA International is strange International Rules which I believe has dropped in interest.
  3. Excellent reply Thank You I also remember reading Shinty being played in England that's how you have 2 Football Clubs in Nottingham with Forest being a Shinty Club who would set up a Football Club and Notts County being the County Cricket Club but I could be wrong. Never the less thank you that excellent reply.
  4. Why is Shinty not popular in Scotland compared to Ireland as Scotland has the near same size population yet only supports Football widespread and Rugby 2nd and that's only in Edinburgh, Borders and a bit in Glasgow yet Ireland gets great crowds for Hurling, GAA Football, Soccer and Rugby Union. You think they support it as a national sport in the summer.
  5. Sorry was typing in a hurry but do the Touch Players get incentives to watch the Titans.
  6. Do the Touch players ass bums on seats at Titans games ?
  7. Excellent post and I only hope some old school ties will evenuqtlly disappear as I read a lot of Union players, coaches etc in Australia and New Zealand wanting the Union game to speed up and instead of farting around coming up with new ways or new competitions to unsuccessfully speed/jazz UP the game up but instead we should be building a future together as it's not the 1980's. The best set up for club Rugby is the French one with- Top 14 Pro2 Federale 1 which 48 teams divide into 4 pools of 12 teams each.
  8. The only unification there should be is the unification of Rugby League and Rugby Union and then you might see 2 2 full time leagues and maybe 1 or 2 semi pro leagues, imagine new fixtures instead of the same old ones like Leeds v Leicester or in the lower league York v Cornwall...well that's what I want to see now. PS Please don't shot me down and might start a new thread in Cross Codes.
  9. Excellent News....now can we just go back to old school jerseys as well.
  10. Has any one bought tickets through the Klarna website where you pay through 3 instalments ?
  11. I bought 3 tickets before Covid which came to £100 but can't anything on bank details or ticket site...was I dreaming it as I'm there was a sub site to go through but can't remember the name of the company.
  12. I think it should be compulsory for both players, coaches and fans to be allowed to push referees over ... in Rugby Union.
  13. Jake Paul needs to be taught a lesson and the money he makes the Boxing authorities need to step in and 90% of his purse should be given trickled down to the real pro's and grass roots.
  14. And the A-League Soccer/Football grand final got 22,000 at home of the Storm.
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