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  1. I think Kiedan Hartley was first in the pecking order before his injury, which gave Jack Render the chance at full back instead when Golding was unavailable? Look what happened there, Jack has never looked back! How many of this bunch will step up in the same manner if they get the chance?
  2. He also saved them from relegation the year before, but to be fair every coach Wakefield have had in Super league has had a good start before it went down hill, then a new coach has come in and turned them around for a short while before he in turn starts to struggle. It's been like Groundhog Day, even with some very good coaches, so you can't take anyone's record at Wakefield as a yardstick.
  3. Sutcliffe and McClelland show great promise but won't get a game with Rhinos at the start until injuries hit the squad, but they need to be playing for Fev, not in the reserves. Luke Briscoe will probably be back with them too until he's needed back at Headingley? What Fev do if players like these are recalled will determine their season, but Longo and Campbell have a good track record at bringing quality players in.
  4. If Ryan goes it's important to maintain the goodwill, ie "Once a Capper Always a Capper". If it's back to Oz he could be Fev's eyes and ears over players interested in coming over here, either to make a name for themselves or resurrecting their careers. Agents will try to push players on us, Ryan would be able to advise whether they would be suitable. If it's on to Leeds Rhinos it could help to maintain the goodwill between the D/R partners..
  5. And best of luck to you. I have reservations with McDermott's comments however. His dream of big city clubs from wider Europe and North America is a nice idea, but the only way forward for that would be for the 4-6 biggest English clubs to leave and join an international league and leave our "smaller northern town clubs" alone to get on with the sport we invented. The trouble is we would probably lose many famous clubs in the interim to make way for the new Paris's (for a 2nd time), Barcelona's and such. I think the only way to accommodate this would be to initially expand Super League to 14 or 16 clubs then split into two leagues of 10 if the growth is still there. As shown over the last few weeks, however, TV and other media exposure is the key to growing the game outside Super League.
  6. I think you will find that you'll be welcomed in with open arms, but it will be much more difficult to win trophies, they are the property of the elite who are running the game and they won't like it.
  7. McDermott has only played for successful clubs, so when he talks about big city clubs throughout Europe and North America joining Super League he should stop and consider what would happen if they're not successful, as they can't all be? What rugby league doesn't want is more boom and bust clubs. Some of the northern towns might be just making up the numbers but at least they know how to keep going year on year. I wonder where Toronto will be in 5 years time if they haven't won anything by then?
  8. And in more recent times, I wonder what price Warrington were to beat the seemingly invincible St. Helens in this year's Challenge Cup final? I think the odds are generous for Fev fans thinking of having a bet. Those odds may have been accurate for a normal league game, but in finals like these how many times do the underdogs upset the odds? Players like Wilkin and many of his Wolfpack team mates have been there, done it, and earned a relative fortune many times before, are they as likely to put their bodies on the line as much as most of the Fev players for whom it will be the biggest day of their career so far? That's what happened in 1983, why not tomorrow?
  9. Fev are conceding far less penalties than they were earlier in the season, since they took ex-referee Dave Merrick on board as part of their coaching staff. Dave knows the game inside out but also knows the laws of the game and how other referees interpret them. He will know how Chris Kendall conducts the game and instruct the players accordingly.
  10. You are forgetting that it's one of the very few postcodes within the game that doesn't have a football league or premiership club. True, Wakefield is very near to Elland Road and has many Leeds United fans, but Rugby League is without doubt the primary sport in Featherstone, Castleford (and Pontefract) and those two clubs won't be worried whether or not whether LUFC win promotion to the Premier League. That fact alone makes the populations of Fev, Cas & Ponte 3-4 times greater in real terms with respect to the percentage of council tax payers interested in the game. Neither will these clubs be competing with soccer clubs to bring local sponsors on board.
  11. No, Fev don't offer much do they? Other than having a stadium far better than Toulouse, Toronto, Cas & Wakefield, and on top of that they actually own it, which means they also bring in good revenue, both on match days and throughout the year. A lot of folk also seem to forget that the Featherstone area, including the Fev halves of Pontefract and Sharlston, was in the days before Super League arguably the most productive hotbed of Rugby League talent within the game. Although they still produce loads of local talent it's maybe not as famous since they were unceremoniously omitted from Super League. Does anyone have any ideas why this may be????
  12. Just like being a top player is no guarantee of being a good coach, neither does it apply to sports presenting, give or take one or two exceptions. There are far too many ill equipped ex-players taking jobs away from talented journalists who probably understand the game far more than they do, and who are far more comfortable behind a mic. It's also probable that's why the best players don't make the best coaches? Some of the top referees may do a better job?
  13. If Robin's not playing Sunday it could be Barthau in his place, not as good in the loose but a better tactical kicker.
  14. Marchy did a very good job with Keighley in the Championship in 2013, the last time Fev won the league by beating them with a last minute try at Lawkholme Lane on the last day of the season after the Cougars were leading by two points. Unfortunately it sent Keighley down but both sides only needed a draw to achieve their goal. I can remember Andy Hay saying that he was shouting to Marchy in the final minute to concede a penalty under the sticks but whether he contemplated this we'll never know, because later in the set Fev moved the ball out wide to score in the corner and win the game. Brilliant display by Keighley in a valiant effort to stay up with limited resources.
  15. York have been consistent all season while Fev have had their off days which have prevented them finishing above the Knights. The recent surrender of commanding leads against Toulouse and York themselves, and shock home defeats to Dewsbury and Barrow were due to complacency. I don't think there will be any complacency on Saturday!
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