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  1. There must have been quite a few brothers/half brothers with different surnames, although I can't think of any? The closest I can get is former Dewsbury championship winning coach Tommy Smales and his brother Trevor Bailey while they were at Fev, although Trevor was in the juniors at the time. He never got to play professionally due to a serious knee injury and went into coaching, ending up as first team coach at Wakefield, and later Scarborough pirates.
  2. That post suggests he played 376 games, all at loose forward, which is wrong. He was playing second row from at least 1960 onwards after Colin Clift came in from Halifax to play 14 (loose forward, rovers didn't use the 13 shirt back then due to superstition).
  3. Frank and Albert Mortimore, Wakefield. Ken and Albert Eyre, Leeds.
  4. Thought so, they played with my brothers Ian and Alan Slater at Bradford, although Alan didn't play in the first team he was a free scoring winger with the A team before retiring when he joined the police force, although Peter Fox had something to do with it, they had a massive row when Alan was with Fev juniors.
  5. Because you didn't mention them MM, I begin to wonder if David and Alan Redfearn at Bradford weren't brothers?
  6. Did the Mackintosh brothers ever play together at Leeds in the early 80's?
  7. Peter Fox would have played with Don at Featherstone, while Neil played with them both at Wakefield, but not at the same time. Mick Gibbins' brother Brian played the odd game or two at Featherstone while Mick was a first team regular, but can't remember whether they featured in the same side?
  8. I preferred Andy Bostock coming off the bench, he was far more effective.
  9. Chris, How many games did Cliff Lambert play in total? I started watching Rovers in 1960 and he was playing second row then, until he retired I think?
  10. I've doubled my monthly payment to the Squadbuilder, but I do feel there should be a separate account we could pay into, something like a Lifeline Account?
  11. So am I, but I'm stuck in for 12 weeks due to age and family health reasons. I wonder whether we'll still be prevented from gatherings even if the majority are free to return to such events? If this was the case RoversTV would be essential and I wonder if Sky would be gracious enough to relax their rules on banning live streaming to those still isolated?
  12. I don't think playing behind closed doors is an option in the near future either- Although RL players are generally fit and probably a lower risk than most, how many of them have pregnant wives or girl friends? They are mainly in the 18-35 range, which is also the highest child bearing age range too, so their partners should be protected until we know more about the risk, if any, to unborn babies.
  13. Community Amateur Sports Clubs qualify for Gift Aid when they receive charitable donations, I wonder whether this could be extended to professional clubs where their fans wish to help them out in the current crisis?
  14. Agreed, if the game is in peril the helping hand needs to come from its supporters. On another forum a lot of Sky Sports subscribers are taking about cancelling their subscription while there's no worthwhile Rugby league and other sports to watch. If they do that why not divert their direct debit or standing order to the club that they support? Likewise with those ardent fans who travel home and away, even to London, Toulouse and Toronto. They won't be able to spend their money on away trips so why not divert their savings into their club, otherwise they might not have a club to travel to away games for in the near future?
  15. The deaths from coronavirus can, and will be measured, but what we won't be able to quantify will be the deaths and deterioration in health from the isolation measures. Depression will be a major factor, you will get the odd suicide, and older folk will be prevented from keeping up their health regimes. It will also impact with people losing their jobs and their businesses. Sport, and other forms of entertainment, is important to people, and if it brightens up their lives, that factor should also be considered in deciding how long matches will be suspended for. If it's to be behind closed doors, then a live streaming option should be looked at for all games not screened by Sky. I know that Sky own the TV rights and currently block live video screening but they should be gracious enough to relax their rules while the emergency is on. The video recordings made by the Championship clubs cost a fraction of SL costs to make, but many of their fans would gladly pay a "pay per view fee" to watch them live. If they wanted to be pernickety, maybe Sky could charge a percentage of this "Pay per View" fee? The trouble may be that sponsors can't be found during the inevitable recession? Of course, we all want to get back to normal ASAP, and the best I'm hoping for is postponement until August leading in a resumption up to early January similar to the mini season we had in the autumn of 1995 before Super League started? If that happened maybe the 2021 season could start a little later after a two month break in January & February, maybe March, with the extra loop fixtures and such omitted?
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