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  1. That shows my age more than anything else, my grandson was born in Ponte maternity, parents living in Sharlston, but he's 23 now. My eldest son had the "dishonour" of being born in Cas Maternity in 1973, even though we lived in Fev at the time. Where do expectant mothers from the Five Towns area go to give birth nowadays then?
  2. On that basis there are probably more Pontefract born players than any others in the whole of RL. The simple reason being that's where the maternity hospital is that serves both Fev and Cas.
  3. We don't yet know when next season will start, and when crowds will be allowed in, and how we are going to fit next year's world cup in? They've got less than half a squad so far and would be relegation favourites, but they're demanding 3 years exemption, then we would have the headache of what to do if they finished bottom? Giving them an extra 12 months to prepare and build a strong squad would solve a lot of problems.
  4. I predict a pushback- Toronto to be allowed back in, but not until 2022.
  5. If it's a tight game Salford will hang on and nick it. If it's an easy win for one side, that will be Leeds. Salford by 2pts.
  6. You could keep that near exclusivity with Super League, or at least with games they are showing live, but Championship and L1 games are rarely televised, don't their fans deserve the chance to watch their teams as often when they can't get to the games, especially away fixtures? Plus its not just about money, don't our old and vulnerable fans want something to watch while they're stuck at home shielding? I also believe the operating costs could be much lower than those quoted by the professional live streaming company. Fev, for example, send the same copy off to the RFL for disciplinary purposes. If they weren't running their own TV channel they would have to pay for this compulsory "disciplinary" recording separately, and until recently the commentators, who were very well received by subscribers, were volunteers working for expenses only.
  7. Now is the time to experiment with video streaming before the new TV contracts are finalised. All games have to be recorded for disciplinary purposes so we are halfway there, and it wouldn't be too difficult to put them out on live video streaming. Maybe the RFL could help with this out of the money they don't have to pay as a parachute payment to the relegated club? If we started with the pre-season friendlies as a trial this would be outside Sky's jurisdiction. I know it wouldn't bring in enough to replace crowds, but it would be a useful supplement to help offset the predicted reduced attendances. More important, however, it would give an insight on what advancing technology may bring and give an indication on whether the current restrictions that Sky impose need to be taken out of any future TV negotiations.
  8. I've been writing match reports for League Express and League Weekly since 2014, mainly from Fev, and during that time I've had very close association with the RoversTV team, and my grandson was one of the commentators before he became the head of media, from where he moved on to his present media job at Salford. During that time I've seen RoversTV grow from strength to strength and become subscription based. They provide a live audio feed from all games and you can watch video highlights usually the same evening or early next day, and then watch the recording of the full game, 48 hours after the game has finished, this time lapse being at Sky's insistence. It is also the terms of the Sky contract that presents them from providing live video streaming, although they have done this in the past with pre-season friendlies that don't come under Sky's jurisdiction, and also a hastily arrange mid-week Challenge Cup tie from London where the BBC allowed permission because of the difficulty of fans travelling at short notice. When folk say PPV wouldn't be worthwhile in the Championship they forget about the away games, where take up would be much greater, but when fans are allowed to return would the old and vulnerable turn out? PPV would be a godsend for them, so too for fans who live far away or even overseas. And how many would want to watch live video streaming while they are away on holiday? RoversTV gets many fans listening from abroad while they're on holiday. The picture and sound quality is perfectly acceptable even if its not HD quality, but who needs that if it means watching their team? For those clubs without a TV crew it wouldn't be that expensive to set up, and how many wedding video specialists are currently out of work? Yes, PPV would work in the Championship, but it would need Sky's permission for it to go ahead.
  9. Rhinos didn't make the SL play-offs last year, if they had Fev wouldn't have had all the quality players they had available for the run-in to the GF. This time they have strengthened for the play-offs even before the season starts because loans cannot be relied on to be available for the games that matter. For what its worth the probable first choice 17 looks even stronger than the GF line-up.
  10. My apologies, they've been there or thereabouts so many times in recent years it's easy to forget they didn't win it. I'd still class them as a super club though.
  11. I think Leeds will suffer more than Fev. Who will bring on their rising stars in future? Even if D/R continues, I can't see many of them that would be good enough to break into the full strength 17 out of that "decent looking 25 man squad"?
  12. That may be the answer and the saviour of P&R? It may be called Super League but how many super clubs are there? Of the existing members there's Wigan, Warrington, Saints & Leeds who have won Super League and are still there. These would qualify as super clubs and be awarded full membership while ever they are winning the top prizes on a regular basis. If you include the Challenge Cup there's also Hull and Catalans, and if you also include the league leaders shield there's also Huddersfield & Castleford. Would you also give them full membership, or is that debatable? The remainder are just sitting tenants, and are no better than half a dozen clubs currently frozen out in the Championship. These SL clubs that are merely making up the numbers should only be given temporary membership and have no exemption from relegation, ie the lowest placed of those clubs should go down to be replaced by the top Championship club to make that competition vibrant and worthwhile.
  13. If those squads are no better than part-time/hybrid Fev, then what makes you think they would be good enough? London, Toulouse and Leigh would have to replace half of them, while a hybrid squad wouldn't have as much of a problem off-loading their part-timers. And don't give me the Dual Reg argument, a couple of Rhinos fringe players who are no better than they key players in the side don't make that much difference. Selection for replacing Toronto should be decided on merit.
  14. Maybe not if they're losing every week? The locals are new to the game and only used to winning at home.
  15. Well said, their dodgy practices can have a knock on effect on other clubs who rely on sponsors and the goodwill of creditors. This shouldn't have happened, there should have been salary caps in place to stop Argylle losing millions, and I hope this will apply when other overseas clubs come on board? I think it would be too much of a risk to let them back in SL next year, and if it is deemed to let them in it should be deferred until 2022. That would also protect them from relegation at the first attempt which would spark another licencing/ P&R debate.
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