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  1. Why? Especially if the clubs involved have agreed an alternate date ie 3pm Sunday
  2. You must be on the naughty list, go take a look at the clubs social media
  3. What if the stadium you rent can’t accommodate Monday night games?? Or the stadium you own can’t get staff to open on a Monday night ?? We may have a loop hole here
  4. Ralph must be after a pay off with this call
  5. Exactly!! This deal needs to be rejected by the fans for the sake of our clubs. They admitted Sunday evenings was the best time but something else took priority then - get emailing enquiries@premiersports.com and does anyone have mark fosters email at the rfl?
  6. You saw last nights update I gather - 8th November return to FT training, so you will be a happy clappy chappy these next few weeks
  7. This madness must not happen, clubs must say No
  8. The club will announce when ready. Let the dust settle on relegation, TO promotion and November will be fun
  9. small attention spans so needs releasing with Season Tickets
  10. Did you get the sponsorship one? When they see your money they let you into things but ask that you keep mum about them. Cost me £6k to sponsor our new NRL centre for 2022
  11. more than 18 already Harry owd chap - you are starting to panic in your later years
  12. No but we do get much closer to the RU deal, PS French soccer is 6x RU
  13. I have no allegiance to SL and they couldn't afford my terms. That figure is based upon 4-5% of the RU deal
  14. Our squad is very strong Blue Ox, its just about when it will be released to the fans - we will be outbidding a lot of SL teams for the lesser 'stars' ie SL regulars but not the top 6/7 earners and our spend will be a lot higher than a few SL clubs - which makes that possible. I understand we have been told promotion will happen next season, so 3 down if 2 x 10's.
  15. Did you read the conclusions of the independent review? Is absorbing facts really that difficult?
  16. French RU gets massive TV and council investment, it should be very easy to get a £4/5m tv deal for SL plus the huge lcal authority war chests used for sport eg recently a French council gave a RU club a 34000 seat stadium. Interesting that French RU top 2 divisions are FT with P&R but meet as 30 clubs, unlike SL and Championships - 2 x SL tens/twelves anyone
  17. Local sauce has informed me 1895 Sports subscriptions have been cancelled in WN7 alone in recent weeks
  18. A French TV deal is critical in a world of dropping UK subscriptions from fans not in SL
  19. They would have lost by 40 in the Mid 8’s and would have experienced all the issues we did during the regular season, although teams travelling to Toulouse would give them a bit more home advantage. every fan with a brain knows why the weren’t selected.
  20. The problem is most members on here wont have a clue what you mean, or that its reasonable not to know whats on the table for 2022 success
  21. all our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones left behind, RIP young man
  22. So far we have Whitbread Sidlow Stone and Tomkins confirmed in the pack, Fev will fall back on Leeds fringe again IMO
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