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  1. I'm hoping that after a couple of months into the season we'll all be singing another song that's always on the telly at this time of year: "Consider yourself at home Consider yourself part of the furniture"
  2. I know full well he was referring to Deryck Fox, but I feel it is an insult to the great Don to just put D.Fox when two of Fev's greatest ever players come under that name. Both were great players but had their rivals, whereas Nashy was the best in the world in his prime so would always get my vote.
  3. Exactly a month ago today over on the Featherstone Rovers Heritage Society facebook page we were celebrating the 60th anniversary of Rovers beating the Australian touring side, and also mentioning the fact that they repeated the achievement 4 years later in October 1963. As major championships such as Olympics, international tours, etc., normally come around every four years I would like to pick a combined side from that four year period from 1959 to 1963 that I feel could beat any other bar maybe one from the 1973 to 1977 period. Here is my selection:- 1. J. Fennell 2. G.Waterworth 3. K. Greatorex 4. G. Cooper 5. G. Jordan 6. J. Mullaney 7. C. Dooler 8. L. Hammill 9. W. Fawley 10. M. Dixon 11. C. Lambert 12. T. Clawson 13. D. Fox The most difficult choices for me were between Gary Waterworth and Cyril Woolford on the wing and between Joe Mullaney and Ivor Lingard at stand-off, but Ivor didn't stay long enough, although he was probably rated above Hardisty at the time. I didn't start watching Rovers until 1960 so didn't see enough of Woolford although my friend Ron Bailey considers him Rovers' greatest ever winger. I picked Don Fox at 13 for two reasons, firstly because that's where he played when he destroyed the Aussies when he represented GB, and also because it would be difficult to leave Carl Dooler out of any side. Would anyone like to pick their best side from the 1973 to 1977 period?
  4. If D. Fox was Don, then he was also something else, much more than a legend. The fact he only had one GB cap was an injustice at a time when selection committees made up of directors from the richer clubs picked the team rather than the coach. But you would have to be well over 60 to remember him. Another player that never gets mentioned in these types of thread is Terry Clawson, who was one of the games greats but although he won caps with Rovers he achieved far more away from Featherstone.
  5. I expect James Harrison to kick on from his excellent form at the back end of last season, bearing in mind he missed the early part through injury.
  6. Playing Easter fixtures Thursday night and then Tuesday would make far more sense than playing Friday, Wednesday, Sunday.
  7. Another factor that could come into play is Rhinos' chances of making the SL play-offs, and whether the rules would allow D/R players to feature in both competitions? If Rhinos were to hold on to them to cover their own squad it could weaken Fev's chances. The best approach might be to pick the strongest available side throughout the regular season but hold some cash in reserve to strengthen if needed prior to the deadline day.
  8. One question that has not been answered is where was Briscoe after Rhinos' season had finished and Rovers were involved in the play-offs? If he was injured, no problem, If Ryan Carr decided to stick with the backs who'd done a good job at the end of the season, that's fine, but if he wasn't available for the play-offs because he'd gone away on holiday as one or two had suggested then that's a different issue! Can anyone clarify why he didn't play for Fev in the play-offs? With the squad already assembled Rovers must be aiming for the play-offs again, but if they are to go one better next year they need everyone to be committed right through to the MPG. For that reason I hope some money is held back in reserve to cover any D/R regulars that are recalled and don't come back.
  9. I thought the England-NZ game was good entertainment and the Japanese were very enjoyable to watch, but the South African tactics are more for the purists. The game would be better if they introduced a rule which is now obsolete in RL - The differential penalty for technical offences.
  10. Extract from the book "Fifty of the Finest Matches" by courtesy of Ron Bailey.
  11. Today is the 60th Anniversary of Rovers' second Yorkshire Cup win, beating Hull at Headingley.
  12. I think Kiedan Hartley was first in the pecking order before his injury, which gave Jack Render the chance at full back instead when Golding was unavailable? Look what happened there, Jack has never looked back! How many of this bunch will step up in the same manner if they get the chance?
  13. He also saved them from relegation the year before, but to be fair every coach Wakefield have had in Super league has had a good start before it went down hill, then a new coach has come in and turned them around for a short while before he in turn starts to struggle. It's been like Groundhog Day, even with some very good coaches, so you can't take anyone's record at Wakefield as a yardstick.
  14. Sutcliffe and McClelland show great promise but won't get a game with Rhinos at the start until injuries hit the squad, but they need to be playing for Fev, not in the reserves. Luke Briscoe will probably be back with them too until he's needed back at Headingley? What Fev do if players like these are recalled will determine their season, but Longo and Campbell have a good track record at bringing quality players in.
  15. If Ryan goes it's important to maintain the goodwill, ie "Once a Capper Always a Capper". If it's back to Oz he could be Fev's eyes and ears over players interested in coming over here, either to make a name for themselves or resurrecting their careers. Agents will try to push players on us, Ryan would be able to advise whether they would be suitable. If it's on to Leeds Rhinos it could help to maintain the goodwill between the D/R partners..
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