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  1. Personal wealth?? Great thing with Derek is that his business is current and making £3m plus pa in profits, assets do not pay bills. Cant comment on the other guys who have joined the ride, believe its £billions though
  2. What are the top 5 attendances when folk paid proper ticket prices to get in - Thats 2 x TW and 1 X TO out the way, so HKR v Salford? and Wakey v Bulls by a couple of dozen but certainly contained 3k Bulls fans min
  3. Many clubs dont average 7500+ - which would have been the true attendance incl corporate/sponsors. 6600 was Leighs SL average in 2017, hope we beat that in 2023 despite the economic reality
  4. Who pays them ?? You earn the right to dress as you please ps Degsy has worse shirts than any of the other 3 but wish he had their wealth.
  5. Thats the Penrith region - What was the old Leigh Borough has around 140k folk in it now.
  6. He didn't as next years Champ squad would have been even stronger if not promoted
  7. That certainly wasn't Leigh this time - 5 year financed plan about to start Y2, should we be in SL for Y3 then the real fun begins
  8. The work you dont see is about not making it a small town - the players have done many coaching sessions outside the Town. Leyth, Bent, Bongs n Burn have well over 100k folk and there has been plenty work done in Bowton and Howton again.
  9. Didnt look like John Wayne after 3 months cattle herding did he?? I ask because they had just done the bike Ride for the kids charity which raised £24k, and thank you Broncos for contributing to that figure btw, a figure that Derek agreed to match so £48k has been sent to life 4 a kid.
  10. Caleb Aiken will be playing for Wales in the WC does that make him exempt from quota based on your rules?
  11. Unknowing to yourself you have uncovered the conundrum of the Championship - If a team wants SL you must recruit a team in the Championship that can go up with you, otherwise you will have little chance from the leftovers to stay up. Average age of the Leigh team was mid 20's with their prime ahead of them, we are now going up with a youngish squad that know each other and have recruited some unbelievable new boys to add to it. Lam as a man has been instrumental in some of what we have already signed on the back of players wanting to be a part of the fantastic atmosphere around the club. The facts are that if you are cashed and ambitious then you will be FT in the Championship, but you wont find a squad of SL ready young players in the UK. The challenge is for the PT clubs not cashed and not able to make the transition to SL - this is why FT clubs must be ring fenced with other FT clubs, not by diluting ambition to make an even field for the second tier that would kill that ambition for ever.
  12. Think he was looking at CC, SL leaders or GF. Lam/Chester are instrumental to the future, Lam signing a further 2 years is a big statement. Keep an eye out for who we sign and lets see what things look like after the WC, our biggest strength is the spirit and culture in the club - its never been better
  13. He actually said winning a trophy. Expect some WOW announcements over the next few weeks - some may have to wait until after the WC. Leigh are not in it to make up numbers, it will be full cap and Marquees
  14. He needs game time and that was limited this year due to the stakes being high but FT training will have done him good, would love to keep him and loan him out as he will struggle for time due to the stakes being even higher in 2023.
  15. So if we agree that Cats and TO bring in nothing for Sky then surely you can see that any UK club would bring in more, if not then the conversation is a wasted one anyway What are your thoughts on the French tv deal or no Sky funding?
  16. Have you ever done the Hoki Koki if so you will understand the differences between in and out. You can’t buy a Sky package in Toulouse, you can’t see Sky advertisers products, you can’t walk into a FredDones and put a fiver on Satans Revenge in the 2.15 at Haydock, mushy peas are not on every grocers shelves. France has had 25 years of failing to get a tv deal so has taken money out of the UK pot in the hope of expanding the sport and making France competitive at Intl level - which has failed. Times are now hard, Wigan getting£75000 more by Leigh being in SL as opposed to TO becomes important x that by £10-50k for other clubs and it adds up I have always advocated financially sound expansion and would love 2 x 10’s which contained 4 French clubs but they must bring money via a tv deal to be included Now 4 FT clubs and 2 games a week on TV could really help the sport in France whilst doing so in the UK, don’t you agree
  17. Sneyd is nearly 32!! Are we really that bad for halves when Lomax is out? I have a feeling we will run with Williams and Welsby in the big games
  18. You will ###### off some of your customers by favouring those who will never be, and btw the North sold out yesterday not has a few left
  19. About 30 single tickets left across the West stand, seating, and the standing section behind the sticks completely sold out, only east stand on sale for Leigh fans, with all 20 boxes and 250 seat premier club sold out
  20. Surely this brings the sport into disrepute and results in summary dismissal and loss of any pay off etc
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