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  1. My only criticism of Pickersgill is his pace, I don't think he has a top gear. Other than that he is very good.
  2. Ford's next to be announced
  3. Whoo knows, hut I'm excited by our ambition. I would imagine we're building a team for the play-offs.
  4. How do you know we haven’t. Can’t please some people.
  5. We could match them mid field but lacked Grunt coming away from our line. Definitely got the decision over us and Joey showed great pace and strength for his second half try. Very pleased to come ad close as we did drawing 10 to go against the biggest spending team in the league is great value. Thanks to Lions for a great afternoon and atmosphere.
  6. What time is the game kicking off on the stream? it states 14.30 and 15.30 i’m assuming because of a 1 hour time difference in France.
  7. I personally think Helliwell and trout will be invaluable towards the back end, both are very strong, can do long minutes and age quick on the dry surfaces.
  8. Apparently the RFL are introducing a bonus point system retrospectively; 1 point for each Premier Sports appearance.
  9. But the week before we excelled in all the above. Chill out it happens.
  10. Last tackle kicks were woeful, no one set restart. Surely we are better than a kick and hope.
  11. Is our game available to stream?
  12. To be honest, I was expecting a harder game always wary of playing at Batley.
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