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  1. Cheapish terraced are all over the North andMidlands, the dirt cheap ones tend to give a poor return due to non payment and/or getting smashed up. Pennington is now about the same price as Stockton Heath, Daresbury etc and your Latchfords similar to Higher Folds etc
  2. They got piggy backed a lot second half, 10/12 would have been first half
  3. A different HB pairing in every game hasn’t helped, but points mAke confidence
  4. We are awaiting the decision to allow us a Cat1, c'mon Yellow Tail keep up In the mean time recruitment is ongoing especially for 2022 in SL
  5. between 16-18 left in division below the SL 1/2 - call it whatever name you wish
  6. Criteria - must be FT - Must conform to min salary spend - say 1.5m SL2 and 2.2m SL1, money split 10 x 1.8m and 10 x 1m - Must buy a share of the comp, say 1m per club - get back if move out of SL - Must leave a bond of say 500k should finances implode - all SL1 must run full academy, SL2 optional - 4 team GF play off SL1 and 4 team play off for 2nd SL spot - 1 up/down by right - April to October season - review every 2 years if applicants to e
  7. You will only see what you wish to see, constantly repeating myself is pointless
  8. No matter how often I say it you choose not to listen
  9. Which traditional UK sport has clubs playing other clubs in lower divisions for standard League points?
  10. Leigh have got the odds they have been waiting for at the bookies, barrowloads of cash will be deposited around the UK bookies on Friday at 2pm. The entire SL Sky shortfall of the next 2 years will be covered in a couple of hours. Leigh by 70
  11. I named the 8 on a previous thread I believed would step up - I talk about min spends, I also believe in Bonds left and shares bought. We are told York are cashed up, Newcastle are, TO, Avignon, Fev keep pushing at the door, Cardiff/Swansea could be, Widnes can pull a crowd, and then London - can Cumbria unite? Can Barrow go it alone? Will Carlisle return or is there a smell of Haggis on the wind to challenge any of the above
  12. Folk still dont grasp this concept, and continue to stupidly call it the 'Championship in all but name'. For 20 years 2 x 10 has been the solution to strengthen foundations whilst building the extension. FT with min spends, cant spend it dont join it 14-18 in L1
  13. or a 2 division SL and a League below it
  14. Little birds has just told me 2 divisions £1.8m to SL1 and £1m SL2, which will include TO YORK FEV BRADFORD NEWCASTLE CARDIFF AVIGNON and 1 other tbd
  15. Will Catalans be a part of SL if they are unable to add value to SKY?
  16. SL making it very difficult for said team to compete would have been a factor also but what contradicts is the viewing figures are massively up, surely this is what is used to sell advertising and gauge subscription value. Our problem is we are weak, after 25+years we still haven't nurtured mass media relationships - we have no idea what value we bring to Sky, but £30m is 80000 sky sports subscriptions
  17. The Cons will never grasp that as a nation we hold P&R within our historic sports passionately, as this weeks soccer circus has shown. All credibility goes when it is removed
  18. You apply and run with what you have and what you can get, you review - I think we will be at review stage because last night was a game that we should have won. Can see Duffy being demoted or removed, as you cant sack half the squad.
  19. Clueless in attack - Salford were on the ropes second half, neither team had any skill or confidence. If we score its a first win - Salford did against the run of play and knew we had nothing to come back with
  20. Any room at your Gaff mate, Mrs has thrown me out and is trying to convince the Bank I wasn't of sound mind whilst making the bet ...................
  21. Put yer flat cap on it Pal. 3/1 straight win and 22/1 for 18+ win - its all gone on so the odds should have dropped, sorry. Not told wife though
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