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  1. Pretty true but its not a SL quality ground, and does not take away from the situation of Salford being in SL is because the didn't meet their CVA obligations and cant afford rent at the AJB - ie they spent it on players. If they had settled those bills would the squad have been good enough to stay up?
  2. Go to 2018 table, remove all TW fixtures and apologise please your last point has no relevance and shows your lack of understanding the answers given when they don’t suit your one eyed agenda
  3. 1. The eventuality needs to be planned for 2. If Toronto hadn't been around Leigh would have probably won promotion in 2018 3. I would hope nobody wanted Toronto to fail - especially the Leigh fans who took over dozens of RL balls to help a teacher grow the sport, something they are also arranging when said teacher comes over to play in the Masters event in Leigh this winter - seems to be a problem getting them at a decent cost over there. TW would have been a huge asset but as normal no thought was put into the what ifs eg what if TW is a success, then TO, then Ottawa etc because in a few years we might only have 5/6 UK clubs in SL
  4. If you cannot show complete confidence that your product is more than capable of meeting the opportunity or need, then you shouldn't be anywhere near a top table. RL has a potentially great future in the UK but not with idiots running it.
  5. Think I posted this earlier this season but one of the top men in the US league was telling me the clubs are seriously cashed up via tv money and individuals that they will be looking to take the better players from SL and some from the NRL. It’s amazing who you meet in the corporate at Leigh. He was talking $5m min salary spends which he said was nothing in US terms. Good on them and success there will really help us here
  6. How did you read that from the hypothetical situation - one hell of a closed mind, they continue in the elite. The background was to build a full time club over 4 years to be competitive should you get into SL.
  7. Leigh's that I can recall 1 John Dorahy 2 Alex Brown 3 Dom Feaunati 4 Richard Varkulis 5 James Clare 6 Blake Wallace 7 Jason Ferris 8 Mark Castle 9 Kurt Baptiste 10 Ben Flower 11 Jonathan Walker 12 Luke Isaaca 13 Mike Holliday
  8. I would suggest that prop would be in the Newcastle reserves who Ipswich link to
  9. To be competitive in the top division you need to have the basis of your squad in place, that means a salary spend circa £1.2-1.5m and playing at a strong level. Championship funding will only allow you to get to that spend for 1 or 2 seasons max - and probably lose £700k pa min in doing so plus 70-80% of your games will be uncompetitive - that was the beauty of the middle 8's you knew who could make it and who wasnt up to it. Two full time tens engage all ambitious clubs able to support FT structures, makes the move into SL1 or the drop to SL2 less daunting, creates a true elite, creates a highly watchable 2nd tier and the focus should be on growing it ie 2 x12 etc with a particular focus on French teams - it would be great to have 6 FT French clubs in a 2x12 FT structure that eventually accepts Serbian, Ukranian Greek Turkish teams etc
  10. Compromise doesn't work, strong vision and leadership does - no business goes forward by losing its base
  11. Club sales pitch '' We believe this is why £1m next season will see us in SL - FT Squad, better players etc - obviously this is sport, and like your business there are no guarantees but this gives us every chance and more than the vast majority - wouldn't it be great for your family to be associated with that'' Investor '' so £1m for 1 year and we decide whats next at the end of the season'' Club '' yes thats correct and in SL we will spend the full cap by adding to our already strong FT squad, your extra £1m will allow us to bring in a couple of elite players that we will make sure are linked to your business and its investment so that we can compete and continue to build'' Investor '' Brilliant, will have some of that''
  12. Championship clubs sales pitch to investor “ We need about £1m a season off you, that way we can build our own FT squad for 4 years time when we might get into SL if our first 2 years of building work out” Investor “look I am only interested in being involved with a club at the top table, my family/business don’t want second rate sport to throw millions at, call again when your in SL or we can win a spot in a year”
  13. 3 teams were unbeaten in 2020 one won the application to help out SL. 2019 was dominated by TW, nobody with a brain was going to throw money at competing with them but somebody would come second. your system is backward and is licensing, in 2013 the Championship averaged 1100 when it had nothing to play for, it is now more than double that for a regular non covid season.
  14. The proposal is licensing without increasing the number of FT clubs. Those excluded must sell 4 seasons of nothing to fans and sponsors, and those outside SL know the impact that had last time Two FT tens ticks every box imaginable but fans still can’t see it, we have about 20 viable FT clubs so engage them by creating a true elite
  15. Please explain the cherry picking and how Leigh were not a strong club. I will help, an independent panel reviewed the tenders/applications. Leigh had a greater fan base than all bar Bradford, they had a greater credit rating, they had more cash in the bank, had the best facilities for Sky and the most likely to allow SL to fulfill its Sky contract
  16. Being brutal its highly likely Salford are still in SL because they haven't paid other bills, but spent on players. Eg the default on the cva and I understand they still don't pay the full rent to the council (please correct if this is no longer the case) Anyone know what the selling price is for the stadium?
  17. We haven't called a game off all season so we need to get one in before relegation, it's the SL way.
  18. A few questions spring to mind. The club would be placed into The third division whose central funding will be virtually zero and let’s say the cost to travel is £20k 1. How can the clubs afford that with the reduced funding or 2. How can the RFL justify taking it from central funds. my preferred solution is a third French club into 2 tens structure
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