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  1. Hopefully reduced capacity crowds will be allowed back soon? Some folk who are vulnerable may stay away, but maybe that could be partially supplemented by pay-per-view live streaming? Maybe live streaming could also be used to provide a service for away fans who can't travel and an alternative for those who can, hence reducing footfall on public transport and other forms of travel? I know we would need permission from Sky, who hold the rights, but surely at extraordinary times like this?????
  2. Besides all that Harry, I was trying to put the argument across from the point of view of a tax paying RL fan, and also a RL journalist who isn't paying tax at the moment. It seems that some clubs just want to carry on taking the furlough money out of the taxpayer's pocket right up until the end of October while not giving anything back in return, either in terms of providing much needed entertainment or getting the economy moving again?
  3. Definitely, but if they could get more people off furlough it would be cost effective to provide more testing facilities and take up the spare capacity.
  4. Forget about the sports angle for a minute and look at it from the taxpayer's point of view - If someone had to be tested twice a week so they could work and pay tax, would it be cheaper to give them free or relatively cheap testing, or to keep them on furlough?
  5. We have to remember that we are not alone, the EFL and RFU are in the same boat, along with some other sports. All will be pressing the government for some sort of indication on the main drivers for a return - mainly crowds and testing. One thing I find odd about testing is the fact that employers are being urged to take staff off furlough where possible. So why should they have to pay for testing if it means that professional sports men and women could go back to work and save the taxpayer money?
  6. In that case why not defer promotion for the winners until 2022? Future promotions could also be deferred for 12 months over the next few seasons to see whether giving them more time to prepare makes the competition stronger?
  7. Thousands because Fev own more land than any other club in the game.
  8. According to the latest release about Super League returning in August, it is anticipated that crowds will be allowed back in September. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/53196901?fbclid=IwAR15EFRBYJd6Kcww05XvW-GaEN2l9jlaZyVvL8jmW7gVtnlLhi_CtN4kJMg Most Championship clubs would be able to fit everyone in, even with social distancing, and testing costs might be lower by then, especially if the saliva test being trialled in Southampton proves successful? Players wouldn't have to come off furlough altogether for pre-season training, it would be just like going in to work a few hours a week, so they could go part-time furlough. These two major enablers might never happen, but it would be letting the rugby starved fans down to call everything off without waiting to see whether the lockdown ease doesn't have repercussions? Some clubs, however, just want to squeeze every last penny out of the tax payer via the furlough scheme while not giving anything back to the sponsors and season ticket holders.. If we get a second wave this coming winter it could even wreck hopes for 2021, so why not get some rugby in while we can?
  9. My favourite when I were a lad used to be "Cheyenne".
  10. Some clubs want to play because they've laid out big time in a quest for promotion, while those that haven't probably wouldn't get the income to make ends meet, and those that feel they may be fighting to avoid relegation won't want to play at all costs. Why not just have a mini league for those that want to play on? Assuming it would only be promotion candidates it could prove attractive for pay-per-view in the interim before crowds are allowed back? The only bugbear would be what to do about relegation from the Championship if League 1 played on with qualification for promotion?
  11. Thanks Andy. Are you still teaching?
  12. I would have thought either Grayshon, Batten or Miller for the oldest, but if its neither of them I would have a wildcard guess at Derek (Sam) Windmill, simply because I read somewhere that while he was on the coaching staff he came out of retirement in an emergency for a one off appearance. He was on the staff for the '83 cup win and he must have been mid 40's back then?
  13. JB, I was referring to the question, who was the captain of that side?
  14. The loss of Terry Clawson to TB a couple of years before was also a massive loss, although he did come back. Judging by his achievements later in his career it makes you think how much more he could have achieved throughout the sixties? A Rugby League Hall of Fame candidate surely?
  15. Don't be too hasty, Tommy Smales (loose forward) was also in that side, before signing for Wigan. I've seen a photograph of the junior side somewhere and I think there were several more future professionals, one of them being Brian Shaw, cricketer Chris Shaw's father, who signed for Hull KR I believe?
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