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  1. Agreed, whoever plays should be good enough, and the squad should able to gain the two points while giving a game to those who need one, to make sure everyone is ready and available for the play-offs. Last Saturday's performance shows that if they aim high anything is achievable with a full strength squad, and this has to include the best loan and D/R players. If Dagger isn't going to be around by then I would play Render instead. Regardless of what the knockers may say, I would also try to get such as Wellington Albert the required number of games to qualify for the play-offs under D/R rules.
  2. The Normanton edition of the Wakefield Express doesn't even cover Cas games, when Normy has just as many Cas fans as Wakey. I think the reason is they hope they will buy the Pont & Cas as well. In today's day and age when you can pick up most of the news off the web page I don't think it's going to happen? One point of interest, do the Hemsworth and South Elmsall Express feature Fev at all? When Pat Cluskey came as CEO a few years ago we discussed this and he said he would explore promoting the club more to the South of Ackworth. Don't know if any progress has been made though?
  3. Ben McKenna doing a very good job at Pont & Cas / Yorksire Post, which are all part of the same group nowadays.
  4. I have SkyTV but not the full SkySports, I've got a discounted cricket pass. I usually take out a day pass from NowTV whenever Fev are on. But does anyone know if you can get red button via NowTV?
  5. Information on the Sky Sports site is confusing. It says its on Sky Sports Action at 8:0pm, but all other information says the kick-off time is 6:0pm. Can anyone clarify?
  6. Sorry if you think that David, but I have to remain impartial for these reports. I usually give 60--65/100 for an average ref performance.
  7. Brad Day (Action Man) Golding Walters
  8. Are RoversTV doing it from Jamie's front room again this year?
  9. Watching the video of him, he looks very tough on defence, very quick, with a good kicking game. I particularly like those little grubbers from dummy half near the line which are difficult to defend against, even if you don't score you will force a lot of GLDO's.
  10. Can't see Wakefield releasing Reynolds for a full month while they are only 4 points off the drop? Boas was ok and is a good finisher but not the best as an organiser, though he might fit in well alongside Chisholm? Who would play down the right though, as both seem to prefer the left?
  11. Interesting comments from Barrow coach Paul Crarey on RoversTV, he talks a good game and explains how they planned to play against Fev. We'll have to wait and see if we caught a team with a massive turn around in form, because many of us thought Dewsbury would shoot up the table after beating Fev, but they have been very poor since? Fair credit to Barrow, but Fev could have lost to anyone yesterday, let's hope they've got it out of their system.
  12. You're right Chris, it would be nightmare scenario. A trade-off for a neutral venue could be that in the event of scores being level after 80 minutes the highest placed club are deemed the winners- After all, it is a league competition. I think that rule should also apply in the qualifying rounds, because the golden point system is nothing short of pot luck.
  13. I'm sure most clubs don't mind operating at a different scale to Leeds, or Wigan, Saints, Warrington and Hull FC for that matter, and even Bradford before their demise? There are some clubs in Super League that are far from super however. Fev fans still feel they could be as good as Castleford or Wakefield. Fax, Batley and Dewsbury fans know they could do as well as Huddersfield with the right Sugar Daddy, and Salford aren't any better than Leigh. So should they all stop dreaming? "First you lose your dreams and then your mind" according to Mick Jagger.
  14. They'll have to kick Wakey out then, because they've wanted them out by fair means (relegation) for 20 years, but they've stuck there like glue, and credit to them for that. If international expansion continues there could be less than 8 English clubs and the others will finally play fair with the Championship clubs, because they will need them to make up a worthwhile competition. If this happens I would drop the term Super League and adopt a name that is less divisive.
  15. I'd like to see Kiedan Hartley get a game at some stage and get on that list. He was looking good before the injury that gave Render the chance instead of him, and Jack might be needed on the wing if Briscoe gets recalled.
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