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  1. After running the poll for the first 5 years before Colin took over it is my perception that it's just a bit of fun which participants enjoy without taking it too seriously. Whether a trophy is presented or not at the end of the season is pretty irrelevant compared to the week to week banter we enjoy throughout the season.
  2. Does Harry Newman also qualify? Can't see him coming back to Fev though as he's now firmly entrenched into Rhinos' first team line-up? Plus he's also going on tour with England Knights at the end of the season.
  3. Colin took up the role with real vigour from the start and has done an excellent job so far. He also went in to talk to Davide Longo about presenting the trophy at the awards night and they reached an agreeable compromise. Fair do's to Davide, he was very gracious bearing in mind that the club award attracts sponsorship. I believe we now have the best of both worlds, the twitter poll is instantaneous which is what many people want, but it does have its drawbacks. Anyone that shows a flash of brilliance to turn the game in the dying minutes won't be included in the voting, whereas with the TotalRL poll you have nearly a week to decide and the full re-run of the game on RoversTV to help you make your mind up. Colin is considering giving the job up at the end of the season. I hope you can all give him you support on here and ask him to reconsider, because IMO he's doing a great job. Thank you Colin (and Davide).
  4. Colin has asked me to reply on this thread as some of the comments are causing him undue stress which are totally unwarranted. Stress, linked to high blood pressure, is one of the reasons I gave the job up, even though I am only in my late 60's and much junior to Colin. I started running the MOM Poll in 2014 (I think), although we may have had polls before as far as I can recall no-one ever devised a scoring system and added them up for the season. Andy Ellis was the overall winner that year, although we had no trophy. I continued to run the poll in 2015, and as I work for League Express writing match reports, mainly from Fev but also the occasional match not involving them, I asked John Drake, who runs this forum on behalf of the TotalRL group, whether they would be willing to donate a trophy, which they kindly agreed to. So the new trophy was presented to Will Sharp on the pitch after the final home game of the season. It was meant to be before the game but Jon Sharp wouldn't allow it from a professional point of view. In 2016 Stephanie Overton ran the awards night and organised the trophy to be engraved and awarded to John Davies, but in 2017 I can't remember what entirely happened but the awards night was different and the club were doing their own presentations. The competition went to the wire and Thacks and JD were virtually tied for the lead on the final day at Batley, so I asked the RoversTV commentary team to vote for 1st, 2nd & 3rd, and their choice moved Anthony Thackeray to being the winner. Joe Crabtree presented Thacks with the trophy after the game. Last year the guy who did the reports for League Weekly retired so I doubled up to do the reports for both rugby papers, which was very time consuming after each game in the rush to meet two deadlines. Joe Crabtree took over the League Weekly reports alongside his commentary duties for RoversTV after he left University, but had to later give this up when he took over from Ryan Sparks as Media & Marketing Executive, so the job with League Weekly went back to me. I had no spare time after each game and by the time Luke Briscoe went back to play for Leeds he had already sewn up the award. I tried several attempts to contact him with a view to getting the trophy presented on the pitch but to no avail. I wanted to get the trophy presented to Luke at the awards night, but Joe said this would be difficult as the club now had their own MOM award and trophy, run from the poll on twitter. This was bringing in lucrative sponsorship and our award might devalue theirs? For those of you that don't know, Joe is my Grandson so I wasn't going to raise an issue with the club and let the matter drop. At the beginning of this year I decided that I couldn't continue to run the poll so I asked for volunteers to take over from me. COLIN WAS THE ONLY PERSON WHO VOLUNTEERED!!!!! Sorry, I have other pressing matters at home. I'll conclude for now and add further comment later, hopefully today.
  5. Play-offs, either top 4 or top 5, because they maintain interest right to the end of the season. The only thing I don't like is the golden point, and come to that, penalty shoot-outs in soccer to decide promotion. I prefer the way GB won the RL World Cup in '72, i.e. in the event of scores being level after full time or extra time, the highest placed club from the league fixtures wins the prize. That way Toronto would already be in Super League.
  6. I bet a few Fc players were scared in the Humberside derbies when Chris Burton was on the field?
  7. Colin, After forgetting all about it most weeks, I've finally remembered to put the trophy in the back of my car to take to the game tomorrow, because you'll be needing it in a few weeks. I'll be in the press box in the main stand from about 14:40, and in the media centre directly after the game. If you get chance can you come to pick it up please?
  8. This scenario is similar to the Widnes home game- Playing against a side who on current form are much better than their league position. Rovers have done extremely well at home in "big games" this season and need to get into the "big game" mindset. Ryan will have to pick the strongest line-up available to him so don't blame him if your favourite is left out.
  9. So are Fev, and it also means one their prospective major rivals won't get him.
  10. I seem to remember being impressed with Jouffret back in 2015 when Whitehaven thrashed us at home after we knew we weren't going to make the Top4. He played full-back that day and his goal kicking was immaculate. He could easily end up at the back if we have the other option of Bussey or Addy to link up with Chizzy? Bussey was very impressive at 6 and I think he could do well, not many defences will be equipped to deal with his power and ability to release a telling pass. No matter who plays H/B though, it will be good to have other options.
  11. It makes you wonder whether some players have been pinching money all season? After they beat Fev earlier in the season I expected Rams to climb up the table but it never materialised. How come they can only raise their game against Fev?
  12. Whoever misses out tomorrow, I hope they get a game next week? While the win is paramount, the strength and readiness of the squad is almost as important with the play-offs looming, and everyone needs to be match fit and ready to cover any injuries or other absences.
  13. Has Sutcliffe played enough games to qualify? I think he's injured at present but it would be good to see him available if he gets fit.
  14. I wasn't too impressed with him against Leigh, thought he was a weak link in defence, and looked flat footed against the smaller guys, but that's probably the reason he's not playing Super League every week? Ryan seems to have addressed the defensive issue, however, and he is improving week on week. I can't see Rhinos recalling him apart from emergencies so he could be a real handful by the time the play-offs come around.
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