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  1. I think it's time to move Chizzy back into the halves and rest Holmes in readiness for the away trip to Sheffield. Chizzy is still, at least for the time being, a better creative and goalkicking option than Brown, even if his defence is suspect. But we still don't know what our best combination is, and until we do squad rotation is the best policy, especially in light of Holmes's past injury record.
  2. I thought that Fev made hard work of a game they should have won comfortably. When they played it simple York hardly got a sniff of our line, but silly penalties brought them near from which they scored their tries. Rovers were making far more yards with their plays but had far too many chances go to ground. Having said that Kirmond's tackle on Hall was top drawer and prevented an almost certain try of the highest class, and his poor pass to Cooper was because the tackle was totally unexpected. It also saved another two points because when Hall did score his try he went farther out than he nee
  3. He's more exposed up in the line, what's more important is dealing with the high balls. I watched him play full back for Sheffield against Batley a few years back and he was the best player on the pitch.
  4. Looking at what I've seen in the past, Minns always did a good job on the wing in his previous spell at Fev, and Chizzy was good at full-back when he was out on loan at Sheffield from Bradford. Leigh fans often come on here saying left centre is Hall's best position, and personally I prefer Josh on the tight, so I would go:- Chisholm, Gale, Hardcastle, Hall, Minns, Brown, Holmes. As far as the pack goes, is Jones fit? If so I would start with him, if not I would start with Bussey at 9 and bring Parata on a bit earlier, with Bussey coming back as a prop for the last 15 minutes.
  5. We went to pieces after losing Phil Butler just before half-time. On course for the double before then, running away with the league, but we then also lost John Newlove for the rest of the season and weren't the same without our regular half-backs.
  6. Moors (on behalf of all the middles) Gale Holmes
  7. I'm still deliberating on this one, one of the hardest ever because Gale and Holmes were outstanding but they weren't the matchwinners for me - the game was won by the power of the forwards, who regularly punched holes in the Whitehaven defence, especially Moors, Kopczak and Bussey, emphasised by the four tries between them plus the one by Ferres, all scored through close range power play. It's like having an 80 minute Gareth Hock in the side with a work rate to match his destructive skills.
  8. Leeds United hit the nail on the head with their T-shirts saying "earn it". I think it applies to them more than any other club, as they have been outside of the Premier League for 17 years, whereas in our sport they would have been allowed in because of who they are, and the size of the city, probably at the expense of a small town club? And yet we continue to argue that ours is the greatest game!
  9. Too much quality in the side to even contemplate defeat, although it might be get out of jail again?
  10. I slipped up with the bookies, I had a fiver on Parata to score the last try at 33/1, which by judging on previous games seemed a good value bet as he always came off the bench and played until the end. So what happens? Webbo has him starting for the first time instead! I should have taken notice of the signs from the Missus - She backed the winner of the Grand National because of the jockey - A woman called Blackmore.
  11. The ball retention wasn't good, especially in the first half, and too many missed tackles, but yesterday proved that this side can score against anyone.
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